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The Oklahoman Small Business VIP Sales Event

The Oklahoman Small Business VIP Sales Event

The Oklahoman

Oklahoma City, United States

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

The Oklahoman launched the Small Business VIP Sales Event in an effort to bolster advertising revenue and establish relationships with small businesses across the state. We targeted small businesses because they account for 97.2 percent of all employers in Oklahoma and employ 54.3 percent of the private-sector labor force (Small Business Administration 2012). Our objectives were to craft practical and affordable advertising packages, boost click-through and print customer reach with provocative marketing materials, and generate leads for our sales department.

Beginning in October of 2014, we launched the campaign with three advertising packages. We offered a spectrum of package price points, beginning at $295. The range offered value to those with both minimal and moderate marketing budgets.

We relied on integrated marketing to reach the most customers possible. Email blasts, social media posts, digital ads, and print ads were created each week using new creative. When writing headlines, we utilized trending topics—such as The Walking Dead—and played off Internetspeak—such as “NSFW” and “FOMO.” These headlines not only brought in a younger audience, but also drove unprecedented traffic to our landing page.

Results for this campaign

As potential customers arrived on the landing page, they discovered a clean webpage with concise, conversational copy. The landing page featured articles relevant to small business and RSVP links to Oklahoman Q & A events on the subject.
We ran the campaign for 11 weeks. By the end of 2014, our campaign was outperforming industry standards. For starters our click-through rate reached 17 percent, about 13 percent higher than the average. Secondly, click-through rates on our email blasts soared 5.36 percent above the average for a total of 10.5 percent. Our biggest win, however, came in the form of landing page traffic.

Landing page traffic grew steadily in the first few weeks, reaching 5,570 visitors by just week two. By week 4 our landing page traffic nearly tripled to 14,245 visitors. The traffic increased exponentially through the end of the year for a total of 33,314 visitors.


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