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Study Tour | Local Media Day | European Conference Friday

Sunday, September 24

Study Tour Guide Earl Wilkinson

Guided by Earl J. Wilkinson

The INMA Scandinavian Media Study Tour will be lead by INMA's Executive Director Earl J. Wilkinson. Few people have a better overview of the Nordic media scene than Earl – leader, moderator, and dare we say it: media guru. Earl Wilkinson has travelled the globe and visited more news media companies than anyone in our industry. Sign up for the INMA Scandinavian Media Study Tour and peek inside the doors that will be exclusively opened for INMA members and benefit from Earls insights and wisdom in the intimate atmosphere of a study tour.


Dinner for Study Tour participants

Welcome dinner for Study Tour participants with a keynote presentation by Earl Wilkinson, Study Tour Guide, giving an overview of the upcoming 2 days.
Location: Rooftop Bar – "SKY Lounge" – of the Radisson Blu Viking Hotel

Monday, September 25


Breakfast meeting for Study Tour participants

Quick overview of schedule for the day ahead during breakfast. Participants should pack their bags before breakfast.


Study Tour participants check-out of hotel

Use the quick 'check-out' box at reception. Just drop your keycard in the box.


Study Tour participants drop bags in bus, then walk to visit 1.

Participants should drop their bags in the Study Tour bus. Then group walks to Aftonbladet & Svenska Dagbladet (Schibsted Sverige).

08:45-10:45 Aftonbladet SvD

Visit to Aftonbladet & Svenska Dagbladet

An in-depth tour of the newsrooms of these 2 Schibsted-owned newspapers in Sweden. With deep dive presentations into the transformation of Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet. Hear the insight story from Schibsted Sweden, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet in particular from:

  • Raoul Grünthal, President and CEO, Schibsted Sweden
  • Magnus Ringman, Head of Staff, Aftonbladet
  • Sofia Olsson Olsen, CEO, Aftonbladet
  • Fredric Karén, Editor-in-chief, Svenska Dagbladet
  • Gunilla Asker, CEO, Svenska Dagbladet


Bus departs from Schibsted Sverige to next visit



Participants arrive at Bonnier News and have start with sandwich lunch

12:00-14:30 Expressen SvD

Visit to Expressen & Dagens Nyheter

Hear the fascinating story of Bonnier News from

  • Anders Eriksson, CEO, Bonnier News
  • Alexander Lydecker, Director of Sales, Bonnier News
  • Peter Wolodarski, Editor-in-Chief, Dagens Nyheter
  • Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief, Expressen
  • As well as deep dive presentations about Expressen's online TV and video developments and Dagens Nyheter success with digital subscriptions.


Bus departs for next visit


Visit to Sweden's hottest media startup

Digital news site KIT was founded early 2015 and has already made a splash on the Swedish media scene. The approach of linking to its material on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter rather than relying on a strong and updated home page has made the site a hit on these platforms.
Founded by Peder Bonnier, the site's home page doesn't feature any KIT stories. Instead, it links to its Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as a newsletter sign-up. Through their data platform, KIT Story Engine, the media company gets unique data insights which constantly helps them to tell the right stories in the the right way. These data insights also enables them to help advertisers to tell their stories in the most effective way. KIT was founded in May 2015 and has rapidly become one of the most innovative and renowned publishers in Sweden.


Participants hop on bus and depart for Arlanda Airport

17:50 – 19:50

Participants arrive at Arlanda Airport.

After check-in and security, a quick bite at the airport before the flight departs at 19:50.


Dinner in Oslo

Tuesday, September 26


Breakfast meeting for Study Tour participants

Introduction of the day ahead and the companies to visit during breakfast at the Scandic St Olavs Plass Hotel.

07:45 – 08:00

Participants walk from Scandic Hotel to Amedia

One of the beauties of Oslo is that it is a very "walkable" city. All visits on the Study Tour in Oslo are no more than 10 minutes, on foot, apart. Some even across the road from each other. The first stop, Amedia, is a 6 minute or 500m walk from the Scandic St Olavs Plass Hotel.

08:00-10:00 Amedia

Visit to Amedia

Amedia AS is the largest local media group in Norway, comprising 62 local newspapers, with a daily readership of more than 60 percent in their respective core markets.
Amedia is currently experiencing the strongest customer growth of all Norwegian newspapers, particularly related to digital paid-for content in the local market.

