Attendees List

As of May 30, 2020

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Argentina (top)

  • Luis Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, Diario Los Andes- Grupo Clarin

Australia (top)

Belgium (top)

  • Christian Ambachtsheer, Business Manager, DPG Media NV
  • Tom Corbett, Head of INMA European Division, INMA
  • Katia Debusschere, Subscription & Conversion Manager, Mediahuis NV
  • Hanne Hendrikx, Customer Retention Manager, Mediahuis NV
  • Danny Lein, Founder and CEO, Twipe
  • Dana Nastase, Head of Business Development, Twipe Mobile Solutions N.V.
  • Mary-Katharine Phillips, Media Innovation Analyst, Twipe Mobile Solutions N.V.
  • Margot Rozendaal, Director Data & Customer Analytics, DPG Media NV

Brazil (top)

  • Breno Machado, Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Jaime Camara

Canada (top)

  • Christianne Benjamin, Vice-présidente Au Développement, Le Devoir
  • Ravi Dindayal, Manager, Digital Acquisition, The Globe and Mail
  • Wojciech Gryc, Chief Executive Officer, Chimera Information Systems
  • Cindy Gu, President and Publisher, The Epoch Times
  • Melissa Stasiuk, Head of Programming, The Globe and Mail
  • Sonali Verma, Senior product manager, analytics, The Globe and Mail

Colombia (top)

Denmark (top)

Finland (top)

France (top)

Germany (top)

  • Andreas Ahlden, Teamlead Marketing B2C, NWZ Mediengruppe
  • Marco Barthel, Deputy Head of Projects & Consulting, MSP - Medien Systempartner
  • Stefan Buhr, Head of Distribution, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH
  • Martin Dowideit, Head of Product Newsroom, Handelsblatt
  • Sabine Eriksen, Senior Online Marketing Manager, SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG
  • Katja Fleischmann, Head of Performing Content, dpa-infocom GmbH
  • Andreas Gansterer, Head of Strategy, DPA - Digital Services GmbH
  • Andreas Hoffmann, Verlagsleiter Subscription & CRM, Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH
  • Lambert Lensing-Wolff, Owner/Publisher, Lensing Media
  • Thomas Lindner, Chief Executive Officer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH
  • Wiebke Meeder, Head of Subscription Growth, Spiegel Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG
  • Felix Metzler, Project Manager, SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kira Reibe, Head of PMO & Subscription, Funke Digital GmbH
  • Isabel Schneeweis, Team Leader Sales Management Campaigning, Funke Sales GmbH
  • Selma Stern, SVP Consumer Subscriptions, Business Insider Europe Ltd.
  • Carolin Wolfle, Head of Subscriptions, Ippen Digital GmbH & Co. KG

Guatemala (top)

Japan (top)

  • Okamoto Fumio, Senior Producer, Nikkei Innovation Lab, Nikkei
  • Hajime Ozaki, Senior Editor,Management & Planning Office and International Department, Kyodo News

Mexico (top)

  • Daniela Mendizabal Melendez, Directora Negocios Digitales, Milenio
  • Juan Pardinas, Director General Editorial, Grupo Reforma
  • Barbara Sarti, Strategic Partner Development, Google

New Zealand (top)

Norway (top)

  • Jorun Berntsen, Head of Digital Subscriptions, Aftenposten
  • Espen Egil Hansen, Director of New Media Concepts, Schibsted ASA
  • Tarjei Gilbrant, Managing Director, Linkpulse AS
  • Lars Gulbrandsen, Editorial Department Manager, Dagbladet Pluss
  • Viktoria Hallberg, Head of Marketing & Sales, Dagbladet Pluss, Aller Media AS
  • Anne-Kari Herrebroden, Head of Subscription NHST Global, NHST Media Group
  • Svein-Erik Hole, Head of Digital, Teknisk Ukeblad Media AS
  • Ali Jeng, Vice President Paid Content, Aller Media AS
  • Janne Johannessen, Editor of News and Investigative Journalism, Dagens Næringsliv AS - The Norwegian Business Daily
  • Fredrik Loennecken, Director Consumer Business, Dagens Næringsliv AS - The Norwegian Business Daily
  • Thomas Nervik, Customer Success Manager, Linkpulse AS
  • Jonas Pettersen, Sub-Editor, Dagbladet Pluss
  • Jorun Skouveroe Berntsen, Head of Subscription and Digital User Revenue, Schibsted Norge AS
  • Tone Strom-Gundersen, Managing News Editor, Aftenposten
  • Jan Thoresen, Chief Executive Officer, Scandinavia Online AS
  • Marius Thorkildsen, Brand manager, Aftenposten
  • Live Fedog Thorsen, Lifestyle Editor, Dagens Næringsliv AS - The Norwegian Business Daily

