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Celebrate international case studies in growing audience, engagement, revenue, and brand in this rapid-fire, high-energy, and fun seminar that INMA calls “Brainsnacks.” These are 7-minute, to-the-point presentations with no more than 15 slides. The popular annual seminar represents a potpourri of ideas from INMA members worldwide.



June 03

9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Membership: Escaping the Zero-Price Point Trap

Austrian publisher launches a project where users can engage, collect, and invest in virtual currency. The project aims to establish a gamification platform fully integrated in a regional news service.

Managing Director, Russmedia Digital

Georg Burtscher

Jagran Prakashan: Brand Building Through Community Connect

Indian Hindi-language publisher Jagran Prakashan strongly leverages the power of editorial content to bring about social change through community participation: water conservation, environment, community health and hygiene, empowerment of women, poverty alleviation, and more. Learn how this impacts brand and readership.

Senior Vice President Brand and Strategy, Jagran Prakashan Ltd.

Basant Rathore

Daily Telegraph’s Shift from Meter to Freemium

The shift from a metered paywall to a tiered freemium model that put 20% of its content behind a hard paywall has paid off handsomely for the Daily Telegraph the past 18 months. Part of the success of Telegraph Premium has been full ownership by the newsroom with clear feedback loops, as well as an enhanced marketing team focused on subscriptions. In this stop, go behind the scenes of this to hear the full story: what to lock, what subscription offers are resonating, and what tactics are working for this quality publisher.

Marketing Director Subscriptions, Telegraph Media Group

Peter Hickman

How Blockchain Can Aid News Publishers bills itself as “an open, universal, and immutable ledger for managing the ownership and licensing of the world’s creative works.” In this session by the former vice president of innovation for the Washington Post, learn how blockchain can aid publishers as an open-sourced de-centralised ledger with strong security measurements to help with attribution and valuation of content.


Jarrod Dicker

Reinventing Relevance for a Media Brand

The Telegraph is Calcutta-based ABP’s English-language news brand. In this session, learn more about a campaign focused on reinventing its relevance to consumers – a hot topic for all legacy news organisations.

Vice President, The Telegraph (ABP Pvt. Ltd)

Dhruba Mukherjee

How a 130-Year-Old Newspaper Became a Succesful YouTuber

El Espectador in Colombia dared to challenge its earnest tone and developed creative opinion video formats that have attracted new, young audiences.

Director, El Espectador

Fidel Cano Correa

Taking a Legacy Newspaper Into the Digital Future

Every traditional publication has to face the reality that news consumption behavior is already digital or moving aggressively in that direction. The South China Morning Post, a 114-year-old newspaper, is in the midst of two transformations: from print to adding digital products and from being Hong Kong’s newspaper of record to a global media company.

Head of Global Marketing, South China Morning Post

Mi Li

Using Data to Power the Wall Street Journal Subscription Machine

As the Wall Street Journal optimises its subscription models, the bigger play is focused on membership. Get a quick update on where membership fits amid discussions of paywalls, engagement, and more.

General Manager, Membership, Subscription Sales, and Marketing, Wall Street Journal

Karl Wells

OEM’s Transformation From Traditional to Digital

OEM (Organización Editorial Mexicana) is the largest newspaper publisher in Mexico with more than 60 newspapers, including El Sol de Mexico. In this presentation, learn about the company’s transformation from a traditional newspaper business to a modern, digitally-oriented news organisation.

Executive Vice President, OEM (Organización Editorial Mexicana)

Francisco Torres Vázquez

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