10:00 – 10:05

Participants walk from Amedia to VG & Aftenposten

10:05-12:45 VG

Visit to VG & Aftenposten

Verdens Gang, aka VG, is a Norwegian tabloid newspaper, whose website garners 2.4 million viewers per day. VG+ is their subscription-based offering, which has been dubbed Norway’s second largest “paper”. VG+’s success has been attributed to its discipline of data insights. They measure the best positioning of the paid material on the homepage and other usership trends to grow the subscription base.
Aftenposten is Norway's largest printed newspaper by circulation. It had a circulation of 211,769 in 2015. Aftenposten was founded by Christian Schibsted on 14 May 1860. Indeed, this is where the story of the Schibsted Media Group began.
Speaking during the visit:

  • Tor Jacobsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Schibsted Norge
  • Espen Egil Hansen, Chief-Editor, Aftenposten
  • Eirik Winsnes, Development Editor, Aftenposten
  • Guri Leyell Skedsmo, Editor, Aftenposten Junior
  • Arild Kveldstad, Chief of Staff, Aftenposten
  • Gard Steiro, News Editor, VG
  • Øyvind Naess, Chief of Staff, VG
  • Helje Solberg, CEO/Editor VGTV, VG
  • Ola Stenberg, Executive Digital Editor, VG



Lunch on top floor of the Aftenposten building


Walk to next visit

Participants walk to the Schibsted Data Team at Grensen 5

14:07-15:50 Schibsted

Visit to Schibsted Data Team

Schibsted is one of the most innovative media companies in the world, with 6,900 employees in 30 countries, reaching more than 200 million people per day. The Schibsted data team is scattered throughout Europe but at the Schibsted HQ in Oslo is a significant number of people working on data engineering, natural language processing (with media applications), image recognition and analytics. Adam Kinney, formerly at Google and Twitter, heads the Data and Analytics Team at Schibsted and will give the INMA Study Tour a deep dive into the organisation and strategy of the his team. Learn what metrics to build a large, loyal, audience rather than pageviews and likes.
Adam Kinney, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Schibsted Media Group


Walk to next visit

Participants walk to Strossle at Storgata 21-23

16:10-17:00 Strossle

Data analytics in practise

Start-up company Strossle helps publishers and brands to increase page views, attract new visitors and generate more revenue. At the core is a proprietary platform using algorithms and massive data collection to ensure that the right visitors are exposed to the right content and the right ads in the right context (aka Content Discovery). In this presentation, learn the basics of good 'data analytics'.


Walk to next visit

Participants walk to NHST at Christian Krohgs gate 16

17:00-17:30 DagensNæringsliv NHST

Visit to NHST

NHST publishes both global and Norwegian titles with the leading national daily business paper Dagens Næringsliv (the "Norwegian Financial Times" so to speak) as their flagship. Although advertising sales have continued to decline, NHST have been able to effectively offset this with strong growth in digital and print subscriptions, new digital products and by cost reductions made possible by a more efficient channel neutral workflow. Hear the transformation story of NHST Media Group by

  • Petter Irgens-Gustafson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), NHST Media Group
  • Trond Sundnes, Development Editor/Head of Product Development, Dagens Næringsliv

Petter and Trond will share insights into their digitalisation and use of modern technology in the group and the different product development initiatives, as well as their digital strategy with DN++.


Post-Study Conclusions


Participants walk to Brugata Bar

A 240m walk for well-deserved Post-Study Tour Drinks.

17:40-18:40 Offered by  

Post-Study Tour Cocktails & Fingerfood

Post-Study Tour drinks at Brugata Bar for study tour participants and Study Tour Visit Hosts.


Bus takes participants to Scandic Hotel

Wednesday, September 27

09:30-15:00 Location: Sollisten meeting room, 3rd floor.

Sponsored by

Supported by

Local Media Ideas Day

While the global news brands grab the headlines, local media rules are being re-written as digital consumes readers and advertisers. In this one-day seminar, burrow into case studies of European local media companies succeeding in business model reinvention. With a focus on 'digital subscriptions' for local media. Two keynote speakers, lots of Brainsnack presentations and unconference ideation in between.

