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2014 Winner

Celebrating Hong Kong

South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Overview of this campaign

At the time of planning for our 110th Anniversary campaign, Hong Kong was troubled by gloom, loss of direction and negativity, further antagonized by other local media. People were feeling that Hong Kong is no longer competitive in the midst of a growing China. There was a sense that Hong was no longer a great place to be. We were losing the sense of belonging and pride in our city. Yet, we felt that there is so much to celebrate about our city: an amazing spirit, incredible industry, skills and business characteristics that are exceptional in our region, tremendous promise in our world-class students. Positive energy was needed to build momentum and to take ownership of our own future prosperity. On the other hand, we couldn’t overlook our problems: issues such as a dramatic poverty problem, a lack of political and business direction, a loss of faith in where Hong Kong’s future lies. This needed to be addressed through constructive debate and agenda setting and support from influencers in the community.

As the newspaper of choice for the educated professionals, opinion and thought leaders of the community - we could rally support and drive a real change in our society, by reminding and uniting everyone in what they already know: that Hong Kong is Our city. Our home. Our responsibility.


Results for this campaign

Successfully integrated company wide staff , partners and ambassador advocates in one thematic programme. Achieved at least twice weekly coverage and consistent messaging through all platforms. Positive advertiser and staff feedback, very impressed by SCMP community spirit – not just focused on profit but supporting our city. Reached 40+ opinion leading panelists, 1000 delegates and 1,000,000 + readers through the Redefining Hong Kong Debate events, secured $2million event revenue and built a long term franchise. Reached hundreds of thousands of readers, and secured goodwill and outreach to many more Hong Kong people with the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards, and raised $750,000 for charity with a HK$1.5million sponsorship and built a repeatable signature event. Reached hundreds of thousands of secondary students and teachers with the Student of the year awards and revitalized the next generation’s relationship with our paper. Plans to raise HK$10million through Charity art auction against poverty and secured HK$1.5million sponsorship. Built strong business relationships with and advocacy from government, leading persons, CEOs, entrepreneurs and academics of our city, which has a long term business impact.



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