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Subscription Offers You Cannot Refuse

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Examining the latest pricing strategies and experiments, including personalised prices and bundling, is the focus of this session, including how to price your trials to acquire readers that stay around, what conversion experiments are worth trying, and how to optimise your check-out flow. Lauren Bertolini, chief product officer of The Daily Beast, shares how they used data to revamp their funnel and decipher what behaviours best indicated readers’ willingness to pay and what tactics drive them into more products they love. Michelle Brister, head of newsletters of The Telegraph in the United Kingdom, reveals how they reached 500,000 paid digital subscribers mainly through best practices in using e-mail newsletters as reader conversion and retention tools. Sarah Barth, senior conversion manager, and Kira Reibe, head of digital subscription for Funke Digital, demonstrate how they used a series of rigorous pricing experiments to learn what readers value, and how best to communicate price changes. Ole Werring, chief product officer of Amedia, shows how Norway’s largest publisher of local news, with more than 70 brands, was able to expand their traditionally local audiences by bundling news content and offering subscribers upsell opportunities. 

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