2014 Finalist

"Appeltje van Oranje" (The apple of Orange)

De Telegraaf

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category Events

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Overview of this campaign

With its almost 2 million readers a day, the Telegraaf is the largest newspaper of the Netherlands. The Telegraaf is known as a newspaper that is loyal to the royal family, and mainly shows this through its usually extensive coverage of matters related to the royal family. On the 28th of January, queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced that she would abdicate on the 30th of April 2013 so that her son, crown prince Willem-Alexander, could take her place. For the Telegraaf, this was a unique opportunity in playing our role in connecting the Dutch and to bolster our image as a royal family-loyal newspaper, in order to sell more newspapers and advertisements around this event. Central to the campaign was the 'Apple of Orange', the symbol of the connection between the Dutch people and the royal couple. The Telegraaf designed a pin for everybody who is sympathetic to the royal couple. In order to strengthen the campaign, cooperation with the Oranje Fonds (Orange Fund) was sought. The new royal couple, Willem-Alexander and Maxima, are patrons of this organisation. Close to a million pins were distributed with the Telegraaf in the weekend before the inauguration on the 30th of April.

The campaign is built on three pillars and was aimed at creating value for the pin:

  • Create credibility
  • Stimulate collectivism
  • Activating For pillar 1, the editorial office has played an important role, by offering the pin to prominent figures in the Netherlands and reporting on this on the front page of the paper. The collectivism was stimulated by a media campaign in our own media; in print, online, on radio and on TV. With pillar 1 and 2 we have activated the Dutch people to wear the pin on the 30th of April, and we have activated non-subscribers to buy the Telegraaf with the pin.


Results for this campaign

Embracing this event has brought very positive results in 4 areas:

1. Newspaper sales 2. Advertising sales 3. Spin off sales 4. Image Newspaper sales Not only the paper with the pin, the 'Apple of Orange' has brought about a large number of extra sales, but also the papers around the announcement and the abdication. This is due to highly impactful front pages, made by our editor's office.

- 29-01 – day after announcement abdication: +59%

- 30-01 – 2 days after announcement abdication: +17%

- 27-04 – day that the ‘Apple of Orange' was distributed with the paper: + 81%

- 30-04 – day of the inauguration of the new king: +70%

- 01-05 – day after the inauguration: + 300% Advertising sales Around the inauguration, the advertisement sales have been pitched to so-called hitchers, which has resulted in an increase in turnover of + 118% in the week of the inauguration. Spin off sales As a spin-off from this event, the Telegraaf has published a colourful book with a report and unique images of the inauguration of the new king on the 30th of April. This book was available as early as the 6th of May, less than a week after the inauguration. The book 'On the Throne' has been sold 11,500 times. Besides, the book has also been used as a premium with a subscription, which has resulted in 7,000 extra subscriptions. The book 'On the Throne' has generated an extra net income of € 100,000. Image In order to measure the impact on the image, we have conducted a research among our readers after the inauguration.

Below are some results from this research:

  • 70% of the readers is positive about the attention that the Telegraaf has given to the throne transition.
  • Nearly three quarters of the readers considers the extensive attention for the royal family to be in line with Telegraaf's image.
  • 85% of readers is of the opinion that the Telegraaf is very sympathetic to the royal family. In the first added file there is a movie with the summary of the campaign and its results.

In the file 'Summary campaign' there is a movie with the summary of the campaign and its results.



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