About this evening

The closing reception + dinner of the INMA World Congress of News Media is a celebration and a farewell. While we say “goodbye” to a rare gathering of peer media executives from around the world, we celebrate the best in news industry innovation with the presentation of the Global Media Awards. Whether you are a finalist for an award or simply want to witness the unveiling of “the best,” join INMA for this music-filled closing dinner in the historic Victoria and Albert Museum.

Hosted by

Terri-Karelle Reid
TV Host and Author

What are the Global Media Awards all about? Click on this video and see for yourself.

INMA President Maribel Perez Wadsworth with winners at the 2023 Global Media Awards Dinner.
World Congress moderators assist winners with their bounty of awards.
All first-place recipients, runners-up, and honourable mentions walk away with certificates.
A Global Media Award is often a team achievement celebrated by teams at the annual Awards Dinner.
Garnering a Global Media Award first-place trophy is cause for celebration – and display back home.
The Schibsted team celebrates multiple Global Media Awards wins – and stay for the after-party.

Award categories

Best Brand Awareness Campaign
Best Public Relations or Community Service Campaign
Best Use of An Event to Build A News Brand
Best Idea to Encourage Reader Engagement

Best New Digital Product
Best Product Iteration

Best Use of Print
Best Use of Video
Best Use of Audio
Best Use of Social Media

Best Initiative to Acquire Subscribers
Best Initiative to Retain Subscribers
Best New Subscriber Onboarding Experience

Best Idea to Grow Advertising Sales
Most Creative Use of Advertising Formats
Best Commerce Product or Service

Best Use of Generative AI for Internal Productivity
Best Use of Generative AI in Customer-Facing Products

Best Innovation in Newsroom Transformation
Best Use of Visual Journalism and Storytelling Tools


Step onto the world's biggest stage for breakthrough ideas and innovation when the INMA Global Media Awards are presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Thursday April 25, 2024. The V&A is the world's great museum for art and design, and INMA will have exclusive access.