Herman Verwimp Herman Verwimp
Local Media Ideas Day Moderator, BelgiumLinkedIn


Welcome coffee

Get ready with some coffee for a quick-paced day with lots and lots of case studies presentations


Keynote: How a Heritage Local Newspaper Brand Can Be Successful in the Digital Age
Budstikka is a daily local newspaper published out of Billingstad in Asker, Norway. It covers the municipalities of Asker and Bærum, neighbouring to Oslo. The newspaper was founded in 1898. It launched its internet edition in 2000, changed to tabloid format in 2002, and changed the name to Budstikka in 2004. It has a circulation of 18,496 as of 2016 with a 99 % subscriber base and is published by Asker og Bærums Budstikke ASA.

Terje Tandberg Terje Tandberg
CEO, Budstikka Media, Norway LinkedIn@budstikka

7-minute Brainsnack presentations:

Face Forward - creative innovative content marketing solutions
Face Forward is a project in which CN Media portrait family businesses. Over the past 12 months, this new family business section, online and in the in-Cumbria magazine, painted a picture of what drives family businesses to succeed across the generations. The project has helped position CN Group at the heart of its business community, increasing advertising spend, increasing engagement with the brand and brand extensions, and positively changing perceptions of the company's skills and its multi-media, solutions-based approach.

Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee
Group Development Director, CN Media group LinkedIn

Engaging readers with local newspaper-café
Gazet van Antwerpen, the local paper in Antwerp, celebrated its 125 year history in 2016. Traditionally newspapers would take a deep-dive into the archives, reprinting old pages; but Gazet van Antwerpen celebrated the past by looking at the future: setting up a café in city centre and organising debates, TED talks, concerts. Engaging 8000 readers in real life in just 1 month.

Kris Vanmarsenille Kris Vanmarsenille
Chief-Editor, Gazet van Antwerpen LinkedIn

Newspaper meets mobile – the ultimate browser
The “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” is Austria's most digital newspaper. In 2016 Russmedia worked hard on setting the golden standard for a new generation e-paper. The traditional newspaper layout of VN has been converted into a responsive website for the digital world. The VN website makes full use of digital functionalities and features, offering readers of the smartphone version the same content as readers of the printed version. It's the "old" e-paper concept in a whole new jacket!

Georg Burtscher Georg Burtscher
CEO Marketing & Sales, Russmedia Digital, AustriaLinkedIn

Culture Change: How a simple exercise has a huge impact
How a simple exercise in setting up a new local, digital magazine thought us much more about ourselves, our company culture, our readers and the products they really want. Yes, we did create the local magazine in the end, but the exercise changed much more the way we go about our daily business than we could have imagined; for the better.

Kris Vanmarsenille Horst Seidenfaden
Chief-Editor, HNA, Verlag DierichsLinkedIn

Startup What if paywalls were getting smarter?
A data-driven paywall that empowers publishers to simply personalize readers journey and increase average revenue per user.

MAxime Mone Maxime Mone
Co-founder,, France LinkedIn

Startup Collabrik: A disruptive take on story-centric news planning
For improved news planning efficiencies, Collabrik has a disruptive take on multi-plattform news planning and cross platform analytics.

Peter Heneback Peter Henebäck
Co-founder & CEO, Collabrik, Sweden LinkedIn



Lunch served in Scandic Restaurant


Keynote: Amedia’s 62 Local Newspapers Thriving with Paid-For Content
Amedia is the largest local media group in Norway, comprising 62 local newspapers, with a daily readership of more than 60 percent in their respective core markets. Amedia is currently experiencing the strongest customer growth of all Norwegian newspapers, particularly related to digital paid-for content in the local market.

Pål Nedregotten Pål Nedregotten
EVP Innovation, Amedia, Norway LinkedIn@nedregotten

7-minute Brainsnack presentations:

Repositioning the local media house as a one-stop shop for local SME marketing needs
SME's, with limited resources, express the need for partners who can help them reach targeted local audiences. Local news organisations not only have established sales channels and long-term relationships with local SMEs, but also in-depth know-how of local market, client needs and preferences. Thus, uniquely positioned to become the single trusted and top-of-mind local partner that can serve SMEs as the guide to a complex and fragmented digital media environment.

Jonas Brandinger Jonas Brandinger
Head of Digital Sales, Östgöta Media, Sweden LinkedIn

Leveraging Facebook Posting activity of local SMBs
OVB24 takes the latest posting from local SMBs FB pages, puts that into a a self-developed widget and puts the Widget into the corresponding local section of where the SMB is located.

