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Tablet Opportunities for News Publishers

Released: 26 January 2011
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One year after the iPad's announcement, news publishers are zealously experimenting with tablets and apps to see where they fit into the lives of consumers and the budgets of advertisers. Engagement is up, multi-media strategies are in, and how people interact with news may never be the same.

In INMA's “Tablet Opportunities for News Publishers,” dozens of leading news industry executives reveal their up-to-the-minute thinking on:

  • Where the tablet fits into the emerging multi-media ecosystem of news companies.
  • What the device market looks like beyond the iPad in 2011.
  • How news publishers are evolving their news product for tablet apps and how innovators are re-thinking content architecture.
  • How much consumers versus advertisers should pay for tablet apps.
  • What kind of business partner Apple is and whether publishers have a choice.
  • What to do with emerging consumer research on tablet and app usage.
  • What the “curious finger” of tablet usage means for design and engagement.

The 46-page INMA digital publication features interviews with industry strategists and benchmarks tablet app development efforts at market-leading news companies such as:

  • The New York Times
  • Telegraph Media Group
  • Financial Times
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • New Zealand Herald
  • USA Today
  • Colombia's El Tiempo
  • Germany's Iconist magazine  

“Tablet Opportunities for News Publishers” — released on the one-year anniversary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPad — is a “must-read” for news executives charged with developing products, audiences, and advertising opportunities for the iPad and emerging tablet devices.

Preview table of contents: To see what topics are covered in this detailed report, click here for the publication's table of contents.

Who should order the report? This INMA report is written for newsmedia company executives developing content, audience, subscription, and advertising strategies.

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