Finnish Media Study Tour

Monday + Tuesday, 23-24 September

INMA’s European News Media Study Tours are the most popular in the media industry: an immersive, walking-talking experience that provides both knowledge and flavour that a conference stage (or a Zoom meeting) can’t. INMA also brings unique, expert-level moderation, distillation, insights, and community.

Since 2015, we have criss-crossed Europe, providing unique and deep experiences with 30+ professionals annually in Stockholm, Oslo, Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Antwerp. We aim to give media professionals a taste of Europe over time.

In 2024, we will dive into the Finnish media scene. While Norwegian and Swedish media companies are well-known for their digital excellence with media executives around the world, their Finnish counterparts are no less impressive. We’ll show you why during this study tour. But a quick search in INMA’s Best Practices Archive will give you some hints. We will visit all of Finland's leading media companies in a sustainable way, of course, just as the Finnish would have it: by train, tram, and on foot (umbrellas provided if need be).

Monday, 23 September

08:30 - 17:00

Finnish Media Study Tour Day 1

Board the study tour bus for visits to Sanoma Media, Alma Media, KsF media, Yle, MTV, and more.

19:00 - 21:00

Finnish Media Study Tour Group Dinner

Discuss day 1 of the INMA Finnish Media Study Tour with fellow participants over dinner.

Tuesday, 24 September

08:30 - 17:00

Finnish Media Study Tour Day 2

Continue our Finnish media education with visits to the leading news companies.

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