Florian Schiller Florian Schiller
Managing Director, OVB24, Germany LinkedIn

New print-product grows local advertising revenue
Maa Elu (Rural Life), a new insert published with Postimees (Estonian biggest daily national newspaper) and five regional newspapers. A rather unexpected move in an already fiercely competitive market. The goal, mainly, was to put up competition on the advertising market against Eesti Media’s 5 rival publishers. The non-financial objective of Maa Elu is to offer value added to the subscribers of the principal newspapers by bringing to them an overview of matters related to rural life on 12 pages once per week. Maa Elu has helped raise the market share of the print circulation of Eesti Meedia.

Raido Soom Raido Soom
Sales Director, Eesti Media, Estonia LinkedIn@raidosoom

Startup Fluid Ads: dynamic banner ads made simple
Publishers across the globe continuously come up with innovative and successful ways to boost their local digital sales. Over seven minutes Tomas will share some of the best techniques with proven results Fluid Ads have seen working with their clients.

tomas falk Thomas Falk
Regional Director Europe, Denmark LinkedIn

Startup A new type of real estate site
Startup takes a whole new and innovative approach to real estate classified advertising. is a new real estate site which has created a digital home profile for almost all privately owned homes in Sweden. They have gathered various data points on each home, including a price estimate. Homeowners can go in, claim their home profile and follow their home valuation and stats on their own homeowner dashboard.
61% of all homeowners can consider selling for the right price this is why we also allow our users to put a bid on any home, even when it is not officially for sale. Homeowners can also put their own price tag on their home. This is a price that they could consider moving for if they received an offer.

Michelle_r Michelle Rea
Co-founder,, Sweden LinkedIn@boende_se

Startup Swanest: The Swanest Investment Assistant
Creating value for your investment community and revenues for your business media or business segment.
Swanest is a Belgian Fintech (=financial technology) startup, building a portfolio management application for aspiring and existing stock-market investors with a long-term focus. Business medias can easily integrate this plugin on their websites to create user-value for their investment communities and new revenues for their companies. Thereby, we introduce innovative advertising opportunities for asset managers, enable the gathering of unique data and can strengthen the value of your subscription.

Silvan Schumacher Silvan Schumacher
Co-founder & CEO, Swanest, Belgium LinkedIn


A Vikings' Opening Reception, European News Media Conference

Be welcomed to the 'opening reception' of the European News Media Conference 2017 in true 'Viking style' with Norwegian delicatessen — yes that includes salmon as well as Aquavit :-) —
and beautiful views over the city of Oslo, from the top floor of Aftenposten's building.

Thursday, September 28

08:45–17:30 Location: Ederkoppen Auditorium, ground floor

Supported by

Sponsored by


European News Media Conference

Unlike other media conferences, we focus 100% on the business side of the news media industry: on growing revenue, audience and brand. Because only a profitable press is a true free press. We believe the future of news media is a positive one, and our programme tries to reflect that. We aim to send participants back home with a ton of new insights and tangible ideas they can use back at the office. That why we’ve scheduled lots of short, to-the-point ‘case study’-presentations (we call them Brainsnacks) alongside our keynote speakers. After all, the overall theme of this conference is: Best practices to grow audience, revenue and brand…

Many of the case studies presented here were finalists at the 2017 or 2016 Global Media Awards, we've marked them with the famous little red Global Media Awards icon Globale Media Awards finalist.



Welcome coffee

Get ready for an informative, inspiring and fun first day with some morning coffee or tea and meet fellow industry peers from across the globe!



Trude Margel Trude Margel
European Division President, INMA and Managing Director, Itera Gazette, Norway LinkedIn@t_margel

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Moderator of the Conference and Disruptionist, Australia LinkedIn


Opening Session: Shaping the Future of News Media

In this opening session of the 2017 European News Media Conference hear from 3 top executives at leading media companies on how they are shaping the future of their news media company.

178 years of innovation and entrepreneurship

Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with 6900 employees in 30 countries. Their strategy consists of three elements that work seamlessly together: Classifieds, Growth and Media houses. 1) Classified marketplaces: aim to be a global leader in online marketplaces and offer the best solutions and services for our users. 2) Growth: invest in great entrepreneurs and help scale their businesses locally and internationally by leveraging the Schibsted ecosystem. 3) Media houses: building world class digital Media houses that will shape the media landscape for years to come. More than 200 million people worldwide engage with Schibsted brands every brand, from Mexico to Malaysia, from Brazil to Norway.

