Your guide to next-stage in news media transformation: put customers at the center of your business to unlock innovation and growth

Know your customers

Motivate teams to innovate

Out-compete others in product

Drive customer lifetime value

INMA Product and Data Summit Agenda

News media innovation thrives at the intersection of product and data. New ways of engaging and monetising readers and advertisers have one thing at their core: a focus on customers.

In this five-module, virtual summit featuring 20+ world-class speakers and 12+ hours of expert-curated programming, learn how to win in 2021 and beyond.

See how the fastest-growing media companies organise, set goals and build culture that promotes experimentation and data-informed decision-making.

Discover how the world’s greatest media products are built from an in-depth workshop with Netflix guru Gibson Biddle to outstanding examples in the news media industry.

Learn how today’s leaders reach to the stars with new engagement metrics, democratising data and testing.

Check out the best practices in collecting first-party user data and translating it into new products for readers and advertisers.

After five sessions over three weeks, full of case studies and practical advice, you will walk away sharper, smarter and inspired by the best ideas from the INMA global network of product and data experts.


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Why are products and data the fastest growing areas in news media?

How to solve customer problems while saving journalism

How to get deeper insights about your customers

What does it take to make your culture customer-centric?

How can the news experience be turned around?

How to harness product innovation in alignment with the newsroom

How to create product and data strategies when resources are limited

How to lead teams to focus on outcomes rather than outputs

How to make better editorial and business decisions through experiments

What are the best practices in mobile, audio and niche product development?

Why should you collect first-party data and what can you do with it?


Tuesday, October 5

Module 1: The path towards customer-centricity

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Thursday, October 7

Module 2: Data-driven product strategy workshop with Netflix’s Gibson Biddle

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Tuesday, October 12

Module 3: How we built it: insiders’ stories of outstanding products in news

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Thursday, October 14

Module 4: Leading with data: What gets measured gets managed

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Tuesday, October 19

Module 5: First-party data opportunity: Prepare for the world after the Cookie Apocalypse

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