INMA European News Media Conference

Accelerating growth in revenue and audience in a platform-driven world with personalised news-feeds.

Key topics

  • Future state of mobile: skating to where the puck will be (wearables and more)
  • Growing user engagement: using the right KPI's
  • Revenue diversification
  • Case studies: who is doing it right in the news media industry
  • Future of Advertising: working around ad blocking, native, programmatic
  • Growing revenue & audience in a platform-driven world
  • Personalisation of the news feed
  • How print fits in a digital strategy successfully

Confirmed Speakers So Far

Gunilla Asker

Gunilla Asker
Chief Executive Officer
Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

Jessica Berger

Jessica Berger
Online Editor and Head of Social Media
HNA, Germany

Philippe Dautrebande

Philippe Dautrebande
Digital Innovation Director, Belgique

Minna Imponen

Xavier Grangier
Head of Digital/CTO
Libération, France

Ulrik Haagerup

Ulrik Haagerup
Executive Director of News
Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Sarah Hartley

Sarah Hartley
Applicants Associate Manager
Google DNI Innovation Fund, Google UK

Anders Haeren

Anders Härén
Chief Technology Officer
MittMedia, Sweden @ahaerenLinkedIn

Minna Imponen

Minna Imponen
Project Manager Mobile
Sanoma Media, Finland

Pierre-Elliott Levasseur

Caroline Jamet
Vice-President Communications
La Presse, Canada

Jan Ove Kjøndal

Jan Ove Kjøndal
Head Of Mobile and Co-founder
Agens, Norway


Milena Koralczyk
Online Marketing & Communication Manager, M Publicité
Le Monde, France


Santtu Kottila
Head of Digital Advertising
Sanoma Media, Finland

Laure Lefevre

Laure Lefevre
CEO and Co-founder
MinuteBuzz, France

Jesper Laursen

Jesper Laursen
Native Advertising Institute, Denmark

Macbeth Andy

Andy Macbeth
Sales Director for UK & Ireland

Dr. Steven Neubauer

Dr. Steven Neubauer
Managing Director
NZZ, Switzerland

Grzegorz Piechota

Grzegorz Piechota
Nieman Fellow in Journalism 2015-16
Harvard University
United States

Grzegorz Piechota

Ilse Peeters
Research Manager
De Persgroep, Belgium

Christian Popp

Christian Popp
Director Revenue Management Strategy and Development
Lufthansa, Germany

Gerold Riedmann

Gerold Riedmann
CEO and Chief-Editor
Russmedia, Austria

Magali Roy

Magali Roy
Development & Innovation Manager
Groupe La Dépêche du Midi, France

Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boissésson

Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson
Managing Director
POLITICO European edition

Earl Wilkinson

Earl Wilkinson
INMA, United States


Wednesday, September 14

14:00 - 18:00

Meeting room: Sirocco

Pre-Conference Seminar

Take an afternoon dive into the deep end of research methodologies, what is and isn't working about applying Big Data to media companies, the latest in consumer and advertiser mindsets, and more.


Welcome to the Pre-Conference Seminar

Mukund Mohen Mukund Mohan
Moderator, USATwitterLinkedIn

14:10 - 14:40

Content Marketing – Are you Curious as to whether it really works?

Content Marketing/Native Advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of a company’s marketing strategy. This calls for a better understanding of content marketing as a marketing tool. Using RAM’s Content Marketing tool across print and digital campaigns, RAM has researched over 200 case studies and with that data are able to understand more fully the impact that content marketing has had on the effectiveness of commercial campaigns. Details during this presentation from Andy Macbeth.

Andy Macbeth Andy Macbeth
Sales Director UK & Ireland, RAM LinkedIn

14:40 – 15:10

Looking for the holy grail?

After a few years of reflection, the Belgian print market has adopted a research project that is ambitious on all aspects. The final goal is to produce daily reach (for newsbrands) and issue readership (for magazines), take into account the reach accumulation for magazines and merge all this with the internet survey figures to include PC, Tablet and Mobile consumption. This should result in an exploitation file on a daily basis that allows analyses over time and over platforms, for newsbrands and magazines combined. Will we be able to take all the hurdles?

Wout Dockx Wout Dockx
Innovation & Marketing Director,, Belgium @woutdockxLinkedIn

15:10 - 15:30


15:30 – 16:00

De Persgroep Research Shows 5 Positives Readers find in Native Advertising

To measure the impact of advertising in a qualitative manner, de Persgroep Advertising has developed a native advertising post-test, which puts a series of questions to visitors of the Web site about the contents of the native articles in question. Questions are then also asked about the attitude to the product or the brand. The first results show a strikingly strong impact of the native campaigns. Learn about the 5 positive attributes that readers find in native advertising.

