Let INMA take you on a deep dive Media & Tech journey in Ireland's capital.

Seminar Monday

Leading up to the European News Media Conference. Meet with industry peers during one of two pre-conference seminars: Consumer Revenue Symposium hosted by Mather Economics or the Reinventing Advertising Summit.
In the first will seminar, we will look at latest learnings and insights into consumer revenue. In the second, advertising executives will look at how to reinvent advertising in the age of pandemics.

Media Conference

INMA's European News Media Conference is where media executives from across the continent gather for a passionate and creative look at the changing revenue and brand dynamics impacting the relationship between content and audiences. With a special emphasis this year on how tech (innovation) and media can work together.

Study Tour

Ever been to Silicon Docks ? An INMA study tour in the Irish capital, with its large silicon docks area, will focus on technological innovations and how these can help shape and reinvent media companies for the Digital Age. We'll be visiting leading tech firms, Ireland's leading publishers and startups alike.

Key Themes

Revenue diversification: what's beyond consumer- and advertising revenue?

Brainsnacks: tried-and-test case studies

Engaging customers & community building

Future of Advertising in the age of pandemics.

How to utilise subscription data for our ad business?

Latest tech innovations: post-cookie world

What to Expect

INMA will guide you through emerging best practices and strategies from the leading European companies, with a special emphasis on Ireland and its tech community: one study tour, a Monday of Seminars and one European news media Conference: all in one week.

Visit leading publishers The Irish Times and Independent News & Media and leading tech firms in Europe.

Why Dublin?

Let’s just throw it out there right away: Dublin has fast become the favorite place for London-based companies wanting to escape from the B-word. But even before Brexit became an everyday household word, Dublin has attracted leading tech companies from around the world, not in the least those from Silicon Valley.

Almost all major tech companies have their European Headquarters here in Dublin: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zalando, Accenture, Airbnb, Indeed, Squarespace, Pinterest, Amazon, Dropbox, LinkedIN, SurveyMonkey, Stripe, …Most of them located in an area now known as Silicon Docks.

And last but not least, the city is home to The Irish Times as well as Independent News & Media. Two companies that have made huge strides into digital transformation and digital subscriptions in a market that had almost no “subscription culture” in the old print era. Worth a visit, no doubt.


Consumer Revenue Symposium

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin

Welcome Reception

Walking Dinner at Medley, Fleetstreet, Dublin

European News Media Conference

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin

Conference Dinner Tuesday night

Trinity College, Dublin

Silicon Docks Study Tour

Dublin, Ireland


Who Attends

Media executives occupied with changing the business model of their media companies. Focusing on growing brand, revenue and audience.

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