Peru (top)

Poland (top)

Portugal (top)

  • Catarina Carvalho, Editor in Chief, Diário de Notícias
  • Elisabeth Fernandes, Data Scientist, Público Media & News

Puerto Rico (top)

Singapore (top)

  • Candy Cao Chuanlei, Manager- Circulation Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings Limited (News Centre)
  • Hankiong Tan, Senior Engineering Manager, Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Slovakia (top)

  • Tomas Czwitkovics, Product Manager for Digital Subscription, Petit Press, A.S.

South Africa (top)

South Korea (top)

Spain (top)

  • Inigo Barrenechea, Managing Director, El Correo - VOCENTO
  • Fernando Belzunce, Editorial Director, Vocento
  • Lois Blanco Penas, Chief Executive Officer, La Voz De Galicia S.A.
  • Tomas Garcia Moran, Chief Digital Officer, Corporación Voz de Galicia

Sweden (top)

  • Cecilia Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, United Robots AB
  • Lotta Edling, Editorial Director, Bonnier News
  • Henning Johannesson, Chief Product Officer, United Robots AB
  • Martin Jonsson, Head of Editorial Development, Dagens Nyheter
  • Mats Lothen, Media Business Consultant, Stockholm-Berlin Business Development
  • Gjermund Sodal, Head of Project Management, Schibsted Media Group

Switzerland (top)

  • Silvia Binggel, (Former) Editor-in-Chief, Tamedia AG
  • Marc Isler, Director Reader Revenue, Tamedia AG

Taiwan (top)

  • Tzong Yu Chiang, Presenter, United Daily News
  • Ling-Jia Fan, Executive Editor, United Daily News
  • Heng Chien Hsiao, Chief Content Officer, United Daily News
  • Li Jang, Deputy General Manager, United Daily News

Ukraine (top)

United Kingdom (top)

  • Jason Barnes, Sales Manager, Americas, NHST Global Publications
  • Dawn Briddon, Director of Product & Marketing, Lineup Systems
  • George Brock, Professor of Journalism, City University London
  • Kunle Campbell, E-Commerce Expert, Founder, 2X ECommerce
  • James Carter, Solutions Consultant, Zephr
  • Peter Collins, Commercial Partnerships, The Wall Street Journal
  • Felix Danczak, COO, Zephr
  • David Gosen, Chief Revenue Officer, Piano
  • James Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Zephr
  • Scott Howland, Account Executive, Zephr
  • Dan Krenitsyn, VP, International Business Development & Growth, Telegraph Media Group
  • Steve Lok, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Technologist, M Matters
  • David Mcmurtrie, Head of UK Publishers, Google UK Limited
  • Kerri Nunnamaker, Senior Data Analyst, Piano
  • Tim Part, Manager, FT Strategies
  • Grzegorz Piechota, Researcher-In-Residence, INMA
  • Dietmar Schantin, Founder / CEO, IFMS Europe Ltd.

United States (top)

