Ask Me Anything sessions represent a new concept for the INMA World Congress involving one-on-one private, hour-long sessions with our Initiative Leads. Each are subject-matter experts and represent an opportunity to gain insights and ask key questions on the sidelines of World Congress. Only corporate members of INMA are eligible to apply for these one-hour sessions. Please contact Ioana Sträter at Ioana.straeter@inma.org to discuss setting up a meeting.


May 25


Mark Challinor is the lead for INMA’s Advertising Initiative. The initiative is focused on how to rejuvenate data- and research-backed media advertising sales – primarily in the digital space. Among the initiative’s focuses are the rise of advertising formats, the revised sales team, and what the sales organisation looks like in an increasingly programmatic environment.

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Advertising Initiative Lead, INMA, United Kingdom

Mark Challinor


Ariane Bernard is the lead for INMA’s Smart Data Initiative, which shares insights and best practices on creating value with data analytics for media companies and incorporating a data-positive culture across the company. In its third year, the Smart Data Initiative is focused on personalisation, tying data to business strategy, data fundamentals, advances in data analytics, and democratising access to data.

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Smart Data Initiative Lead, INMA, France

Ariane Bernard


Peter Bale is the lead for INMA’s Newsroom Initiative, which explores how to bring the newsroom into the business of news. Specifically the initiative is working on how newsroom leaders can influence their businesses and create journalism products that serve audiences and meet the promise of emerging business models – yet putting journalism at the heart of publishing.

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Newsroom Initiative Lead, INMA, New Zealand

Peter Bale


Jodie Hopperton is the lead for INMA’s Product Initiative, which looks at what media companies must do now to embrace the evolving discipline of product to delight customers and grow business. Currently, the Product Initiative looks at what it means to build customer-informed products, how to manage conflicting product objectives, and how we go beyond traditional products to become part of a customer lifestyle.

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Product Initiative Lead, INMA, United States

Jodie Hopperton


Greg Piechota is the lead for INMA’s Readers First Initiative. This initiative surfaces global best practices in the art and science behind digital subscriptions for news media companies and creating a road map toward the next generation of consumer monetisation. A new component of the Readers First Initiative is a Subscription Benchmark Service. Greg can listen to the challenges and opportunities your company faces with digital subscriptions and recommend next steps.

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Readers First Initiative Lead, INMA, United Kingdom

Greg Piechota






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