Monday, December 13

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

Introduction to XR and how to talk about it with your audience

Laura Hertzfeld What is the difference between AR, VR, and XR? How did they come about? Is one more important than the other? Why do they matter for us as people, and us as newsrooms? In this session, Laura Hertzfeld brings up to speed from her vast experience with newsrooms and her work at Stanford University as a Knight fellow.

Laura Hertzfeld, Storytelling Innovation Executive

Monday, January 10

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

Getting started in XR: Tools and technologies

Robert Hernandez Building fully immersive VR experiences takes know-how and investment. Yet getting started in extended reality (XR) can be cheap: the top two 360-degree cameras recommended by Digital Camera World cost half the price of a new iPhone. This session will help those who are keen to get started experimenting in XR to understand the technologies available and what each offers.

Robert Hernandez, Professor of Professional Practice, University of Southern California

Monday, January 17

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

Storytelling in XR: Tricks for the medium

Chloé Rochereuil Extended reality (XR) allows you to offer your audience a completely different experience. In this session Chloé Rochereuil will take you through a brief A-Z of considerations and recommendations for storytelling in this medium. In this session you will learn about story selection, the character(s) you want to feature, the way you include the viewer within the story, where to place the the crew/journalists, and how to guide the viewer through the experience both in editing and post-production.

Chloé Rochereuil, Co-Founder and VR Director, TARGO

Monday, January 24

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

Using VR for news

Zillah Watson From her time at the BBC where she spent seven years looking at how VR might “inform, educate, and entertain future audiences and be used to tell compelling stories” and subsequent work with the Reuters Institute and beyond, Zillah Watson will take us through best practices for news. In this session, we will discuss the balancing of informing while engaging to create memorable experiences through a series of case studies.

Zillah Watson, Executive producer, XR

Monday, January 31

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

Using AR for news

Raymond Soto Arguably more accessible through mobile phones, Augmented Reality (AR) has a lot of potential to bring stories to life with minimal equipment required by the user. In this session, we’ll look at best particles and what has been learnt about AR in news so far through real case studies.

Raymond Soto, Senior Director, Emerging Tech, Gannett | USA Today Network

Monday, February 7

16:00-17:00 (Berlin)

The growth opportunity of XR

Stephen Shaw Through this series, we have looked at what XR is and how to build it. But what exactly is the growth opportunity and audience potential? Where are the tipping points, commercial possibilities, and generally where the industry is going (i.e., end on the metaverse)?

Stephen Shaw, Global Business Development Director, Iconic Engine

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