Ilse Peeters Ilse Peeters
Research Manager, De Persgroep, Belgium @ilsepeeters1LinkedIn

16:00 – 16:30

Research on VIEWABILITY of Online Ads: Focus on Quality and Transparency

A Belgian research, performed nationally throughout all Belgian news websites, on the visibility of online advertising.

Philippe Dautrebande Philippe Dautrebande
Digital Innovation Director,, Belgique @philmobilLinkedIn

16:30 – 16:40

Using Technology To Understand The Reader

Know thy reader, love thy reader - don't "creep out" thy reader. Carlos Martinez from PressReader discusses how we can develop and use technology to understand our audience's habits, without overstepping into their private space.

Carlos Martinez Carlos Martinez
Manager, Content Partnerships, PressReader, Canada @pressreaderLinkedIn

16:40 - 17:15

Brainsnack Presentations on Print Innovations

Quick, 7-minute presentations on innovations in print media. These presentations are print case studies from news media companies around Europe; presented by conference participants.

Printed Newspaper as a Leaflet: 'Glory Day' Concept Brings in Added Revenue by Audience Targeting

Serving appropriate audiences through hybrid distribution. Learn how one publisher is reaching out to advertisers through free — targeted — distribution with a paid title.

Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee
Group Development Director, CN Group, UK @jonathanleeNWEMLinkedIn

HNA’s 70 anniversary: A Special Print Edition Brings in Extra Revenue

How to celebrate a newspaper's anniversary? With a big party? No, with a special print edition for subscribers which was localized for every HNA-edition, sharing the company's history, anecdotes, subscriber stories and congratulations from advertising customers.

Jessica Berger Jessica Berger
Online Editor, Online Editor and Head of Social Media, HNA, Germany @bergerlinchenLinkedIn

Launching a new daily: Fussball Bild

Axel Springer has launched a daily football (soccer) newspaper at the start to the new Bundesliga season on August 26; called “Fussball BILD”. A daily football newspaper, sold at 1 euro, in Berliner-format, bundles the football coverage of the different regional leagues and appears from Monday to Saturday.
The test run will initially take place in the greater Munich and Stuttgart areas with a circulation of 60,000 copies. "It has always been a dream of these editors to make a daily sports newspaper, as they do in Spain, Italy and France for many years," said Matthias Brügelmann, Deputy Picture Editor in Chief and Editorial Director "Football image".

Frank Mahlberg Frank Mahlberg
Managing Director BILD, Axel Springer, Germany LinkedIn

Promoting the Unique Aspects and Opportunities of the Good ol’ Full Page Print Ad.

Newsworks promotes advertising in newsbrands towards advertisers. The flagship offer, called “NP”, covers all major newsbrands in Belgium with one deal. Newsworks have segmented the offer in "impact and frequency". Created a tool to combine print & digital in the frequency section and worked on a (in paper) ad campaign to promote the merits of big ad formats in paper.

Wout Dockx Wout Dockx
Innovation & Marketing Director,, Belgium @woutdockxLinkedIn


Pre-conference Seminar Concludes

17:45 - 19:00

Welcome to Monaco!

Escape the confinement of an office and a conference meeting room for a fun "welcome to Monaco" that promises to capture the essence of Monaco.... hint: it involves boats and will give you a chance to visit the old town of Monaco.
Meridien Plaza Hotel seaside terrace proudly sponsored by

Thursday, September 15

07:30 - 09:30

Meeting room: Mediterranée

Registration Desk

Pick up your badge and other registration materials and get guidance from the INMA team on what to do, where to go, and maybe how to get more involved with INMA.

07:30 - 09:30

Networking Lounge + Morning Wake-up Tea/Coffee 😊

Make peer connections and meet with leading technology and solution providers over tea and coffee in a unique atmosphere conducive to making new contacts and renewing acquaintances.

09:30 - 09:45

Opening Ceremonies

Be welcomed to Monaco with an opening word from INMA European President and the Conference Moderators; including the handover of the INMA European Presidency.

