How publishers deep into their digital subscription journey spark new ways of attracting users, registering and logging in users, and converting users into subscribers

Attracting new users

Registering and logging in users

Converting users into subscribers

What’s next in subscriber acquisition?

You are at least three years into your digital subscription journey, and you’ve begun to hit plateaus. Or you aren’t getting the results you think you need.

In this Master Class, we will review what successful publisher subscription operators are doing, how they re-think acquisition efforts when they hit a wall, and how to make smart, actionable decisions. Learn how to better integrate the newsroom into efforts to gain subscribers.

The Master Class will be a de facto audit of subscription acquisition efforts and how to re-kindle growth.

Learn what next-generation efforts are under way to attract users to mature subscription news sites, how to register and log in users, and how to convert users into subscribers.


Acquisition strategies once the easy wins are behind you
What do mature subscription media companies do to grow their Web site with a paywall?

The chase for growth
Examples of national brands into local markets, local brands into global audiences, expansions to students.

Best practices in subscriber acquisition
Practical examples to grow direct visits, manage social media, optimise search, paid marketing.

What premium content attracts new users
What about new formats for premium content such as data, visual journalism, video, audio?

Emerging best practices in registration walls
Is a registration wall right for you? Or are there options short of this?

What value should you give users to register and log in?
What is the value-added to secure a registration short of subscription, and why should they log in?

Using special events to trigger new interest in your brand
What’s your strategy for big sporting events, natural disasters, elections? Free and open ... or something else?

Should you shift your paywall model to something else?
What’s new: exotic hybrid models, dynamic paywalls, timewalls, and more

Price points and bundles
What is included in today’s premium packages? Go for more options or fewer options?


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Tuesday, October 6

Module 1: Attracting users to news sites

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Tuesday, October 13

Module 2: How to register and log in users

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Tuesday, October 20

Module 3: How to convert users into subscribers

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What is included in registration?

Your registration includes the live presentation, the video recordings of the presentations, and the speaker’s presentation if they are willing to share.

What is the format?

Each module will be approximately 2.5 hours in duration. Each module will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. New York time (2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. GMT). Conducted in the Zoom ecosystem, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of all presenters.

What is the cost?

  • Members: US$395 for all three modules, inclusive of video recordings and presentations
  • Non-members: US$1,190, which is member pricing plus US$795, which includes one year of INMA membership

Who should attend?

Executives at news companies at the beginning of their subscription journey

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