  • Amy Adams-Harding, Head of Analytics and Revenue Optimization, New and Publishing, Google
  • Patrick Appel, Editor-in-Chief, Traffic Magazine, Piano
  • Kile Atwater, Staff, INMA
  • Josh Awtry, Senior Director for News Strategy, Gannett | USA Today Network
  • Kayleigh Barber, Media Reporter, Digiday
  • Julia Beizer, Chief Product Officer, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Lauren Bertolini, Chief Product Officer, The Daily Beast
  • Shannan Bowen, Director of Product Engagement, McClatchy
  • Jonathan Buckley, Vp, Membership & Media, The Wall Street Journal
  • Cy Caine, Chief Digital Officer, KTM2 Digital
  • Mark Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Tribune Publishing Co.
  • Idalmy Carrera-Colucci, Director of Editorial Operations, Tribune Publishing Co.
  • Erik Carver, Product Manager, MediaNews Group
  • Tsung Chih Chang, Chief Content Officer & Executive Editor, World Journal
  • Dan Christ, Director of Print Consumer Revenue, Advance Central Services - Pennsylvania
  • Drew Clayton, Vice President, Product Management, Nexstar Digital
  • Lily Cloake, Marketing Director, Education & Students, The Wall Street Journal
  • Mary Cullen, Head of Membership, The Daily Beast
  • Kenny Curry, Technical Account Manager, Facebook
  • Jessica Dalle Nogare, Head of Business Development, Laterpay
  • Anntao Diaz, Head of News Consumer Insights, Google
  • Mary Dolan, Editor, Gannett Co., Inc.
  • Pete Doucette, Managing Director, FTI Consulting Boston
  • Virginia Dymek, Digital Consumer Sales Manager, Newsday
  • Paul Fichtenbaum, Chief Content Officer, The Athletic
  • Rich Forsgren, Director of Corporate Consumer Data Strategy, GateHouse Media
  • Michelle Foster, Partner - Media Development, Newsgain LLC
  • Nickey Frankel, Staff, INMA
  • Jaqueline Galarza, Associate Director, Digital Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast
  • Peter Gelb, General Manager, Metropolitan Opera
  • Jessica Gilbert, Senior Director, Product and Experience, McClatchy
  • Emily Goligoski, Head of Audience Research, The Atlantic
  • Lamar Graham, VP, Content (Digital Consumer Revenue), New Jersey Advance Media
  • David Grant, Program Manager, Facebook
  • Leslie Grossman, Director, CRM & Engagement, Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast
  • Sean Gupta, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Operations, BET Networks
  • Ashley Harding, Managing Director, EDU B2C, The New York Times
  • Caroline Harrison, President, Advance Local
  • Lina Hebert, Performance Marketing Manager, The New Yorker
  • Deborah Henley, VP/Editor-in-Chief, Newsday
  • Paul Herron, Vice President, Publishing at MPP Global, North America, MPP Global
  • Curtis Huber, Senior Director, Circulation & Audience, The Seattle Times Company
  • Amit Jain, News Product, Facebook
  • Chris Jansen, Head of US News & Publishing, Google
  • Neil Katz, Global Head of Content and Subscriptions, The Weather Company, IBM
  • Ragan Kensington, Client Solutions Manager, Facebook
  • Katy King, Events and Marketing Manager, INMA
  • Brandt Kloke, Managing Director - International Growth, The New York Times
  • Nicholas Kost, Manager, Digital Marketing, Condé Nast
  • Debby Krenek, Publisher, Newsday Media Group
  • Juan Labourt, Revenue Lead, BBC and The Guardian, Google
  • Gloria Lago, Manager, Measurement Strategy and Data Architecture, Condé Nast
  • Penny Lam, Associate Director, Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast
  • Stephen Largen, Product Marketing Manager, News Monetization, Facebook
  • Hyunji Lee, Director, Retention and Engagement, Digital Subscription, The New York Times
  • Collette Lee, Manager, Digital Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast
  • Charles Lewis, Zuora
  • Matt Lindsay, President, Mather Economics LLC
  • Brie Logsdon, Social Media Editor, INMA
  • Ernesto Lopez, Senior Manager of Revenue, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Catherine Lowe, VP Audience and Marketing, The Dispatch
  • Natasha Malik, Marketing Manager, Dow Jones & Company
  • Brahaani Mamo, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook
  • Anna Mancusi, Product Director, Subscription Growth, The New York Times
  • Annick Mcbryar, Zuora
