Study Tour

9-10 March 2023

INMA’s Subscription Summit Study Tours are the most popular in the media industry: an immersive, walking-talking experience that provide both knowledge and flavour that a conference stage (or a Zoom meeting) can’t.

Since 2015, we have criss-crossed Europe, providing unique and deep experiences with 30+ professionals annually in Stockholm, Oslo, Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, and more.

INMA’s Subscription Summit Study Tour provides both knowledge and flavour that a conference stage or a Zoom meeting simply can’t.

Over two days — Monday, March 6, and Tuesday, March 7 — we will visit the newsrooms and offices of the leading media innovators of Stockholm and Sweden.

We will meet their executives and key subject experts for private, in-depth briefings, and Q&As.

We will see where the action happens and inquire how they create environments where innovation flourishes.

And we will have fun on the way!

Immerse yourself in the Stockholm media scene and enjoy quality time with your peers from all over the world.

Past participants of our recetn study tours in Hamburg, London, New York, and Oslo tell us that the study tours are great ways to expand one’s subscription network.

The learnings come not only from executives of the companies we visit but also from the peers on a tour.

Study tours usually sell out well in advance of the event, as the number of seats is limited.

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