Tina Stiegler Tina Stiegler
Executive Vice President Strategy, Change and People, Schibsted Media Group LinkedIn@Schibstedgroup

Fairfax' Transformation Strategy

Modern publishers need to drive value for shareholders beyond the traditional mechanisms of advertising and subscriptions. With large audiences and a depth of marketing inventory publishers can build new businesses out of their core. Chief Executive of Australia's Fairfax Media , Gregory Hywood explains how it is done.

Greg Hywood Greg Hywood
CEO Fairfax, Australia LinkedIn

Differentiation & ecosystem creation in a digital transformation process. Key successfactors and challenges.

The legacy magazine and weeklies company Aller Media struggled to succeed in the digital playing field until it acquired the newspaper Dagbladet in 2013, nearly doubling the size of its Norwegian media business and quadrupling the reach of its digital titles. In addition, the company has run a differentiation strategy moving across the value chain to acquire several companies in the agency sphere over the past decade (content marketing, advertising and campaign development, service design, CRM and SEO). Overall, these moves have repositioned the company to become a robust player in the Norwegian media landscape with a strong digital foothold.

Penelope Jones Stephan Granhaug
Executive Vice President Digital Development & Innovation, Aller Media, NorwayLinkedIn@stephangranhaug


Networking and Coffee Break

In the foyer just outside the Ederkoppen Auditorium


Best Practices in Digital Subscriptions and Paid-Content

There is a general agreement in the news industry that online journalism will not be viable with (digital) advertising alone. Thus, news media across Europe are shifting up a gear when it comes to digital subscriptions and paid-content. Yet there is no one-business-model-that-fits-them-all: Freemium, metered model, hybrid subscriptions, pay-per-article. The options are endless yet the right solution differs for every single brand. But some lessons are certain: revenue diversification is a must, new KPI’s in our industry are needed and best of all: innovation is abundant at European news media. Some examples in this session:

The Relationship Economy: How Empathy and Data Can Grow Your News Business
Xavier van Leeuwe reveals how NRC Media put data to work to optimise acquisition and retention offers, and explains how data insights can be enriched by listening to real subscribers to release the power of empathy. Best practices and concrete results will be shared, showing how NRC Media has grown in readership and revenue.
Xavier is co-author of the book How to Succeed in The Relationship Economy: make data work for you, empathise with customers,... together with Matt Lindsay, President of Matter Economics.

Xavier van Leeuwe Xavier van Leeuwe
Director Marketing and Data, NRC, The Netherlands LinkedIn@xvanl

7-minute Brainsnack presentations:
Globale Media Awards finalist = This case was a finalist at the INMA Global Media Awards!

Telegraph Premium
Telegraph Premium was launched on the 3rd of November 2016. Since then The Telegraph received registrations 125k to date, tracking at 1.5k per day and digital subscriptions increased by 20% and annualised retention has improved by +25%.

Peter Hickman Peter Hickman
Marketing Director Subscriptions, Telegraph Media Group, UK LinkedIn@telegraph

Startup What if paywalls were getting smarter?
A data-driven paywall that empowers publishers to simply personalize readers journey and increase average revenue per user.

Maxime Moné Maxime Moné
Co-Founder,, France LinkedIn

Globale Media Awards finalist 8 Subscription-based Niche Websites reach leadership positions
‘Watch Medier' started as just one subscription-based b2b niche site: MediaWatch. It has since grown to 8: covering finance, medical, food, energy, shipping, real estate and IT. All sites, owned by JP/Politiken, have reached a leadership position in their respective sectors and are growing rapidly and it is driven by subscription sales. As is the case with the general B2B site that is focusing on data driven personalization.

Jens Nicolaisen Jens Nicolaisen
Head of Digital, Jyllands-Posten and Chairman of the Board, WatchMedier, DenmarkLinkedIn

Globale Media Awards finalist Stop selling - start telling: 15min's paywall initiative against ad-blockers & pledge to pay up
Unlike many anti-ad-blocking campaigns, which feature a pop-up simply asking to “whitelist” the site or subscribe to get [paid] content, 15min uses its journalists to appeal to readers directly. The goal is to humanize the struggle to pay for journalism by putting the staff front-and-center.

Marius Stanevičius Marius Stanevičius
Sales Director, 15MIN., Lithuania LinkedIn


Best Practices in Personalisation and Engagement

Personalisation might possibly the biggest buzzword in the industry this year. Many talk about it, many attempt to create the holy grail, some have already achieved success. Those successes are presented in this session; each in a 10-minute presentation.
Globale Media Awards finalist = This case was a finalist at the INMA Global Media Awards!

