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It’s not enough to have the right technology and the right real-time data and the right staff to analyse and compartmentalise information. To make data work for media companies requires a new creativity. In this deep dive Smart Data Summit, learn practical cases of how media companies are making actionable real-time data to change business outcomes: subscription sales and retention, advertising sales, audience engagement, and more.



June 03

2:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Introduction: Where Data Sits Today

If INMA has learned anything about the role of real-time data analytics (Big Data) in today’s media company, it is that it helps solve problems. In today’s summit, we will take a case study approach to understanding how to apply data to make better content and business decisions, become more efficient.

Disruptionist, The Burger Collective

Robert Whitehead

Know Your Audience: How Big Data Helps the Washington Post Succeed

Product development is central to the mission of the new Washington Post. In this keynote presentation to the Smart Data Summit, learn more about the Post’s tech stack, including audience-targeted technologies, reader segmentation, content and advertising personalisation, virality bots and tools, headline suggestions, storytelling agents, content scoring, real-time analysis, and more.

Chief Product and Information Officer, The Washington Post

Shailesh Prakash

How Data Is Driving Tronc's Digital Subscriptions Business

The digital team behind the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun and other award-winning news brands, have crafted unique and innovative subscription marketing strategies with a highly data-driven approach. Learn more about their acquisition and retention tactics through real use cases featuring the analytics, technology and methods employed.

Vice President Digital Subscriptions, tronc Inc.

Gerard Brancato

Mittmedia’s Unorthodox Approach to Data

As a group publisher of community news brands in Sweden, MittMedia has made a disproportionate investment in data analytics to grow revenue and make smarter use of resources. In one instance, they took it to the next level with their Homeowner’s Bot. With MittMedia readers interested in what houses sold for, the company began writing articles about every proper sold. To help with this, they created the Homeowner Bot which has written 10,000 articles in four months. It is the most read type of article by paid subscribers, and it has converted hundreds more into digital subscribers.

Chief Digital Officer, MittMedia

Robin Govik

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