Because of the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, INMA is cancelling the World Congress of News Media in Paris April 23-28. Our overriding concern is the health, safety, and well-being of our participants. We look forward to seeing you at an INMA event when circumstances improve.
Posted: March 12, 2020



April 27

Conference Registration + Welcome Coffee + Networking Lounge

Pick up your conference credentials at the Registration Desk and settle into the Media Conference with coffee and snacks to start your morning – punctuated by meetings with colleagues and solution providers.

Welcome Ceremonies

Be welcomed to the International News Media Association’s 90th annual conference, be introduced to your peers, and get a briefing on the French media scene.

President, International News Media Association (INMA)
Chief Operating Officer, Publishing, News Corp Australia

Damian Eales

Conference Moderator

President, Innovation Media Consulting, United Kingdom

Juan Señor

Conference Facilitator

Media Reporter, Axios, United States

Sara Fischer

Where News Media Is Going Next

In this opening keynote presentation, be challenged with a vision of how to create value at the intersection of journalism and technology – where the money will come from, how to leverage your brand to generate profits away from the core, and how to balance the responsibilities to communities and the needs and wants of paying audiences.

4 Pressing Trends News Publishers Need To Understand Now

Four of the most pressing issues facing news publishers today are the 1) paradoxical trends surrounding trust in media; 2) the rapid growth in streaming audio and video channels; 3) the link between where money is flowing in media vs. time spent and 4) the surprising impact of 5G on the streaming ecosystem. In this fast-moving, information-packed presentation, you will learn about the gap in trust between established news brands and social platforms and how this points to brand safety in premium environments. Prepare to also find out what the streaming video and audio wars mean to publishers and how media euros and dollars are matching up with time spent. Finally, you will discover why latency – not speed – is going to be the main driver of enhanced gaming apps, AR, and inter-connected devices.

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, eMarketer, United States

Geoff Ramsey

Networking Break

Step away from sessions, connect with peers, and meet with solution providers in the Networking Lounge.

Innovators, Visionaries, and Value Creators

Look beyond cost-cutting and right-sizing: Who are the innovative news publishers creating new value and new measurements of success? What are the cultural and organisational secrets behind making space that allows new products and services to flourish – disconnected from the legacy business.

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

Anna Careborg

CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Gary Liu


Enjoy a buffet lunch in the ornate Palais Brongniart main hall where a stock exchange once was the beating financial heart of Paris.

What Publishers Need To Know Next About the Platform Relationship

In this briefing for INMA members, hear about the priority issues in the publisher-platform relationship and how the issues are being addressed across a global landscape.

Newsmaker Spotlight: Robert Thomson

From transforming legacy media companies on three continents to the launch of news aggregator Knewz to an embrace of Apple News+ and Facebook to advocacy that platforms should pay for journalism, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson is at the center of the global media arena. In this on-stage interview, learn the industry priorities and what is likely to come next for news media

CEO, News Corp, United States

Robert Thomson

Networking Break

Take every opportunity outside of sessions to learn from solution providers. They specialise in a variety of subject areas, yet they also bring broad knowledge that can lift you up. Why go it alone?

From Wallpaper to Monocle and Always In the Fast Lane

Once described as “a great divider of opinion,” Tyler Brûlé has spent a career as journalist, publisher, and business entrepreneur – most famously in media circles as the founder of the young yet iconic Monocle magazine. What started as a print magazine has expanded into an international retail and e-commerce brand selling bags, clothing, accessories, and more. Whether Tyler or Monocle, what does a brand need to differentiate amid today’s noise? And where does print fit in that world? Join Tyler in conversation with friend and serial entrepreneur Mario Garcia for what promises to be a fascinating exploration of the media scene (with some fun along the way)

Editor-in-Chief, Monocle, United Kingdom

Tyler Brûlé

CEO, Garcia Media, United States

Mario Garcia

Takeaways of the Day

Let INMA boil down the day’s key learnings into a digestible format for you to take home.

