Discover the subscription windmill to power your media in 2025 through content, product, marketing, and data

The content vane
Craft premium journalism in an age of abundance and avoidance

The product vane
Build reader-first experiences that drive loyalty and delight

The marketing vane
Acquire and retain subscribers in a dynamic media landscape

The data vane
Extract insights to fuel AI-powered funnels and personalisation

The world’s largest event capturing the winds of change in today’s news media subscription models

Welcome to the eighth annual INMA Media Subscription Summit Week in Amsterdam, the city of explorers and innovators.

Just as the iconic Dutch windmills harnessed wind power to drive the revolution in manufacturing, we seek sustainable energy for journalism and the future for news media business.

The INMA Media Subscription Summit Week in March 2025 is structured like a modern media mill, with four powerful vanes working in harmony: content, product, marketing, and data.

And our focus is on how to adjust news media’s sails in the face of industry headwinds, ensuring our media windmills keep turning even in challenging conditions.

This innovative programme is compressed into:

  • A two-day optional study tour (March 10-11)
  • A two-day leaders' summit (March 12-13)
  • A day of practical seminars and meet-ups (March 14)

The Summit is designed for cross-functional teams from media organisations worldwide: national, regional, and niche.

Like the diverse traders who once flocked to Amsterdam's bustling ports, we welcome both industry veterans and curious newcomers.

Join us in Amsterdam, where centuries of innovation meet the future of media, and help us plant the power for the next generation of news subscriptions.

Explore Amsterdam

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam, a city of historic charms, global trade, and cutting-edge innovation. Like the sea merchants of the past, we gather here to discover new routes to success in the media world.

Visit the Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt's masterpieces, which revolutionised art much like we aim to revolutionise media. Explore the Anne Frank House for a poignant reminder of the power of words and stories. Take a tour of the Heineken Experience to understand how a local brand became a global icon.

Let Amsterdam's 750-year history of turning challenges into opportunities inspire your media strategies.


A note from Greg Piechota

Greg Piechota

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the 2025 INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in Amsterdam — where we aim at turning the windmills of change in our news media industry!

This year, we're structuring our summit around four powerful vanes, each spinning with potential:

  • The content vane: We'll cut through the noise of news avoidance, and explore ways to craft distinctive journalism in an age of content oversupply. Meet the "Subscription Editor" and other newsroom roles you’ve never heard about. Let’s go beyond mere reading with multi-modal content strategies.
  • The product vane: We’ll discuss strategies for fostering good reader habits through intuitive design across devices. Explore hybrid models that blend content and community. Unpack the science of subscription bundling and unbundling.
  • The marketing vane: To tackle the complex task of acquiring and retaining subscribers in our dynamic environment, we’ll examine AI-powered funnels, influencer marketing, and personalisation at scale. Unlock the power of your brand and open up new distribution channels.
  • The data vane: Less crystal ball, more microscope. We'll dive into turning data into insights, anticipating subscriber behaviour and content trends. Learn from the real-life applications of AI and generative AI to subscriptions marketing and operations.

Join me in Amsterdam, where centuries of innovation meet the future of media. Let's harness the winds of change together and propel journalism forward.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Greg Piechota
Readers First Initiative Lead
International News Media Association (INMA)
Oxford, England


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