Because of the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, INMA is cancelling the World Congress of News Media in Paris April 23-28. Our overriding concern is the health, safety, and well-being of our participants. We look forward to seeing you at an INMA event when circumstances improve.
Posted: March 12, 2020



April 23

Study Tour registration and welcome coffee
InterContinental – Le Grand, 2 Rue Scribe

Check in and pick up your badge for the INMA Study Tour of Paris while meeting fellow participants over coffee.

Introduction to the INMA Study Tour of Paris
InterContinental – Le Grand, 2 Rue Scribe

Get a briefing of what to expect over the next two days in Paris, including an executive-level overview of the French and Parisian media markets.


Visit 1: Ouest-France
InterContinental – Le Grand, 2 Rue Scribe

Ouest-France is a daily French newspaper known for its emphasis on both local and national news. With 2.4 million daily readers and a circulation of almost 700,000, it is the most read francophone newspaper in the world and even a performing digital platform. Ouest-France is owned by an association, and part of the Sipa Ouest-France Group, operating in France different activities, among them, 20 Minutes in joint venture with Rossel Group, 90 local weeklies sites in France. While Ouest-France’s leading regional news organisation is 400 kilometers west of Paris, they will travel to INMA to kick off our study tour with an overview of their operations and Group strategy on local and national market.

Group Digital Manager, Groupe Sipa Ouest-France

Fabrice Bazard

CEO, Publihebdos, France

Francis Gaunand

Directeur Recherche et Développement Groupe Sipa Ouest-France and member of the INMA European Board, France

Hervé Barbot

Group walk via Metro from Intercontinental – Le Grand to L’Obs

Visit 2: L’Obs
67/69 avenue Pierre Mendès-France

L'Obs, previously known as Le Nouvel Observateur, is a weekly French newsmagazine, founded in 1964. It is one of the most prominent French general information magazines in terms of print & digital audience and circulation. It aims to cover, describe and analyze the evolution of our society through all its components politics, ideas, culture and arts, lifestyle... with a social-democratic orientation. As the newsmag market has been really challenged in the last years, there was a need for a shift in the business model. Learn how a weekly News brand is dealing with the digital revolution.

Président du Directoire (business side), L'Obs

Grégoire de Vaissiére

Directrice de la Rédaction/Managing Editor, L'Obs

Dominique Nora

Lunch and walk from L’Obs to AFP

Visit 3: AFP (Agence France-Press)
13 Place de la Bourse

AFP (Agence France-Press) is an international news agency headquartered in Paris – and immediately across the street from the INMA World Congress venue, Palais Brongniart. The world’s oldest news agency, AFP has news bureaus in 151 countries, transmitting stories, videos, photos, and graphics in French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

Global News Director, AFP, France

Phil Chetwynd

Group walk via Metro from AFP to Les Jours

Visit 4: Les Jours

A start-up news site, the subscription-based Les Jours is an information Web site launched in 2016 by a team composed mainly of former Libération journalists. The site deals with current topics through serval series of articles, called “obsessions”, with narrative techniques borrowed from TV series. This innovative editorial strategy has resonated with young readers (half of their subscribers are younger than 35). Some of its popular editorial series are re-purposed in the form of books.

DG et Confondateur, Les Jours

Augustin Naepels

End of Day 1 Study Tour


April 24

Depart Westin Paris - Vendôme for bus ride to Le Monde
3 Rue de Castiglione

Board bus at 08.00 for a prompt 08.15 departure to Le Monde. This trip can take between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on Paris traffic.


Visit 5: Le Monde
67/69 avenue Pierre Mendès-France

This past December, Le Monde celebrated its 75th birthday. From a single, double-sided page printed in 1944, Le Monde has since blossomed into a large media group, with more than 4.5 million daily clicks on its site. From print to web, there are over 500 journalists working for Le Monde, with many serving as foreign correspondents. The creation of a group helped strengthen the values of independence and its commitment to quality reporting. Digital evolutions allowed for an increase in readership and in distribution, helping Le Monde reach heights it had never seen in its history: nearly 330,000 subscribers, including 225,000 online. The editorial's freedom and ability to do investigative reporting, long-form articles and to provide reliable, contextualized and in-depth information is reinforced by this high circulation.

Responsible Subscriber Acquisition, Le Monde

Anne Tostain

Director Subscriptions, Le Monde

Lou Grasser

Bus transfer from Le Monde to 20 Minutes

Visit 6: 20 Minutes

20 Minutes is a free daily newspaper aimed at commuters in France. The French 20 Minutes was launched in Paris in 2002 and spread to 11 other urban areas of France. Each edition includes both national pages and regional sections. Since its launch, 20 Minutes has led the market of free French newspapers.

Lunch and bus transfer from 20 Minutes to Les Echos/Le Parisien

Visit 7: Les Echos Publishing
10 Boulevard de Grenelle

Les Echos is France’s leading financial newspaper, founded in 1908 under the name of Les Échos de l'Exportation and owned by LVMH since 2007.
With 200 journalists and foreign correspondents, Les Echos offers a high-quality coverage of politics, economy and foreign affairs along with a large daily section devoted to business and market insights. This liberal newspaper published on weekdays is also eager to successfully adapt to the digital revolution. It has been thus conveying efforts to develop editorial innovations from "niche" newsletters to podcasts, resulting in a reach of more than seven million digital readers each month.


Visit 8: Le Parisien
10 Boulevard de Grenelle

Also owned by LVMH and housed in the same building as Les Echos, the newspaper was established as Le Parisien libéré (meaning The Free Parisian in English) in 1944 and was originally launched as the organ of the French underground resistance during World War II.
Today, Le Parisien is a daily newspaper published 7 days a week, covering international, national, as well as local news of Paris and its suburbs thanks to 9 local editions. Its practical and pedagogic journalistic approach, as well as its aim to stay close to the reader, makes Le Parisien particularly strong in terms of the audience with 22 million readers reached each month. Le Parisien’s digital presence is an important asset with 18,6 million monthly digital readers and almost 8 million followers on social media.

Bus transfer from Les Echos/Le Parisien to Westin Paris – Vendôme + study tour concludes