About the E³ initiative

“INMA Connect: Educate, Engage, Experience,” or E³, is a new initiative from INMA that combines first-class lectures with unconference discussions and one-on-one office hours to provide a deep experience not usually seen at industry conferences.

Our first E³ in Dallas October 26-27 will focus on subscriptions and video. In 2018-2019, we will prioritize subjects of highest interest to INMA members in North America.

The concept behind “INMA Connect: E³” is simple: traditional presentations punctuated by unconference discussions and problem-solving around key topics as well as one-on-one discussions with presenters in “office hours.” Instead of a machine-gun approach, we aim to focus each subject and each day around 4-5 topics and build a total experience around each topic.

The focus of the E³ initiative is on news media companies in the United States and Canada, yet attendees from all geographies are welcome to attend and participate.

Our aim is to keep E³ sessions affordable and in locations that are easy to fly in and fly out.

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