Harold Groenke Harold Grönke
outgoing INMA European President; CEO, NWZ Medien, Germany @groe

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Moderator, Australia LinkedIn

Mukund Mukund Mohan
Conference Moderator, USATwitterLinkedIn

09:45 – 10:30

The Future of Work in the News Media — Re-imagining Our Business Model

111,000 or 37% of European journalists work on non-standard contracts and their number is growing fast: between 1995 and 2003 by 38%. In France or Germany the share of non-standard-employed journalists has reached 60%. Non-standard meaning: independent contractors, or freelancers. This shift in the labor market is obviously not a phenomenon of journalism, or creative industries, or Europe. Uber has become the largest taxi company in the world with 1 million drivers without hiring any of them full-time. Is the news publishing industry next to adopt this ‘feature’ of the on-demand economy? Imagine a world where Facebook becomes “the Uber for Journalists”? How will a news ecosystem actually work without legacy publishers in the value chain? An intriguing look ahead on the future of work in the news media industry and our business models as publishers, in this opening keynote presentation.

Grzegorz Piechota Grzegorz "Greg" Piechota
Nieman Fellow in Journalism 2015-2016, Harvard University; Author of INMA Publication “Evaluating Distributed Content” LinkedIn@g_piechota

10:30 – 11:15

Constructive News: Why Negativity Destroys the Media and How to Improve Journalism of Tomorrow

Conflicts, drama, crooks and victims. That's news. This is our world. Or is it? This first international book on constructive news shows the consequences of media negativity: To people, to the press itself, to the public debate and to democracy.
Provocative and engaging executive director of DR News, Ulrik Haagerup, demonstrates how a paradigm shift in news content has succeeded at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation by changing bad news habits and making journalism more meaningful.
Constructive News is both a wake up call to a media world struggling for a future and an inspirational handbook on the next mega trend in journalism. A good story doesn't have to be a bad story.

Ulrik Haagerup Ulrik Haagerup
Executive Director of News, Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Author of the book Constructive News, DenmarkLinkedIn@UlrikHaagerup

11:15 - 11:45

Networking & Coffee break

11:45 - 12:45

Finding the Right Business Model: What Works for Whom?

This panel discussion includes 3 rather different news media companies. Speakers present their case study in 15 minutes; after which a moderated panel discussion and Q&A session is held.

MinuteBuzz, Followed by more than 7M people on social platforms and producing more than 100 millions of video viewes each month (april 2016), MinuteBuzz has made a dent in the French media market by its success to reach millenials differently; How? the company produces videos made for the digital era, optimized for mobile (video stories, original productions, lives, and advertiser-sponsored video contents) and then, distributes them everywhere on social platforms.

Laure Lefevre Laure Lefevre
CEO and Co-founder, MinuteBuzz, France @LaureLefevreLinkedIn

POLITICO's Brussels-based European edition covers the politics, policy and personalities of the European Union. Since its launch in April 2015, — a joint venture between United States-based publisher POLITICO LLC and Berlin-based Axel Springer SE — the publication has built a newsroom of 50 journalists spanning four offices—in Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris. Its digital-first journalism lives online at; through daily newsletters; in POLITICO Pro, a real-time policy news service; in print via a weekly newspaper; and through newsmaking events. In January 2016, an annual Burson-Marsteller/ComRes survey ranked POLITICO the number 1 most-read news outlet by EU influencers.

Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boissésson Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson
Managing Director, POLITICO European Edition @SherazadeSemsar@POLITICOEurope

La Presse, founded in 1884, is a French-language daily newspaper published Mondays through Saturdays in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 2013, La Presse launched La Presse+, an all-new free digital edition for iPad that redefines the way users get their information. The newspaper stopped its weekday print edition at the start of 2016 to be available only in digital. Hear their first lessons learned at the European News Media Conference 2016.

Caroline Jamet Caroline Jamet
Présidente, Éditions La Presse et Vice-présidente, Communications, La Presse, Canada LinkedIn

12:45 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:45

Strategies for Successful Innovation in a Disruptive Market: The Pyramid

The "Best In Show" award of 2016, signifying the top initiative among the 699 entries in the INMA Global Media Awards 2016 competition, went to Schibsted-owned Swedish media company Svenska Dagbladet for The Pyramid: a sophisticated road map boldly designed to thrive in the news media ecosystem. The initiative delivered in-depth insights on customer segmentation and the implementation of a smart paywall. Innovative digital advertising solutions and creative journalism online which increased the readers engagement and made them more willing to pay for content regardless of channel. Traffic figures grew and so did the digital revenues. And during the vibrant 2015 these actually compensated the decline on the print side. One of the recipes was a subscription initiative that has been followed by several Swedish newspapers.

gunilla asker Gunilla Asker
Chief Executive Officer, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden@mrsasker LinkedIn

14:45 - 15:30

If Your Company Was an Airline, What Would Your Pricing Look Like? Lessons in Yield Management from Lufthansa

In this presentation, learn about 'yield management' from the airline industry where Yield managment has 3 stages:

  1. Fleet and Network Planning
  2. Pricing (mid-term, what prices structures can be offered)
  3. Steering and Revenue Management (which booking classes for each individual flight is offered at what time).

