In this two-day virtual summit, learn where African media companies fit into the global trends surrounding advertising, subscriptions, product, revenue diversification, and more. Hear from global experts and regional publishers — opportunities and threats faced by news media.

Thursday, July 28

Module 1: Transformation, trends, and newsroom innovation

(Cape Town time)

Yvonne Okwara Welcome and introductions

A warm welcome to the 3rd Annual INMA Africa Media Summit will include a look at objectives over the next three days, housekeeping, and an introduction to the INMA global network — and how Africa increasingly fits. Key Summit themes include changing business models, changes in the newsroom and its culture, and connection and engagement with audiences, advertisers, and technology as enabler.

Yvonne Okwara, INMA Summit Moderator, and Senior News Anchor, Royal Media Services (Citizen TV East Africa)

(Cape Town time)

Earl J. Wilkinson News media outlook 2023 and the global playbook ahead

News media is advancing rapidly in its digital transformation and is better prepared to confront economic challenges than ever before. In this presentation, walk away with an executive briefing on the big trends in news media: subscriptions, product, newsrooms, data, advertising, and people and talent. Learn INMA’s aspirations for news media and how to turn the news industry’s professional fiefdoms into a symphony for growth.

Earl J. Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States

(Cape Town time)

Omar Ben Yedder Adapting to a new digital world

Africa’s media industry has continued to experience changes from technological progress, evolving generational behaviors, and ongoing residual impacts from the global pandemic. Come 2022, the broader socioeconomic dynamics appear to be converging with technology and amplifying change. This is driving more innovation and competition, but it is also putting pressure on business models to keep up with changing methods of distributing information and keeping up with evolving consumer behaviour. IC Publishers are riding a wave of tremendous opportunity amid the turbulence. Find out how regional publisher New African is reimagining and reshaping their revenue model. What are the new business imperatives that will ensure that African publishers survive and thrive?

Omar Ben Yedder, Group Publisher and Managing Director, African Business, African Banker, and New African (Le magazine de l’Afrique - Francophone version)

(Cape Town time)

Yvette Dimiri How Stears is creating new value with a multi-disciplinary approach to storytelling

Stears Business provides news analysis and insight through its network of professionals in banking, consulting, law, academia, government, and civic society. Stears has created a multi-disciplinary approach to publishing that has created value for customers and consumers, and this value has resulted in new revenue streams and a more direct relationship with the audiences we serve that we now understand better.

Yvette Dimiri, Head of Subscriptions Growth, Stears, Nigeria

(Cape Town time)

Angelica Velati Supporting journalism and publishers build a sustainable news ecosystem in Africa

In this presentation, learn what the Google News Initiative is doing to support sustainable journalism and media companies and encourage business model innovation in Africa.

Angelica Velati, Head of News Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy, EMEA, Google

(Cape Town time)

Frank Aigbogun How Business Day manages change in the newsroom and newsroom culture

The newsroom is at the heart of any palpable transformation in the news media business, yet it remains a blocker to real change for many publishers. In this session, learn how Nigeria’s Business Day transformed their newsroom through aligning processes, revisiting roles, and creating structures that are more responsive to audiences and in-tune with the rest of the business’s operational goals.

Frank Aigbogun, CEO and Publisher, Business Day, Nigeria

(Cape Town time)

Daniel Kalinaki How to acquire and retain good and experienced journalists at Monitor

The moving up, and out, of seasoned journalists and the influx of young talent has created intergenerational newsrooms with more emphasis being put on internal dialogue and moderation and curation instead of the unidirectional dissemination of news. How has Uganda’s Monitor Publications dealt with the changes and what tools and methods have we adapted to deliver quality journalism?

Daniel Kalinaki, Executive Editor, Monitor Publications, Uganda

(Cape Town time)

Ochieng Rapuro Standard Group and how its new converged newsroom drives its digital-first future

In an historic move, the 120-year-old Standard Group in Kenya unveiled a modern, converged newsroom with a new purpose: to make sure news goes digital-first, to prioritise people-centric news gathering and dissemination, and to introduce a new frontier in fact-checking. Learn more about this newsroom transformation project in this presentation.

