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How an eventful 2024 will reveal opportunities and threats for African news media

A most eventful year is expected ahead for Africa with no less than 11 national elections in key countries such as South Africa, Senegal, and Ghana.

As 2024 finds African leaders raising their voices on global stages addressing fiscal and environmental matters, it is more important than ever that the critical matter of upskilling, training, and equipping our teams is not a luxury — but a bare minimum if we expect to thrive through an accelerated digital transition.

African media professionals must acquire knowledge and understanding of today's revenue opportunities, technologies, and the journalistic practices that will sustain and elevate us going forward.

Join INMA at the fifth annual Africa News Media Summit, where African media leaders come together to discuss media innovation, newsroom transformation successes and challenges, digital platform initiatives, revenue turnaround cases as we seek to bring practical and useful support for the business of journalism — all through an African lens.

Highlights will include:

  • State of the global news media industry and where Africa fits into that mosaic
  • Practical case studies of revenue innovation to sustain journalism
  • How to bring newsrooms into the business of news


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Curated by

Doreen Mbaya

Doreen Mbaya

Africa Division Manager
International News Media Association (INMA)


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