2014 Finalist

Spot "General Election"

Anzeigen & Marketing Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG

Graz, Austria

Category Events

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Kleine Zeitung wants to be close to the concerns and interests of readers/users. We would like to give them orientation. Therefore the general election was an important topic to show users/readers that we are a neutral media that cares about political developments and their influence on each of them. With the spot we started an initiative that should make people aware of the importance of the election and their vote. The quantitative target was to increase the usage of online, mobile, print information and services around the election and to virally increase the traffic on our social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Further on we wanted to be very cost effective.


Results for this campaign

We amazingly increased the traffic on our website-special up to 603,704 visits and 3.1 million page impressions (September, October 2013).

232,847 visits and 1.6 million impressions could be counted within three days.

The spot was seen nearly 100,000 times on YouTube in less than one week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6L8abynNfM

Various journalists and opinion leaders shared the link on facebook and twitter. So the viral effect was enormous eg Armin Wolf one of the most popular Austrian journalist in social media posted it on facebook.

It was shared more than 1,500 times and liked 3,400 times only on his page. https://www.facebook.com/arminwolf.journalist/posts/670302592981613 https://twitter.com/ArminWolf/status/383180589735886848

There were a lot of discussion on social media about the election and the spot. Nearly all people commented the initiative of Kleine Zeitung as very positive and neutral. So we could make sure that we are close to the people and their concerns, which is one of our main targets with regard to brand awareness. Finally it is to state that we invested less than 2,000 € to achieve the results above.



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