Axel Springer’s Upday
Upday is a unique combination of professional journalism and artificial intelligence. It is a personalised mobile news app that delivers all the news you „need to know“, curated by journalists in eight editorial hubs across Europe, and every story you "want to know", based on your interests and chosen by algorithms. upday also is a publishers’ platform that aggregates content from more than 3.500 media sources. Launched only 18 months ago, it now reaches 15 million users in 16 European countries who swipe more than 3 billion pages a month.

Jan-Eric Peters Jan-Eric Peters
Deputy CEO/Chief Product Officer and Editor in chief, Axel Springer, Germany @jep_

Globale Media Awards finalist De Persgroep's Topics: an innovative digital news concept for subscribers of Newsbrands
Topics allows the subscribers to any of the 13 news brands from De Persgroep, to search and follow favourite topics out of their newspaper + 12 others. Launched in June 2016 to subscribers in Belgium and the Netherlands, Topics was created to engage subscribers and give them more value for money, and in the long term to reduce churn.

Tamara de Buecker Tamara De Bruecker
Chief Marketing Officer, De Persgroep, Belgium LinkedIn

NZZ: Find Relevant News with Less Effort!
NZZ are working on an AI-based mobile application that can be used to contextualize & personalize their news delivery. The project, funded by the Google DNI, is called 'NZZ Companion App': it accompanies you throughout your day so you’ll get a different newscast at different times of the day and week. The combination of their editorial depth with the algorithm they’re building means they will be able to deliver their readers a stream of personalised content based on location, interest and situation. Yet still have a ‘serendipity effect’, delighting readers with content they might not search for themselves (aka bursting the filter bubble).

Rouven Leuener Rouven Leuener
Head of Product Development, NZZ, Switzerland LinkedIn

Globale Media Awards finalistFT: Increasing engagement by improving the personalised alerts experience
myFT is a subscriber-only service designed to save readers time in getting to the content that matters most, largely by improving the offsite alerts experience. James will share some lessons learned around which personalised features and technologies have made the most and least impact on engagement so far.

James Webb James Webb
Group Product Manager, Financial Times, London, United Kingdom LinkedIn@jameswebb



A Mingle Lunch in the foyer outside the Ederkoppen Auditorium. Bring your business cards and network with fellow media colleagues from across Europe.


Best Practices in Growing Advertising Revenue

Google and Facebook grab the lion’s share of online advertising. That’s a fact. Yet news media companies around the world are fighting back in more creative ways than ever before; in this session, you’ll hear just a few case studies from across Europe on how to grow advertising revenue, print+digital. And in this sessions’ keynote presentation: hear what values news media brands still have towards advertisers that Google nor Facebook just can‘t deliver.

From "fake news" to "make news"
When considering the competitive future, news media brands tend to look at the threats posed by Facebook, Google and others. However, they might also consider looking at the opportunities in the lessons given by the evolution mainstream brands are going through, by becoming more activist and relevant. Fabrice and Piet argue that media brands should be brands first, and ironically, become better media through it.
Piet Wulleman & Fabrice Dekerf are consumer psychologists with a solid reputation in branding and media. Together they founded Wombat, a consulting firm helping companies and organisations to sharpen their story and positioning in order to really make a difference through their people and their actions, and stay relevant in a changing environment.

Fabrice Dekerf Fabrice Dekerf
former executive at De Persgroep and WPG Uitgevers, Co-founder at Wombat, Belgium LinkedIn@wombatdotbz

Piet Wulleman Piet Wulleman
Co-founder Wombat and Strategic Director at Duval Guillaume, Belgium LinkedIn@wombatdotbz

7-minute Brainsnack Presentations and panel discussion:
Globale Media Awards finalist = This case was a finalist at the INMA Global Media Awards!

Globale Media Awards finalist JoomBoos: Gathering the best Croatian YouTubers in one place
JoomBoos’ main objective, as the greatest Croatian YouTube network, was to start up the national YouTube scene by gathering the best Croatian YouTubers in one place, but also to make engaging video content for teens and millennials that they would love and get hooked on. The main goal wasn’t only to become a new creative platform for exciting video content, but to become a new profit centre for 24sata. And boy, did it work.

BorisTrupcevic Boris Trupcevic,
CEO, Styria Media Croatia, Croatia

Globale Media Awards finalist Programmatic Print – revolutionizing the trading of print
Demand for print advertising has declined drastically over the past 10 years but the effect of printed ads has not the objective of programmatic print was to simplify and modernize the process of purchasing and booking a print campaign by integrating the process in the system where media buyers already book and purchase digital campaigns.

