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What’s measured, improves


A new program by the Facebook Journalism Project and the International News Media Association (INMA), in collaboration with the International Center for Journalists, aims to accelerate audience data strategies and best practices among a select group of Latin American news media publishers. Does your company need to upgrade its insight capabilities for digital transformation? Do you have the time and resources to participate in this elite programme? Read below and apply now.


Although the leading news media companies worldwide shifted resources to make data central to their day-to-day work, news organisations are still working to put it to work more effectively:

With the Audience Analytics Accelerator by the Facebook Journalism Project and INMA, we aim to help transform the online business of news media publishers in Latin America supporting them to analyze and act on information in new and creative ways.

If invited to join the Audience Analytics Accelerator, you will get intensive online training over the next eight months, priceless benchmarking, coaching, and you will learn by doing exciting projects aimed to speed up your career and the company’s growth. Those projects will receive at least US$15,000 (of a total fund of US$250,000) to support their projects’ success.

By November 2021, you and your teammates will understand opportunities in data, so you can define strategy at an organisational level. You will know how to translate it into insights, and better inform your decisions. You will see how the best-in-class publishers design and manage products and services. You will discover practical applications of data in growing engagement, reader and advertising revenue.

This programme is open to publishers of original journalism headquartered in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay that have been in operation for at least three years.

The programme is designed and led by INMA’s Researcher-In-Residence Greg Piechota, the head of the association’s Smart Data Initiative.

Facebook and INMA will provide — best-in-class know-how, world-renowned experts, time and money — into this Accelerator, so you and your company receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting value.

Participating in this Accelerator will be transformational for your career and your company, but — here comes one unnegotiable condition — it requires your attention, time, and effort over the course of eight months, from April to November 2021.

Important dates

Application deadline: March 10

Decision by the selection committee: March 31

3 phases of the programme:

  • First phase: Training and benchmarking, April-July
  • Second phase: Coaching and project, July-October
  • Third phase: Sharing the learnings, November

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