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2014 Finalist


Frejrud Kommunikation AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

Tipsa! was launched in December of 2012 and further developed during 2013. This is a completely new way of getting Aftonbladet's readers to participate and be more engaged in news journalism. (Tipsa means roughly “send us your tips” in Swedish.) We do this by utilising the strongest growing platform at the moment – the mobile phone. The key to success is that the Tipsa! service is integrated into Aftonbladet's smart phone apps (for iPhone & Android). This makes it easy for millions of daily readers to use the service. The thing that is unique with Tipsa! is that through geopositioning, we can reach readers that are "on location".

We can push out tasks and inquiries to those who appear to be geographically close to the scene of a news event so that they can quickly help us with reports, tips, pictures and videos. Included in the Tipsa! service is a map where readers can follow what's happening and where it's happening. Almost everyone has a mobile phone at hand. And there are a lot of people visiting Aftonbladet's mobile apps. We want thousands of readers to participate in journalism – to tip us off about news, send pictures and videos and reports – and be a part of the storytelling. Thanks to Tipsa!, there is now a new and unique opportunity to engage even more readers, and with their help develop journalism through all channels. Tipsa! has strengthened us as a committed news source and become a new work tool that has made working with the news more efficient. We are now living the vision: With this interaction with our readers, the Tipsa! service is at the forefront.


Results for this campaign

We have tens of thousands of readers connected to the Tipsa! service and we currently get more tips via the mobile phone than the internet. We have also seen that the number of tips has increased enormously and that quality of the tips, pictures and videos has improved. We send out more and more tasks and inquiries to our readers daily: “Are you at the location, do you know more – have you got pictures or videos?” It's mostly about dramatic news events, but also about traffic information, concerts, sports or campaign journalism, for example.

Here are a couple of examples of how our readers’ tips and reports have been crucial for news reporting:

  • Robbery in Södertälje, 11.40 am, January 4, 2013. Three men armed with automatic rifles rob a goldsmith’s shop. There is rampant shooting and one of the men gets shot in the head by the police. The other robbers escape in a car that they commandeered at gunpoint. We sent out a news push via Tipsa! saying, "Armed robbery in Södertälje – do you know more?" to 300 people in the area. More than a third of the recipients responded. We beat the competition in reporting, pictures and readers' videos.
  • Christmas traffic, December 21-24, 2013. Traffic queues, icy roads, snow chaos, accidents. When the massive Christmas holiday traffic starts up, we use our readers' reports in a new way. Via Tipsa! they can send in reports on disturbances to traffic flow, and their reports are automatically written on a traffic map that is on their mobile phones and on the internet. Reports from readers and the Transport Administration together provide a well-updated picture of how things are out on the roads. One of the cornerstones of the internationally acclaimed crime program Brottscentralen [Crime Central], which airs live four times a week at Aftonbladet TV, is interaction with viewers via Tipsa! during the show! In the autumn of 2013 twenty viewer tips have been aired on the program.



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