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It’s not enough to have the right technology and the right real-time data and the right staff to analyse and compartmentalise information. To make data work for media companies requires a new creativity. In this deep dive Smart Data Summit, learn practical cases of how media companies are making actionable real-time data to change business outcomes: subscription sales and retention, advertising sales, audience engagement, and more.


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May 15

The Role of Data Within Torstar’s Transformation

Transitioning a legacy media company to a data-fueled enterprise is challenging for publishers worldwide. In Canada, Torstar has rapidly implemented data centralisation, added data scientists and engineers, built out the data infrastructure to editorial and marketing teams, and is now using first-party data for advertising sales – all with journalism and data at the core of its strategy. All the while, Torstar is committed to democratising access to data as it moves toward its vision of personalisation on the content and advertising sides. In this presentation, learn more about this positive 2-year-old journey and potential lessons for publishers looking to perfect their own data transformation.

Chief Data Officer, Torstar

John Souleles

How Singapore Press Holdings Uses AI to Increase Reader Engagement

Did you know that angry headlines are most likely to lead to article clicks? Singapore Press Holdings has been experimenting with AI tools to recommend content and optimise headlines in order to increase engagement with articles and stickiness on its Web site. Working with both start-ups and government-funded research agencies, learn more about SPH’s successes and the challenges and path ahead.

Head, Media Strategy and Analytics, Singapore Press Holdings

Fiona Chan