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Many attendees for the INMA World Congress may need documentation to travel to the United Kingdom.

Key points to consider:

If you need a travel visa to enter the United Kingdom, please note that the visa applications process is currently taking longer than previous years. The U.K. Home Office recommends you start requesting your visa with ample time.

Visa requirements: Depending on your country, your visa requirements may vary. Contact your local U.K. Embassy or Consulate to determine if you need a visa or a visa support letter to visit the United States. To locate your closest U.K. Embassy or Consulate please click here.

Support letter: If you need a visa support letter, please contact INMA with your request. We will need the following information to send your invitation letter back to you to submit for your visa:

You may fax this information to +1 214 373-9112 or e-mail it to Eric Hutchins at We will endeavour to send you a visa letter back to you by e-mail as a PDF attachment within three business days. If you need your letter faster, please telephone +1 214 373-9111, option 2.

Visit the embassy/consulate: Schedule an appointment with the embassy/consulate. For more information on applying for a visa, visit the U.K. Home Office web site by clicking here. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Eric Hutchins at Please note that granting a travel visa is of the sole discretion of the U.K. Embassy or Consulate and that INMA cannot change their decision.

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