Ochieng Rapuro, Editorial Director, The Standard Group, Kenya

(Cape Town time)

Takeaways of the day

Distill the key learnings from today’s presentations in a rapid-fire summary and introduction to themes for tomorrow.

Friday, July 29

Module 2: Revenue and engagement opportunities

(Cape Town time)

Welcome back

(Cape Town time)

Hossain Karjeker Daryl Dingley Robert Whitehead Where Big Tech discussions go next, worldwide and in South Africa

Media companies and media industry consortia worldwide continue to negotiate with Big Tech platforms to secure payments for news content, weaving through regulation, legislation, and settlements toward mutually beneficial partnerships moving forward. In this session, learn the status of this global dance and where South Africa’s joint media engagement is going. Led by INMA’s Digital Platform Initiative lead, our featured panelists will be South African leaders promoting the interests of print and digital media in these discussions — including a specialist in competition and media law and the CEO of one of the country’s leading media companies.

Robert Whitehead, Digital Platform Initiative Lead, INMA, Australia

Daryl Dingley, Partner, Webber Wentzel, Specialist Competition & Media Law, South Africa

Hoosain Karjieker, CEO, Mail & Guardian, and Chairman, Press Support Services (PSS), South Africa

(Cape Town time)

Gayle Edmunds How Media24 deepened audience engagement with the award-winning financial wellness content project, Money Makeover, a long-term partnership between audience, publisher, and client

Happy news consumers and a delighted advertiser is indeed the sweet spot for any publisher looking to grow loyalty with audiences. Find out how City Press did it and scored first place on the continent with this financial wellness project that stood out in the just-concluded INMA Global Media Awards 2022.

Gayle Edmunds, Head of Content, AdSpace 24, Media 24, South Africa

(Cape Town time)

Caroline Mbodj How Pulse Senegal has used social media to expand their footprint

In a unique approach to markets, learn how Pulse continues to develop this platform to engage and inform young African audiences and how they continue to grow in West Africa by embracing social media as an audience engagement tool and growth strategy. Learn how they have built editorial capacity and youthful information sharing formats in French-speaking Africa, a significant step towards becoming the leading innovative media company in Africa.

Caroline Mbodj, Managing Director, Pulse, Senegal

(Cape Town time)

Moses Kirui New Times and innovative reader engagement programmes for growth

Learn how the New Times Rwanda have introduced innovative reader engagement and events strategies for growth.

Moses Kirui, Sales and Marketing Director, New Times Rwanda, Rwanda

(Cape Town time)

Matt Nkosi “Nuggets of wisdom”: Independent Media’s collaboration on a product launch

In this case study presentation, learn more about Independent Media’s innovative collaboration between client and advertising agency delivered a successful product launch with a print title directing synergy among marketing, editorial, and agency creatives.

Matt Nkosi, National Executive Sales & Marketing, Innovation, Independent Media, South Africa

(Cape Town time)

Max Okeyo How Nation Media brings together advertisers, policy makers, and audiences in a successful regional annual event

The media industry is going through a disruption with traditional platform opportunities on an irreversible decline and audience consumption habits shifting as result of technology, the covid crisis, internet penetration, mobile phone penetration and the growing ability for content creation by customers. The business models in the media industry and the monetization of products is shifting. NMG is boldly and deliberately charting new frontiers by bringing together advertisers, policy makers and audiences through investment in talent, technology and becoming the connecting factor, whilst making significant fortunes from this audience opportunity.

Max Okeyo, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Nation Media Group, Kenya

(Cape Town time)

Takeaways of the day

Distill the key learnings from today’s presentations in a rapid-fire summary.

(Cape Town time)

Doreen Mbaya Summit wrap-up

What did we learn at this third annual INMA Africa Media Summit, and what will INMA do next in Africa?

Doreen Mbaya, Africa Division Manager, INMA, Kenya

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