INMA World Congress of News Media, May 22-26, 2023, New York

INMA returns

Elevating the news media playbook amid pandemic tailwinds and economic headwinds

The INMA World Congress is the best executive-level briefing on news media in the world.

Learn what key professionals need to know about the direction of our industry: strategy, trends, subscriptions, product, data, advertising, and newsrooms.

Break away from your home, your office, your country for a proverbial minute. Step outside the boundaries. Silence the noise.

Use INMA to rebuild your network and experience the serendipitous conversations that went silent for three years.

Prioritise the longest-running news media conference in the world: the 92nd Annual INMA World Congress in May 2023.

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Newsroom Initiative Lead, INMA, New Zealand

Peter Bale

Smart Data Initiative Lead, INMA, France

Ariane Bernard

Advertising Initiative Lead, INMA, United Kingdom

Mark Challinor

Product Initiative Lead, INMA, United States

Jodie Hopperton

Readers First Initiative Lead, INMA, United Kingdom

Greg Piechota

President, Gannett Media, United States

Maribel Perez Wadsworth

Digital Platform Initiative Lead, INMA, Australia

Robert Whitehead

Executive Director and CEO, INMA, United States

Earl J. Wilkinson

Who Attends INMA?

The INMA World Congress attracts senior management from the leading news media companies in 80+ countries: CEOs, publishers, general managers, digital leaders, advertising executives, audience executives, marketing executives, editors, product professionals, and researchers.

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What the big apple tastes like

Why New York?

  • The global capital for news media
  • The global capital for marketing and advertising
  • Corporate headquarters for many peer media companies and suppliers serving news media
  • Most direct flights of any city in the world
  • Ease of access by all means of transportation
  • Abundance of hotel options regardless of budget
  • 41 Broadway theaters, 83 museums and 72 Michelin-starred restaurants
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Are You Wondering

Why INMA is different?

  • Unparalleled ability to leverage global best practices and make them relevant
  • Our familiarity with the trends, technologies, and stars that drive the media business
  • An agenda derived from the international INMA community (hand-picked by peers)
  • Book one-on-one private Ask Me Anything sessions with INMA subject matter experts
  • Connections with the right people at the right media companies (your peer class)
  • Front-row study tour access to the top New York media companies
  • Our attendees are practical change agents hungry for knowledge