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INMA Helsinki: change + progress + fresh voices

Change and progress are always in the air in Helsinki.

A capital city of innovative art, unique culture, luscious cuisine, and modern architecture.

A country known for saunas, archipelagos, igloos, parks, and wooden houses.

And at the intersection of change and progress is a green building revolution that puts sustainability atop Finland’s agenda.

Step onto the streets of Helsinki in late September, and the crisp autumn wind tartly reminds you of the change in seasons. Take in the “everyman’s right” to stroll, breathe with nature, and know you are in a city and country so different than others.

Helsinki inspires.

INMA’s Media Innovation Week aims to step back … and connect with the Finnish ethos.

Embrace the changing winds of news media with a new generation of media leaders. Fresh voices devoid of legacy seeking to elevate and amplify journalism. To inject meaning and purpose into news brands. In a community and sweet spirit that only INMA can deliver.

Media Innovation Week in Helsinki consists of two parts:

  • Conference: Absorb unscripted, interactive presentations and discussions on the hottest media subjects in Europe today: subscriptions, product, newsroom transformation, generative AI, and commerce.
  • Study tour: Across two days, we will visit the leading Finnish news media companies and peer into how they are progressively growing audience, revenue, and brand.

The 2024 Helsinki Media Innovation Week marks the 51st time that European colleagues have gathered under the INMA banner. Since 1971, INMA has delivered a distinctive European media conversation through an annual European News Media Conference. We added a study tour component in 2015 – with great passion for deep dives into local media scenes.

Change. Progress. Fresh voices. See you at INMA Helsinki – where sustainability (media and otherwise) will be front and centre.


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Why Helsinki?

Punctuate your INMA Media Innovation Week experience with the flavours of Helsinki: the capital of the happiest country in the world.

Helsinki is a smart, stable, and compact city that is known for its unique combination of urban culture and the calm of nature. The city cherishes its open, participatory culture that is a source for its innovative and creative atmosphere. The people of Helsinki constantly aim at doing things a bit better each time, and believe in promoting a more sustainable way of life – for everyone.

Helsinki is the most northern of continental European capitals and the most eastern of all Nordic capitals. Helsinki – being Nordic like Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen – is often overlooked by media executives, yet it has a vibrant media scene worthy of hosting INMA’s annual Media Innovation Week. We’ll visit companies that lead the industry in multiple aspects of our industry — not least in digital subscriptions. Companies like Alma Media, Sanoma Media, and KsF media, Yle, MTV, among others. A quick search in INMA’s Best Practices Archive will show you just how innovative Finnish media companies are.

And if that isn’t enough reason, here are a few general statistics on Finland: Finns’ trust in other people is the highest in Europe (Eurobarometer, 2018), Finland is second in the world for freedom of the press (World Press Freedom Index, 2021), Finland ranks second in the world in the Sustainable Travel Index (Euromonitor, 2021), Helsinki is the fourth healthiest capital in Europe (treated.com, 2020).

About the venue

Amid the most beautiful scenery in Helsinki stands Little Finlandia, a brand-new, unique, “glass-and-wood” event centre. It invites you to enjoy experiences and draw inspiration from surrounding Töölönlahti Bay to boost your creativity and mood to a whole new level. The unique atmosphere of Little Finlandia is created from classic Finnish design: open, light, and natural materials. The architecture of the building is a unique, modern wooden venue that respects nature and its special environment in a sustainable and beautiful way.

In Little Finlandia, responsibility and sustainability are not just words on paper. They are the cornerstones and concrete deeds for a better tomorrow. Everything they do is certified as committed to responsible goals: environmental, societal, economical, and with people's well-being in mind. More here.

What people said about last year’s Media Innovation Week

“It’s packed with insights, and there’s always something useful for someone from different areas of media operation. Great takeaways all around, and even for a media person like me who works directly in the field.”

“It was my first time at an INMA event and it was a blast! Not only because of the exciting topics and the speaker. It was special about the spirit – so open-minded and cool.”

“Atmosphere and willingness to share experiences. INMA-team & organisation also around the event: with passion & love, always knowing what participants need/want.”

“Super great for networking and talking to people you know and meeting new people. Overall wonderful again. And the museum venue was outstanding.”

“Interesting workshops, relevant presentations, great networking opportunities, good timing. A very positive experience overall, and you actually get something concrete out of the conference. Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend.”

“Excellent, varied, presentations, wide-ranging expertise from people around the world. Formats were also really effective with daily takeaways very useful.”

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