Accelerate your knowledge of data strategy at news media companies and the practical applications of data to facilitate audience, content, and advertising

Data strategies and playbooks

Audience and content applications

Advertising applications

Tie data back to your business objectives

News media companies have recently built up their data strategies with limited objectives. That is quickly changing.

Changes in privacy and security, the third-party cookie's impact on the advertising ecosystem, and cost-driven needs for new efficiencies are forcing a re-think to tie data more closely to broader business objectives.

Across 3 live sessions and 7+ hours of programming, learn from INMA how data strategies are emerging from market changes. Get a peek at the real story behind personalisation and how first-party data becomes the new oil for digital advertising.

There is even a COVID angle to data: With smaller companies as a result of the lockdowns and downturn, how to accelerate automation for marketing, sales, and other functions?



What do you want data to achieve for your company?

Where does data sit organisationally?

The path to use data for more automation

Where emergence of privacy and security sits with your data strategy


What steps need to be taken to get to true personalisation?

Authenticated audiences: best practices to register and log in

How to use data to design your products

What zero-party data can creatively be captured and how it is used

Differentiating between subscriber and non-subscriber interactions and experiences


How third-party cookie disappearance is impacting what data gets shared with advertisers

First-party data applications (i.e., content consumption) to advertising sales

The emergence of creative audience segments

What contextual advertising starts to look like in the advertising mix

How to build data that is more precise and automated for higher performance with advertisers


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Thursday, September 10

Module 1: Data Strategies and Playbooks

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Thursday, September 17

Module 2: Audience and Content Applications for Data

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Thursday, September 24

Module 3: Advertising Applications For Data After the Third-Party Cookie

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What is included in registration?

Your registration includes the live presentation, the video recordings of the presentations, and the speaker’s presentation if they are willing to share.

What is the format?

Each module will be approximately 2.5 hours in duration. Each module will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. New York time (2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. GMT). Conducted in the Zoom ecosystem, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of all presenters.

What is the cost?

  • Members: US$395 for all three modules, inclusive of video recordings and presentations
  • Non-members: US$1,190, which is member pricing plus US$795, which includes one year of INMA membership

Who should attend?

Senior managers, data managers, advertising managers, audience development managers

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