2014 Winner

mX Smartphone App

News Corp. Australia

Southbank, Australia

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

mX has successfully targeted evening commuters on their way home from work since 2001. Although successful, newspapers in general have experienced circulation and revenue declines in the face of competition from online and social media. Searching for innovative ways to connect with consumers and advertisers, our research results identified that our readers and advertisers loved mX, however no digital extension providing 24/7 access to mX left them frustrated. Just like the print product, we had to create an engaging, funny, witty, informative, entertaining product for our socially savvy commuter audience always on the move. This was to be achieved via an app, accessible to a wider readership base, designed to enhance the printed edition.


  • Differentiate the app in a crowded marketplace full of local/international news apps.
  • Compete with social media by building a socially enabled app that enhances the printed product/brand experience.
  • Tap into existing consumer behaviour - people love sharing cool things they discover.
  • Amplify learnings from the paper’s most popular section, Talk, which exhibited social media behavior since the launch of the paper 12-years ago.
  • Generate awareness via word of mouth and social buzz to achieve a mass reaching launch campaign.
  • Provide more value for advertisers – creativity, reach, integration, native campaign.
  • Achieve set download and revenue targets. With a tiny budget for paid media we identified and flew a YouTube sensation with a cool skill (Andrew Cassidy, aka the Welsh Maradonna) from Wales to Australia to generate PR.
    • Seeding spread the news beyond existing readers.
    • People were asked to tweet cool things they found on the internet to @mX using #CrazyCool.
    • #CrazyCool created a mechanism that encouraged content sharing, increasing interaction and reach.
    • Shared content was earned media that drove traffic to a mobile landing page promoting app downloads.
    • The best content was published in mX print, becoming a new column and a daily reminder to download the app.
    • Content (and ads) with integrated QR codes were created for print/digital.


Results for this campaign

The launch campaign demonstrated what readers could expect from the app – an engaging, funny, witty, informative and entertaining product. The integrated campaign featured mobile engagement, social engagement, house press and PR to raise awareness. We also seeded the mobile behaviour with the 30,000+ mX Twitter & Facebook followers. Using this range of media we were able to spread the news of the mX app further than existing mX newspaper readers.

  • #CrazyCool generated $1.2M in PR and provided a marketing platform for over 3 months - well past the limited timeframe that would have been achieved with paid media
  • Positive coverage nationally in trade and consumer publications – broadcast, radio, print and online
  • Andrew Cassidy’s ‘keepie-uppie’ road show and presentation to agencies/clients was met with great enthusiasm and excitement
  • A trade campaign across TV screens (Media i) in agencies nationally informed potential clients of the app’s impressive progress
  • Launch target downloads were surpassed in 3-days, with close to 50K downloads after 6-weeks • Achieved No.1 News App on iTunes and Google Play in launch week
  • Highly engaged users - 3+ minutes / 10+ screens (average per session)
  • Thousands of social interactions – sharing, commenting, liking – above expectation
  • Average rating of 4.3 (Android); 4 (Apple) • Launch revenue well on track to achieve YR1 target
  • Clients running integrated campaigns, cross platform and not cannibalising funds from traditional print revenue Leverage existing social behavior and create a content platform that our audience could contribute to has ensured an enduring success has been the popularity of the #CrazyCool section in the paper and app. Moreover, creating a mechanism that encouraged content sharing and thereby increasing interaction and reach has created a sustainable content platform that has permanent presence in mX to continue driving app downloads long after the campaign launch. We continue to invest in the product with announcements of new and exciting partnerships on the horizon (i.e. Scoopshot).



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