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First-Party Data Opportunity: After the Cookie Apocalypse

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As the Cookie Apocalypse is looming, news publishers double down on strategising around first-party data, registering and logging users. News industry leaders see the Cookie Apocalypse as an opportunity for their businesses' renaissance. In this session, we look at their playbook and ask: What do you do with all the data you have hoarded so far? Nick Eckhart, director of data ad products at The New York Times, shares the strategy behind innovative data ad products at The New York Times, which in two years since the launch of its registration wall, has registered 100 million readers. Taihei Shigemori, deputy general manager, Digital Transformation Office, Nikkei, reveals how they align data technology and governance with their business objectives to obtain an unmatched understanding of their customer base of 10 million members. Mark Zohar, chief operating officer and president of Viafoura, teaches us the promising strategies and tactics to build a first-party data chest based on the success of their data-savvy user engagement platform. Ross Wilmot, head of consumer marketing for Independent Digital News and Media, share how they launched a registration wall and paywall successfully with a careful, evidence-based approach to the development of the new barriers, with multi-variant testing, to ensure the project's smooth roll-out to audiences across the world. INMA Smart Data Initiative Lead Greg Piechota provides an update on the state of business transformation of news media companies, a distillation of the biggest learnings from the summit and the INMA network, and a guide to the future of product and data in news media.

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