  • Dawn Mcmullan, Senior Editor, INMA
  • Alix Milne, Associate Marketing Director, Dow Jones & Company
  • Collin Miranda, Analyst, Data & Insight, The New York Times
  • Candace Mitchell, Sr. Director of Content, Gannett Co., Inc.
  • Ben Monnie, Director of Global Publisher Solutions, News & Publishing, Google
  • Yasmin Namini, Digital Media Consultant & Advisor, Digital Media Consultant & Advisor
  • Amalie Nash, VP Local News and Audience Development, Gannett Co., Inc.
  • Burke Noel, Senior Director of Content, PA Media Group
  • John Norton, Sales Engineer, Piano
  • Dan Oshinsky, Consultant, Inbox Collective
  • Dan Petty, Digital Director of Audience Development, MediaNews Group
  • Stewart Place, Marketing Services, Naviga
  • Shauna Plesmid, Digital Marketing Director, Washington Post Express
  • Ann Poe, Senior Director, Digital Consumer Revenue, Advance Local
  • Anne Powell, Associate Director, Member Engagement, The Wall Street Journal
  • Nicki Purcell, Chief Executive Officer, Lifeblue
  • Geoff Ramsey, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, EMarketer
  • Latha Rao-Cheney, Senior Vice President, Local Sales, MediaNews Group
  • Monica Ray, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast
  • David Restrepo, VP, Media Sales, Piano
  • Sharon Ribner, General Manager, Student Membership, The Wall Street Journal
  • Manny Rincon-Cruz, Chief Financial Officer, Blink Ledger Systems
  • Christine Roberts, News Partnerships, Facebook
  • Mariana Rodriguez, Head of Consumer Marketing, Los Angeles Times
  • Rebecca Rosenblatt, Strategic Partner Manager - Local News, Facebook
  • David Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, The New York Times
  • Chloe Saldivar, Zuora
  • Morgan Schnepper, Client Partner, Facebook
  • Stephanie Schroeder, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Forum Communications Co.
  • Kristy Schultz, Executive Director, Growth (EDU + Home Delivery), The New York Times
  • Shelley Seale, Freelance Journalist, Editor and Content Creator, Shelley Seale Editorial
  • Dan Sforza, Executive Director, Gannett Co., Inc.
  • Daniel Sherlock, Head of Digital & Brand Marketing, The Dallas Morning News
  • Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker, Corporate Director of Digital Subscriptions, Lee Enterprises
  • Pam Siddall, Chief Operating Officer - Enterprise Services, Advance Local
  • Rachel Stewart, Staff, INMA
  • Louise Story, Chief News Strategist and Chief Product and Technology Officer, The Wall Street Journal
  • Yosuke Suzuki, General Manager, Digital Business Development, Nikkei America
  • Liz Switzer, Senior Manager, CRM & Engagement, Condé Nast
  • Josh Tag, Staff, INMA
  • John Tang, Chief Executive Officer, The Epoch Times
  • Thales Teixeira, Co-Founder,
  • Bob Terzotis, Executive Vice President, Mather Economics LLC
  • Jarrod Thomson, Senior Director of Paid Digital, Condé Nast
  • Kendell Timmers, VP Data & Insights, The New York Times
  • Miki Toliver King, Chief Marketing Officer, Washington Post
  • Patrick Tornabene, Chief Consumer Officer, Newsday
  • Hollis Towns, Executive Editor and Vice President News, Asbury Park Press
  • Laurie Truitt, VP Digital Consumer Marketing, USA Today Network
  • Gwen Vargo, Director of Reader Revenue, American Press Institute
  • Yokini Vijeyakumar, Revenue Strategy Director, WSJ Core Membership, Dow Jones & Company
  • Benjamin Wagner, Manager, Partner Programs, Facebook
  • Suzi Watford, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, The Wall Street Journal
  • Michelle Weinberg, Director, Publisher Solutions, Pushly
  • Rebecca Weintraub, EA to EVP & CMO, The Wall Street Journal
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA)
  • Rokk-Vincelli Williams, Product Manager, The New York Times
  • Dan Wittenberg, Associate Product Manager, Free Experience, The New York Times
  • Anita Zielina, Director of News Innovation and Leadership, City University
  • Austra Zubkovs, Sr. Mgr, Engagement, Hearst Corporation

Uruguay (top)

  • Isabel Alvarez, General Manager, El Observador
  • Gabriela Inciarte, Editorial Consultant, El Observador
  • Ricardo Peirano, Publisher and Editor, El Observador
  • Magdalena Ruiz, External Advisor, El Observador