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2014 Winner

APN and Tourism Australia - Explore your Australia Passions


Auckland, New Zealand

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

  • Get 40-64 year olds travelling without kids to see and do more in Australia
  • Showcase the engaging, diverse and unique experiences Australia has to offer
  • Inspire the target audience to explore beyond the main gateways of Australia

In April 2013, APN NZ Media, New Zealand’s largest publisher, with a portfolio of market-leading newspaper, digital and magazine brands, was invited by media agency OMD to enter a competitive pitch to become the exclusive media partner for Tourism Australia. The business was won over the incumbent with a cohesive 12-month content marketing, media and creative strategy that delivered reach and frequency, but most importantly quality engagement with the audience across every touch point. The goal for the first phase of the campaign was to inspire the audience through advocates participating in the things they love to do most in Australia.

Trusted and well known New Zealand personalities came onboard as advocates to bring their ‘Australia Passion’ to life: Judy Bailey’s passion is Nature and Wildlife, Michael van de Elzen’s is Food and Wine, Colin Mathura-Jeffree’s is Shopping and Shows and Jon Bridges is Culture. Mobile, tablet, digital and special print editions all drove readers back to a custom built Australia hub housed on NZ Herald online with editors creating further engagement via in-article drivers back to the hub. The hub featured content from the award winning NZ Herald editorial team, Tourism Australia, user-generated content, as well as articles and videos from each of the Australian advocates. The hub was not only supported by an extensive media campaign, but also had a strong APN integration across editorial, sales, marketing and digital – a truly integrated business approach. The campaign culminated with a hugely successful four week promotion to showcase each advocate and their Australia passion, and created an engaged database of readers for retargeting.


Results for this campaign

  • 80% of research respondents recalled the advocates (unprompted)
  • Perception of Australia as a diverse destination has almost doubled
  • A record high of 1 million Kiwi’s visited Australia in October*

Pre and post-campaign research measured campaign effectiveness and improved the understanding of audience behaviour. The findings, promotion results and the increased visitors to Australia show the campaign was a resounding success. 80% of respondents recalled the advocates, demonstrating high cut through. Each of the advocates’ passion areas experienced growth, with an impressive 8% increase around culture.

The view of Australia as a diverse destination almost doubled from pre to post-campaign. This was driven by the content on offer across all mastheads, the integrated editorial, and the hub content which reached over 22,000 uniques per week. Despite starting from an already high base, intention to visit Australia also grew among the target by an unprecedented 10% The four week promotion showcased an advocate and their passion each week. Entrants answered a simple daily question relating to an article in the hub.

This entry mechanism helped readers to engage and uncover the diversity and choice Australia offers outside of the main gateways. Promotional results exceeded expectations. Total entries were at 245% over KPI, unique opt-ins reached almost 60%, and the digital campaign achieved impressive click-through rates. eDM’s were sent to the NZ Herald and NZ Woman’s Weekly databases with open rates of over 30%. The retargeted eDM’s deployed in week 3, achieved an open rate of nearly 70%. This level of eDM open rate was a first for both APN and Tourism Australia, and shows that the goal of creating an engaged database exceeded.

This large scale fully integrated campaign was the first of its kind for APN media, and the results speak for themselves with every touch point resonating strongly with the target audience. Phase 2 starts in 2014, and will continue to build on this already impressive and strong base for Tourism Australia.



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