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VG+ 2.0


OSLO, Norway

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

VG+ is VG’s premium subscription based digital newspaper providing daily access to exclusive news and media content. The first version of the VG+ app won multiple awards including the ‘Best iPad Newspaper in the world’ at WAN IFRA in 2011. In 2013 we ditched our award-winning app and created a new and much-improved app

The goal:
To create a world class mobile product with easy to learn tools, to create a world class user-experience - and to make it profitable.

VG+ 2.0 consists not only of a new set of apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) but a complete overall of the production process and software used for creating content for the app. The new publishing software is tailor made to the needs of our editorial team and tailor made to creating great interactive and instantly available content for mobile devices. The new hybrid app combines the best of native technology with the best of web technology.

Here are some of the key features:
Article Consumption: The new editorial software allows our editors to drastically enhance the impact of content through use of new design tools. The content is context enhanced per platform, instantly published to our Apps and the content can easily be shared with friends. An image rich table of contents gives the user an instant overview of the days news stories, highlighting the top stories in each news section.

Navigation: Smooth transitions between articles, simple intuitive tap to open articles, swipe to reveal menus. Automatic updates: The light-weight (circa 60mb) media rich content is both bundled for newsstand and automatically updated throughout the news day. Push messages inform the user of breaking news stories.

Multichannel: Context aware layouts tailor made for each platform ensures the ideal reading experience per device. The user can quickly and easily gain news insight on their mobile while experience a more immersive experience on the iPad.


Results for this campaign

The great results came instantly :

  • During 2013 our subscription base increased with 226 % and VG+ is today the 8th biggest newspaper in Norway, and the only only-digitally. On the day of release of VG+ 2.0
  • it included 13 700 subscribers at the end of the year the numbers of paid subscribers were 37 912.

The traffic in the app also increased with 50 % immediately after the launch. The software for the working tools and for the applications will now be used by all of the Norwegian newspapers in the Schibsted Media Group.

Download the VG+ iPhone or iPad from https://itunes.apple.com/no/app/vg+/id405708242?mt=8


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