Jakob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen
Business Development Manager, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark LinkedIn

Globale Media Awards finalist Irish Times’ Native Advertising Strategy
The Irish Times Content Studio has won numerous awards for it's 'native advertising' campaigns. The latest one being a campaign for Audi named "The Irish Times and The Audi Q7 - The Best of Both Worlds"; winning First Place at the INMA 2017 Global Media Awards.

Eimear Moran Eimear Moran
Media Solutions Director, The Irish Times, Ireland LinkedIn@irishtimessales

Globale Media Awards finalistVN – Brand Initiative for SMBs
The “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” (VN) newspaper builds with its “Brand Initiative for SMBs” on its local focus and its relationship to local advertisers. In combination with the editorial product “VN-Lokal” they could grow regional print revenues YOY. Against all odds.

Georg Burtscher Georg Burtscher
CEO Marketing & Sales, Russmedia Digital, AustriaLinkedIn


Coffee and Networking Break

In the foyer just outside the Ederkoppen Auditorium.


Big Data Analytics in Practice

“It’s all about Big Data” and “data is the new oil”, media executives have been hearing and saying those words for at least the last 4 years. But ‘data analytics’ is easier said than done for heritage media companies. How do you go about digging through your vast amount of data? Making sense of it all? Learn what are publishers doing RIGHT NOW in data analytics in this session with presentations from 3 leading European publishers.

Aftenposten’s Subscription Purchase Prediction
Growing digital subscriptions is a strategic priority for Aftenposten and Schibsted’s publishers. Knowing if a user is ready to buy or not can help us in making a more relevant news experience and in running more efficient campaigns on our own sites and in other channels.
The main objectives of the purchase prediction project has been to understand how user behavior on the site relates to purchasing and to develop a prediction model to identify news readers likely to buy a subscription.
A key goal of the project has been to develop the prediction model in a site-agnostic way so as it can be scaled to all publishers in Schibsted easily.

Eivind Hjertholm Fiskerud Eivind Hjertholm Fiskerud
Head of Data and Analytics, Schibsted Norway Subscription Media, Norway LinkedIn@fiskerud

Styria Medias Approach To Data Driven Marketing Pushing Subscriber Marketing
The application of Smart Data and predictive analytics to audience data can provide an unprecedented level of intelligence into the quality of the relationship a publisher has with every one of its consumers – ultimately being core to strategic decision-making across the organization. Christian and Franz will share insights into Styria Media’s approach to data driven Marketing using Smart Data, predictive analytical tools show case how practical data-enabled strategies and applications can deliver significant gains in subscriber marketing.

Christian Lämmerer Christian Lämmerer
Managing Director Styria Marketing Services, Styria Media, Austria LinkedIn

Franz Weissenbloum Franz Weissenböck
Data Scientist Styria Marketing Services, Styria Media, Austria

Expressen: The Most Data Driven Company in the Nordics?
In January 2014 Expressen had low market shares digitally and no data strategy. The analytics team consisted of only four employees located far away from the editorial- and technology teams, working mainly with print analytics.
As part of a digital growth strategy, Expressen set a bold objective to become the most data driven media company in the Nordics and the fastest growing news site in Sweden.

Klas Granström Klas Granström
Managing Editor/Head of Digital, Expressen, Sweden LinkedIn@klasgranstrom

17:00 – 17:07

Day 1 Conclusions and Take-Aways by Conference Moderator

Watch our Conference Moderator summarise Day 1 in a famous 7-minute Brainsnack Presentation.

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Moderator


Guided walk to the City Hall for Conference Soiree

Join us on a leisurely walk from the Scandic Hotel to the City Hall where the Conference Soiree is held (just 7 minutes on foot).


Conference Soiree in the Oslo City Hall

Be welcomed to the Oslo Rådhus (City Hall), with all its history and beautiful Ceremonial Gallery, where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. Drinks and canapés served. The evening also includes a guided tour of the City Hall.
Conference participants have the evening free in Oslo afterwards.
Dress code: Smart evening wear.

Friday, September 29

08:30-09:30 Location: Ederkoppen Auditorium, ground floor

Morning coffee

Get ready with some morning coffee or tea for an inspiring and fun second day about A.I, about what makes the Norwegian media market so special (plus: preview of the latest numbers!) and an unusual unconference session.


