Tuesday, December 7

15:00 (London)

Welcome and Introductions

Be welcomed to the GNI Europe Subscriptions Lab Town Hall with a quick overview of the 9-month-old programme and what today's sessions will cover.

15:05-15:25 (London)

Expert Discussion: Subscription-First Strategy In the COVID Era

In this panel discussion, we will distill the biggest learnings from the transformation of European news publishers to subscription-first businesses: their strengths, weaknesses but also opportunities and threats. We will also discuss the proven ways to unlock growth in the COVID era — after the spike in demand for news and subscriptions in 2020, the growth in 2021 and beyond requires strategic clarity, effort, and investments. What the winning strategies look like.

15:25-15:45 (London)

Expert Advice: From Choosing the North Star Goal and Metric to Execution

Participants in the GNI Subscriptions Lab Europe followed the Financial Times’ North Star framework to plan a roadmap for 3-5 years. In this session, we will provide a practical guide to choosing the North Star and discuss benefits and risks of different key metrics popular among publishers, such as Lifetime Value or RFV.

15:45-17:05 (London)

Case Studies: Experiments to Drive the Customer Subscription Lifecycle

A practical session based on real-life case studies of experiments by the participants of the GNI Subscriptions Lab Europe in attracting readers to the news platform, registering and engaging, converting them to subscribers, monetising, and retaining. What did publishers achieve? What did they learn?

17:05-17:25 (London)

Expert Advice: How to Scale Experiments

Experimentation capability and methodology is found key to unlock growth in digital news subscriptions through prioritisation, iteration, and learning. Many publishers though struggle to set up and scale their experimentation programme. In this session, experts from FT Strategies will talk about the best practices, and offer practical advice how to improve this capability.

17:25-17:30 (London)

Summary and Takeaways

Synthesise today's programming with a final session highlighting the key takeaways.

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