In this two-day virtual summit, learn where African media companies fit into the global trends surrounding advertising, subscriptions, product, revenue diversification, and more. Hear from global experts and regional publishers — opportunities and threats faced by news media.

Thursday, July 6

Module 1: Transformation, trends, and newsroom innovation

(Cape Town time)

Yvonne Okwara Welcome and introductions

A warm welcome to the 4th Annual INMA Africa Media Summit will include a look at objectives over the next two days, housekeeping, and an introduction to the INMA global network — and how Africa increasingly fits. Key Summit themes include changing business models, changes in the newsroom and its culture, and connection and engagement with audiences, advertisers, and technology as enabler.

Yvonne Okwara, INMA Summit Moderator, and Senior News Anchor, Royal Media Services (Citizen TV East Africa), Kenya

(Cape Town time)

Earl J. Wilkinson News media outlook 2024 and the global playbook ahead

News media is advancing rapidly in its digital transformation and is better prepared to confront economic challenges than ever before. In this presentation, walk away with an executive briefing on the big trends in news media: subscriptions, product, newsrooms, data, advertising, and people and talent. Learn INMA’s aspirations for news media and how to turn the news industry’s professional fiefdoms into a symphony for growth.

Earl J. Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States

(Cape Town time)

Charles Onyango Obbo Keynote: State of the news media business in Africa

Charles Onyango-Obbo, Publisher, Writer, Afripedia, Uganda/Kenya

(Cape Town time)

Dr. Anderson Uvie Emegbo Rowan Polovin Musikilu Mojeed Katharina Link Greg Piechota AI and the future of news media: Challenges and opportunities

Disruptive technologies have undoubtedly transformed the way we gather and publish news today. AI offers the opportunity for publishers to deliver personalised information and formats, helping with channel fragmentation and information overload. However, these technologies also raise existential and ethical questions. The panel, led by Greg Piechota INMA's Readers First Initiative lead, will feature various African media houses discussing how they are tackling these challenges and exploring the fundamentals of AI.

Greg Piechota, Readers First Initiative, Lead, INMA, United Kingdom
Katharina Link, CEO, Pulse Africa, Ghana
Mojeed Musikilu, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Operating Officer, Premium Times, Nigeria
Rowan Polovin, Head of Product & Technology, Daily Maverick, South Africa
Dr. Anderson Uvie-Emegbo, Senior Executive Fellow, China Europe International Business School, Ghana

(Cape Town time)

Hoosain Karjieker Rahaman Abiola Joe Ageyo

Case studies: How to bring the newsroom into the business of news

The ongoing upheavals and changes in African newsrooms have raised questions about the new non-news actors who have become part of the content team. How do we redefine success in delivering quality journalism? How are newsrooms engaging with younger audiences? How do we ensure the public's voice remains central to the editorial process? Esteemed figures from the news business will share their insights on breaking down walls and building bridges within, and beyond, the heart of the media business.

Joe Ageyo, Group Editorial Director, Nation Media Group, Kenya
Rahaman Abiola, Editor-in-Chief,, Nigeria
Hoosain Karjieker, CEO, Mail & Guardian, South Africa

(Cape Town time)

Moderator’s takeaways of the day, outlook day 2

Friday, July 7

Module 2: Revenue and engagement opportunities

(Cape Town time)

Welcome back

(Cape Town time)

Tangeni Amupadhi Koang Pal Chang New revenues and advertising

Today, we acknowledge the concerns of many publishers regarding the sustainability of our media in the face of inflation, rising operating costs, and the waning enthusiasm of advertisers. How do we manage the perpetual conflict between advertising and editorial? How can we survive the withdrawal of government advertising when African regimes become less tolerant of platforms exposing governance issues? What alternative income sources have we explored?

Koang Pal Chang, Managing Editor, Eye Radio, South Sudan
Tangeni Amupadhi, Editor–in-Chief & Managing Director, The Namibian, Free Press, Namibia

(Cape Town time)

Anthony Makokha Richardson Doe Lance Witten Audiences, news consumption, and partnerships

The slowdown of news consumption and growth of communities like TikTok points to audiences moving away from content that is perceived as depressing, demanding that media publishers embrace and look for ways to respond to rapidly changing audience expectations. How have publishers responded to news fatigue? What is the place of explainer content, inspiring stories, partnerships and fresh value propositions that are helping media businesses navigate uncertain economic winds and remain relevant to the audiences they serve?

Lance Witten, Editor in Chief, Independent Online, South Africa
Richardson Doe, General Manager, Technology, Multimedia Group, Ghana
Anthony Makokha, Audio Visual Editor, Standard Group, Kenya

(Cape Town time)

Jerusha Raath Swiping right on new revenue — gamifying product and price advertising in publisher environment

Retail advertising accounts for 57% of South Africa’s print advertising — and these ads are traditionally focused on driving price and product. Convincing retail advertisers to extend their promotions into our trusted and brand safe digital publishing environments can be a challenge. Faced with the challenge of maintaining retail spend in print while simultaneously growing spend digitally, Media24 news was inspired by an unlikely platform… Tinder!

Jerusha Raath, Head of Adspace Studio, Media24, South Africa

(Cape Town time)

Takeaways of the day

Distill the key learnings from today’s presentations in a rapid-fire summary.

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