Because of the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, INMA is cancelling the World Congress of News Media in Paris April 23-28. Our overriding concern is the health, safety, and well-being of our participants. We look forward to seeing you at an INMA event when circumstances improve.
Posted: March 12, 2020

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April 26

Welcome and Overview

It's not enough to have the right technology and the right real-time data and the right staff to analyse and compartmentalise information. To make data work for media companies requires a new creativity. In this deep dive Smart Data Summit, learn practical cases of how media companies are making actionable real-time data to change business outcomes: subscription sales and retention, advertising sales, audience engagement, and more.

Building a Better Web: Privacy, Context and the New Media Economy

The media business often takes a reactive, not proactive, approach to changes in market. Because of that, opportunity for new initiatives is often forfeited in lieu of defensive measures to satisfy existing business models instead of pushing against the tide to pioneer new ones. In this next phase, challenges like privacy, death of the cookie, and strength of platforms should be leveraged to shed the legacy models that are shrinking in media and venture into the exciting unknown of what’s next. This session will focus on these opportunities and how media companies can thrive in this era.

Vice President of Commercial, The Washington Post, United States

Jarrod Dicker

JP/Politikens and the Fight for Relevance: Prioritising First-Party Data

In Denmark, leading publisher JP/Politikens Hus has built a data platform based on first-party data collected across its sites, offering 600+ segments and targeting digital advertising to all users across devices. Yet beyond selling advertising, JP/Politikens is urging publishers to invest funds to process and provide their own first-party data – especially in light of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Google’s Chrome announcement.

Director of Digital Sales & Ad Tech, JP/Politikens Hus, Denmark

Signe Skarequist

Amedia and the Data Behind the Subscription Success

Norwegian regional publisher Amedia is well known for creating a scalable digital subscription machine for its 70+ local newspapers throughout the country. Yet behind that success is a data infrastructure and a cultural plan to democratise access to the data that continues to drive the company’s subscription success – nationally and at the local level. Go behind the scenes of that data infrastructure and lessons learned.

Executive Vice President, Amedia, Norway

Pål Nedregotten

Aller Media’s Data and Personalisation Journey

Over the past three years, Norway’s Aller Media has builts its own data and personalisation platform which has been “productified” and rolled out with significant results. It has been a zigzag journey through GDPR, tech, data science, KPI targets, organisation, competence, culture, and strategy. In this presentation, learn more about the journey, the strategic rationale, and more.

Director of Data, Aller Media, Norway

Camilla Fuglem

Mediahuis Data Strategy and Practical Applications

The fast-expanding Mediahuis has at its core a data strategy and many practical applications for data: retention modeling, recommendation engine for newsrooms, look-alike modeling, reporting chatbot, B2B sales lead generation, and subscription sales forecasts.

Data Governance Lead. Mediahuis, Belgium

Trui Lanckriet

Summit concludes