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Privacy and First-party Data

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The changes around personal data privacy legislation are part of a broader societal shift about how much data we can and should try to obtain about our users. In this session, we look at how publishers are responding to this challenge by changing the way they work or the way they market. We dive right in with Saurabh Goel, the head of product for Hindustan Times, who takes us through their first-party data strategy and some of the ways they have put it to use. He also answers the question that emerged from their work: should publishers work together in consortiums to pool some of their first-party data in the first place? Next, Meera Panchal, senior analyst with News UK, pilots the development of a suite of tools leveraging News UK's first-party data and shares how the project has many applications across the whole organisation. Last, but not least, we hear from Aram Zucker-Schraff, engineering lead of privacy and security compliance at The Washington Post. Aram shares why The Washington Post has created a new engineering team focused on data privacy and what that team looks like. 

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