A.I. for News Media

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will drive Media Disruption 2.0 and will be by far the biggest change to hit news media business yet. Progress on media applications of narrow A.I. is galloping ahead and the AI revolution will help solve many unresolved issues from media disruption 1.0. An overview of what’s about to hit us (and what has already hit us) in this “A.I. for News Media” session.

Ricky Sutton Ricky Sutton
Founder/CEO at Oovvuu, AustraliaLinkedIn@rickysutton

Sören Karlsson Sören Karlsson
CEO, United Robots, Sweden LinkedIn@sorenkarlsson


Interview: What Makes The Norwegian Media Market So Special?

Hear the latest official facts & figures of the Norwegian media landscape and what the future may hold in this interview with Randi Øgrey, CEO of MBL: The Norwegian Media Business’ Association.

Randi Øgrey Randi Øgrey
CEO, Norwegian Media Business’ Association LinkedIn@rsogrey

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Moderator LinkedIn



A Mingle Lunch in the foyer outside the Ederkoppen Auditorium. Bring your business cards and network with fellow media colleagues from across Europe.

12:30–13:15 Location: Sollisten room, 3rd floor

Tales from My Road Trip

Over the past 37 days, Earl has visited with hundreds of INMA members at 22 companies in 10 countries on 4 continents. Each visit was a little different — though often day-long sessions with multiple groups that included boards of directors, management teams, editorial departments, advertising departments, and digital teams. It is rare to have access to that much brainpower in a single concentrated blast — rarer still across such a vast geography.
These visits can best be described as an ideas exchange: Earl brings the breadth of best practices, strategies, and benchmarks from your peers around the world, and the visiting companies brief him on their top initiatives.
Be the first to hear what Earl has learned on his 37-day trip around the world, visiting media companies in Latin-America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Earl Wilkinson Earl Wilkinson

13:15–14:45 Location: Sollisten room, 3rd floor

Unconference: Crowdsourcing the Knowledge of The INMA Network

INMA will attempt to harvest the knowledge of INMA members in the conference room in this Open Space conference. Under the guidance of 5 world-class experts, conference participants discuss different issues of our industry.

This is a unique opportunity for any media executive to have almost 2 hours of personal face time, in small groups, with our 5 experts — we like to call them "media guru's" — each with their own field of expertise:

Robert Whitehead Marketing:
Robert Whitehead, former Fairfax Media executive and self-styled Disruptionist.LinkedIn

Xavier van Leeuwe Data:
Xavier van Leeuwe, Director Marketing and Data, NRC Media, the NetherlandsLinkedIn@xvl

Fabrice Dekerf Advertising:
Fabrice Dekerf, former executive at De Persgroep and WPG Uitgevers, Co-founder at Wombat, Belgium LinkedIn@wombatdotbz

Piet Wulleman
Piet Wulleman, Strategic Director at Duval Guillaume and Co-founder Wombat, Belgium LinkedIn@wombatdotbz

Greg Piechota Reader revenue:
Grzegorz – Greg – Piechota, Google Digital News Senior Visiting Research Fellow, University of Oxford, United KingdomLinkedIn@g_piechota


Summary of the Unconference Session

Participants share insights and ideas developed and learned during the Unconference Session. Get a fantastic summary through 4, rapid-fire 7-minute Brainsnack Presentations.


European News Media Conference concludes

Saturday, September 30


European Board meeting

Members of the INMA European Board hold their annual September Board meeting (Board members -only).
Location: Snorlostet Room, 4th floor


Conference Venue

Scandic St. Olavs Plass Hotel
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0165 Oslo, Norway
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Akersgata 55
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Conference Soiree

Oslo City Hall
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Media Viking Week Attendees

Connect with peers participating in Media Viking Week.

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  • Lauri Hussar
  • Kristel Kivipalu
  • Merili Nikkolo
  • Sven Nuutmann
  • Rannar Raba, Editor in Chief of Tartu Postimees, Postimees Grupp AS
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  • Sandy Naude, CEO Africa Community Media, Africa Community Media





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  • Kelly Alfieri, Vice President, International Audience, The New York Times
  • Damian Eales, Global Head of Transformation, News Corp
  • Katy King, Events and Marketing Manager, INMA
  • Linda Li, General Manager, Wirecutter/The New York Times
  • Matt Lindsay, President, Mather Economics LLC
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA)

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