Networking Lounge Reception

Before an evening on the town, enjoy cocktails with peers from around the world in a casual, music-filled environment.


April 28

Conference Registration, Welcome Coffee, Networking Lounge

Pick up your conference credentials at the Registration Desk and settle into the Media Conference with coffee and snacks to start your morning – punctuated by meetings with colleagues and solution providers.

Welcome Back
The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave

In this keynote address by author Robbie Kellman Baxter, dive deep into her new book that looks at how to build a long-term relationship with customers, borrowing from customers like Under Armour, Microsoft, and Netflix. This presentation will take publishers through each step of building loyalty and look at insights into subscription superstars.

Author, The Forever Transaction, United States

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Redefining News Experience in the Age of Attention Wars

The competition for our readers’ attention is escalating: streaming wars, podcast wars, and online games wars. And every Witcher asks to toss them a coin! Publishing great content is no longer enough to acquire and retain subscribers. New content discovery and regular engagement are the key challenges. A new report of the INMA Readers First Initiative dives into personalised subscriber’s experiences. It calls to redefine what differentiates the experience of a news subscriber and a free visitor, and offers a survey of new designs, features, and tools that engage readers in meaningful ways

Researcher-in-Residence, INMA, United Kingdom

Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota

Networking Break
The Next Breakthroughs in Digital Subscriptions

For news publishers at the front of the digital subscription revolution, they have mastered acquisition, plugged the holes of retention, and gotten their newsrooms passionate about engagement. What is the upside potential of news subscriptions vs. broader membership models vs. pursuing niches?

Head of Digital, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

Anna Åberg

Subscriptions Director, Le Monde, France

Lou Grasser

The Next Big Bets: Content to Commerce and Beyond

Two companies on the opposite sides of the planet – Meredith in the United States and Times Internet in India – are upending the status quo with business model approaches that redefine value. In these back to back sessions tied together by the search for new value and “content to commerce,” get snapshots of Meredith’s data-fueled bets on content experiences that drive engagement and content to commerce. Then hear more about the Times’ platform-agnostic India Lifestyle Network and their bets on personal finance, among the 40 growth projects

President and Chief Digital Officer, Meredith National Media Group, United States

Catherine Levene

CEO, Times Internet, India

Gautam Sinha

What’s Next for the Pivot Platforms: Audio, Video, and More

The pivot to video didn’t happen, yet video’s ubiquity and opportunity are still with us. Audio is proving stickier than expected, yet the money isn’t there yet. In this best-practice session, be inspired by those who have embraced video and audio and how you can learn from their examples.

General Manager, Les Echos, France

Bérénice Lajouanie

Senior Advisor, Bonnier News, Sweden

Thomas Mattsson

Policy Editor, The Economist, United Kingdom

Anne McElvoy

Takeaways of the Day

Wrap up a day with a synthesis about the forever transaction, attention wars, digital subscriptions, advertiser expectations, and what’s next with audio and video.

News Media Outlook: What’s Over the Horizon for Publishers

Close out the World Congress with what has become an exclusive tradition: INMA CEO Earl J. Wilkinson’s outlook for the year ahead, unveiled for the first time. Part aggregation of World Congress Week, part aggregation of his worldwide travels, this year we will look at where news media likely is going over the next decade. Drawing on his vast experiences, imagine where your brand will be in 2030.

Executive Director and CEO, INMA, United States

Earl J. Wilkinson

Congress Conclusions

INMA President Damian Eales will put the World Congress into a final perspective while briefing members on the year ahead.

Global Media Awards Dinner

Join INMA for the unveiling of the 2020 Global Media Awards at a dinner in the famous Opera Room of Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. Whether a finalist or just interested in witnessing the best the news industry has to offer, connect with peers from around the world over a cocktail reception, dinner, and an after-party. Business attire is requested for the evening, black-tie optional. Click here for complete information on the dinner and awards.

Host, Digicel Rising Stars, Jamaica

Terri-Karelle Reid