What to expect on the Study Tour

The INMA World Congress Study Tour aims to provide a deep dive into 7-10 New York-based media companies and thought leaders. Nothing beats making personal visits and having frank discussions that can’t be had from a conference stage. INMA study tours are the best in the news business, surrounded by peers and led by Alan Mutter.

Preliminary Agenda

The New York Study Tour will consist of two fast-paced days of visits to leading media and technology companes who are shaping the future of both print and digital publishing.

Previous Study Tours were so popular that they sold out quickly. Because space will be strictly limited, we are publishing this peek at the 2019 itinerary to remind you to register early to ensure a seat on the bus that will carry us on our media-innovation tour. The agenda will be updated in the coming weeks as additional visits are confirmed.

Monday, May 13

The first day of the Study Tour will consist of insider updates from the biggest legacy-media brands. Scheduled presenters include:

New York Times

The Times has transitioned from a print-based advertising model to an audience-funded digital business. Digital now delivers 62% of the company’s revenues. Even though the company has recruited some 3 million digital subscribers, it continues to innovate in print. Top executives will tell us how they did what they did — and what they plan to do next.

wall Street Journal

The Journal always has led the way among global publishers in charging for access to its valuable content. Consequently, it has developed some of the most sophisticated and effective subscription-sales protocols in the industry. We will visit with the architects of the subscription program, which achieved nearly 20% year-over-year growth in 2018.


No legacy broadcaster has embraced Over The Top TV as avidly as CBS, the first mover in broadband-delivered programming among the major US brands. The company has attracted more than 2.5 million subscribers to a service launched in 2015 to provide Netflix-style access to all of its programming. Now, it is launching separate 24/7 OTT local news channels in each of the major metro markets where it owns TV stations.

USA Today

The USA Today Network reaches more than 123 million consumers per month in the United States through 565 daily and weekly print products and their associated digital media. The company has captured a wealth of consumer data that informs everything from its content strategy to its subscription programs. Executives at the newly opened state-of-the art New York advertising office will discuss best practices for ad sales for both legacy and digital media.

Tuesday, May 14

The second day of the study tour will feature insights from native digital publishers and technology pioneers. Confirmed participants include:

Digiday Media

Digiday is a bootstrapped online trade publication that has provided perceptive and influential reporting on the digital publishing industry since its founding in 2008. In our visit, we will learn about the company's subscription and event-driven business model. We also will get a briefing from their editors on the key industry trends they have identified.

Spoken Layer

A start-up founded in 2012, Spoken Layer is the smart-speaker technology provider for a who’s who of media companies ranging from Conde Nast to Politico to Yahoo. With smart speaker adoption occurring faster than for any other technology in history (including smartphones), founder Will Mayo will discuss the rapid development of - and future prospects for - this dynamic new media format.


Optimera.nyc is an innovative advertising-optimization solution that was incubated at the New York Daily News. The business, which serves the entire Tribune publishing network and is rapidly adding customers at other media companies, builds ad volume and CPMs by solving a basic but vexing problem for publishers: Ensuring that ads are actually seen by consumers when they are served. The founder will share the inspiring story of how he launched his company with the support of a very traditional newspaper company.


Quartz was founded in 2012 by Atlantic Media as a native digital brand to serve next-generation business leaders around the world. With a staff of 230 deployed around the global, it publishes editions in Africa, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company was purchased for $100 million in 2018 by Uzabase, a business-information company founded in Japan.

Study Tour Leader

Alan Mutter

Alan Mutter Photo

INMA’s popular World Congress study tours are organised and executed by Alan Mutter, an internationally known blogger and faculty member of the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. A newspaper editor turned Silicon Valley start-up CEO, Alan knows the trends and nuances behind the trends impacting traditional media in the emerging Digital Age.