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Best in Newsmedia Marketing 2011

Released: 01 June 2011
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The news industry's top marketing campaigns from the past year are brought together in a new e-publication from INMA, “Best In Newsmedia Marketing 2011.”

Based on the 91 winning marketing campaigns from the recently completed INMA Awards 2011 competition, the “Best In Newsmedia Marketing” e-publication shines a light on campaigns and creative that:

  • Increased print subscription and single-copy sales.

  • Enhanced readership and usage of the print newspaper and Web and mobile sites.

  • Sold and retained advertising in innovative ways.

  • Grew brand awareness.

  • Launched brands and products.

  • Delivered bottom-line results.

The “Best In Newsmedia Marketing” e-publication features powerful visuals and descriptive narratives of how newsmedia companies are using print, outdoor, printed materials, television, radio, research, data books, premium items, and digital communications to market themselves to readers, advertisers and communities of interest.

Benchmark your marketing efforts against the world's best marketing efforts. Get your copy of “Best In Newsmedia Marketing” today!

Who should order this? This publication is designed for media company marketing departments, creative teams, and advertising agencies.

Requirements: This publication requires the latest Adobe Reader (version 10.01). Download the latest Adobe Reader by clicking here.

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