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Navbharat Times All Women Bike Rally

Navbharat Times All Women Bike Rally

Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd

Mumbai, India

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NBT's core proposition is 'A bridge to a better world'. It stands for progressive, positive and youthful values in a fast changing and polarized Indian social milieu. Gender disparity, orthodox thinking with respect to role of women in society and crime against women are realities in an India touted as a potential superpower. December 16 saw the horrific brutal gang-rape of a young 22-year old in a moving bus in the middle of heavy commuter traffic in Delhi. Countrywide protests followed, including a siege of the Central government offices in Delhi similar to Tehrir Square. Women had had enough of outdated laws, a slow reacting police and judicial system and above all, the atavistic thinking in society. The timidity and vulnerability had changed into visible anger and outrage. NBT ran a campaign with its affiliate radio station Radio Mirchi 'Delhi Meri Hain (Delhi is Mine) wherein we wanted to create a movement for women in Delhi to 'reclaim' Delhi for themselves- to enjoy a late night movie show sans escorts, jog alone in the park without fear etc.

This program empowered the women of Delhi and gave them a tangible and constructive symbol through which they asserted themselves with pride and confidence. NBT reclaimed parks, market places etc and its female staffers reported on the real picture from the frontlines of such unsafe zones. With International Women’s Day approaching, NBT culminated the campaign by organizing Delhi’s (and possibly India’s) first ever Women’s Bike Rally. Motorbikes had been traditionally a male preserve, for the rough and the macho. Women bikers were a complete rarity in Delhi, however this small tribe had been acquiring followers. NBT positioned this event as a strike against the double-standards in society. Women were not just equal to men in every respect they were even better in some. There was a nothing a women could not do that a man could do. The campaign sought to engrave NBT’s progressive credentials in the popular mindscape.


Results for this campaign

NBT with more than 2.5 million readers ran an exhaustive advertising campaign inviting registrations. This ran in parallel with our editorial campaign on women empowerment which also had legs in radio, television, internet, and social media apart from the newspaper. On-ground activations- We conducted several activations in public places like Japanese park in Rohini, CP, Khan market etc. where we invited women to reclaim their city in strong numbers touching more than 20,000 women. A cavalcade of pink modified bikes was driven by female riders across Delhi/ NCR colleges and corporates reaching over 25,000 people. The same were also stationed in malls for women to write messages of solidarity on them. This was carried on social media, Facebook garnered organic reach of 86,000 fans over 3 days span. To capture the beat of the event, we made our presence on Twitter too where thousands of tweets across many timelines made an impact of strong virality among the followers. To generate huge awareness for the cause, we chose the route between the two busiest malls in South Delhi and the time was in the afternoon which was peak footfall period. An estimated 12000 people were onlookers. We had 1100+ registrations over a week. The only restriction was on total number of riders being less than 300. 290 bravehearts finally took to the streets.

Many key dignitaries and politicians supported the cause. Mayor of Delhi inaugurated the same and the bike rally concluded with the Central Minister of State for Home Affairs felicitating the riders at the end of the rally. Many popular actors like Jimmy Shergill supported the cause on various media. Another actor, Neetu Chandra who also rode out the entire route. The unique initiative became news by itself and was covered by: • TOI & Delhi Times with over 7.5 million readers • Radio Mirchi, over 46.5 million listeners • Times Now, over .40 million viewers (aged 25+ people) • Zoom, over 115 million viewers Link to AV: http://www.sendspace.com/file/16gk79



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