Arc XP

Arc XP’s integrated ecosystem of cloud-native tools built on AWS, features an agile content management system, a suite of digital subscription tools, built-in DAM and video platform, and a fully hosted and managed low-code front-end experience platform. Built for flexibility, integrate Arc XP’s tools into your existing technology stack or use end-to-end as a full enterprise suite to manage content and digital experiences.


Chartbeat, the content intelligence platform for publishers, empowers media companies to build loyal audiences with real-time and historical editorial analytics across desktop, social, and mobile platforms. Chartbeat helps digital publishing organizations understand what, within their content, is keeping people engaged.


To get people consuming, subscribing, and engaging, Froomle optimizes your content discoverability to grow your traffic and engage your users. We provide your newsrooms with an extensive catalogue of specialized AI powered recommendation modules that help your users access the right content regardless of the channel. Working with both media conglomerates and independent publishers, Froomle has a solution for any size and business goal.

Labrador CMS

Labrador CMS is tailored specifically for the media industry, supporting high-traffic online newspapers, magazines, and TV stations. With our Beyond Headless approach, you combine headless techniques with built-in rendering engine, providing unparalleled flexibility and speed. With our AI-powered title generator, you create compelling headlines that capture the essence of your content and drive audience engagement. We promise — it is unlike anything you have seen before. We still support print. Ask us how.


With Oovvuu, the world’s video is inside your CMS where your team is already working. Editors no longer need to jump from CMS to video hub and back again. The old challenge of chasing engagement and revenue is replaced by Oovvuu’s one-click embed process enabling video publishing to happen at the “speed of news”. More than 1,700 videos published daily, meta-tagged and indexed to be easily searchable with newsroom-to-newsroom support 24/7.


Piano helps brands and publishers launch campaigns and products faster, diversify their revenue streams, strengthen customer engagement and drive personalization at scale from a single platform. Piano serves more than 550 enterprise clients globally, including Air France, the BBC, CBS, IBM, Jaguar Land Rover, Nielsen, The Wall Street Journal and more. Piano has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing, most innovative technology companies in the world by World Economic Forum, Inc., Deloitte, and more.


Protecmedia is the software company of choice for the media industry since 1979. We have evolved with our clients to offer the most innovative solutions for rich content, news, advertising, media analytics, subscriptions, and digital asset management. Whether you are a major media group or a small independent news organisation, whether you need a simple and efficient solution or a technologically advanced and performant one, Protecmedia is here and ready to help you. Let´s make news together.

Ring Publishing

Ring Publishing is a SaaS Content eXperience Platform that helps media brands create engaging content that captures users' attention and loyalty. With intuitive tools for content creation and management in customized editorial workflows, Ring Publishing enables the automation of publication processes and allows for the personalization of content to leverage its diversity potential and engage users by delivering the experience they desire. The platform also provides editorial teams with AI-based assistants to speed up their work, free up repetitive tasks, and increase content quality and team efficiency.


Smartocto is basically the smartest actionable editorial analytics system in the world. From our offices in The Netherlands and Serbia we service over 350 worldwide newsrooms with real-time insights, historical reports and predictive analysis. With our innovative solutions, we can help increase your online relevance, impact and profit. Nowadays in the digital landscape data is key, but action is the ultimate goal, so making data work for you and helping you optimise the performance and engagement of every single article, story or post you publish is what we strive for.

Stibo DX

Stibo DX, part of the Stibo Group, develops enterprise CMS and digital asset management solutions for media companies and enterprises worldwide. Based in Denmark, Stibo DX develops and delivers editorial solutions to some of the world’s biggest media companies, including The New York Times, Gannett, Axel Springer, Times of India, and The Economist.


Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows users to quickly craft narratives from transcribed audio or video. Founded by an Emmy Award-winning war reporter, Trint began life as an AI tool for providing accurate, secure transcriptions. Today it’s evolved into a powerful content tool for creators of all kinds; from broadcasters, to reporters, marketers, researchers and analysts — helping anyone create articles, podcasts and sound bites effortlessly from the vast amounts of audio and video that gets captured every day.




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