The airline industry has figured out that selling a seat, even at a very low price is always better than an having an empty seat.

What's your "seat policy"? Find out together with Christian Popp.

Christian Popp Christian Popp
Director Revenue Management Strategy and Development, Lufthansa, Germany LinkedIn

15:30 - 16:15

Paid-for Content 3.5

This session includes 2 news media companies' stories that have great success with getting people to pay for digital content. Both speakers will present their case study in 15 minutes after which a panel discussion and Q&A is held.

Desktop is the New Print

Helsingin Sanomat’s digital subscription business model has drawn attention from publishers around the world. With over 50% of subscribers paying for digital content. With mobile at the centre – as 47% of traffic now comes from mobile – Helsingin Sanomat focusses on multichannel approach and interactive content to create stunning content people will pay for.

Minna Imponen Minna Imponen
Project Manager Mobile, Sanoma Media, FinlandLinkedIn

Mobile growth hacking: Lessons learned in the Scandinavian market

In 5 years, VG+ went from scratch to become Norway's 4th biggest news magazine through product focus and growth hacking. Aftenposten succeeded using a different approach. Jan Ove Kjøndal has worked with several media outlets in Scandinavia and shares some thoughts on mobile product and growth strategy – including important learnings on the success factors and pitfalls when setting out to grow a mobile media business.

Jan Ove Kjøndal Jan Ove Kjøndal
Head of Mobile and Co-founder, Agens, Norway @janovekjondalLinkedIn

Panel discussion on Paid-for Content

Minna Imponen Minna Imponen
Project Manager Mobile, Sanoma Media, FinlandLinkedIn

Jan Ove Kjøndal Jan Ove Kjøndal
Head of Mobile and Co-founder, Agens, Norway @janovekjondalLinkedIn

PressReader Rep Frédéric Sitterlé
Executive EMEA, PressReaderLinkedIn

16:15 – 16:45

Coffee, networking and brain break 😀

16:45 – 17:35

Distributed Content & Platforms: Who’s Doing it Right?

Each of these publishers has experience on multiple platforms, yet each was involved as a beta-launch partner for a particular platform: Libération with Facebook Instant Articles, Russmedia with Google AMP. HNA has grown a considerable audience through WhatsApp.
Speakers present their case study in 10-minute presentations; after which a moderated panel discussion and Q&A session is held.

Xavier Grangier Xavier Grangier
Head of Digital/CTO, Libération, France @grangierLinkedIn

Gerold Riedmann Gerold Riedmann
CEO/Chief-Editor, Russmedia, Austria @GeroldRiedmannLinkedIn

Jessica Berger Jessica Berger
Online Editor and Head of Social Media, HNA, Germany @bergerlinchenLinkedIn

Magnus Hultman Magnus Hultman
CEO, Strossle, Sweden @HultmanMagnusLinkedIn

17:35 – 18:25

The Future of Advertising

Learn about viability of online ads, the impact of native advertising and how to succesfully transform print ad revenue to digital in this panel discussion. Speakers present their case study in 10-minute presentations; afterwhich a moderated panel discussion and Q&A session is held.

Big Data: Le Monde and Performance-driven Marketing
Groupe Le Monde is a data pioneer in the French media landscape, with its data management platform (DMP) built in 2012-2013. After a first experience only based on the first party data, Le Monde’s approach evolved and today it mixes first, second and third party data.

Milena K Milena Koralczyk
Online Marketing & Communication Manager, M Publicite, Le Monde, France@mpubliciteLinkedIn

Results from the first ever global report on Native Advertising in the News Media Industry
Native advertising is one of the most popular and promising advertising formats in the publishing industry today. INMA and Native Advertising Institute have recently done the first ever global survey of on how news media companies are pursuing native advertising. Jesper Laursen from Native Advertising Institute will present the results from the study in which media executives from 50 countries revealled budgets, opportunities, challenges and tactics.

Jesper Jesper Laursen
CEO Native Advertising Institute, Denmark@jesperlaursenLinkedIn

How MittMedia Achieves its Own Instant Articles and Escapes Adblockers for Good
As the first media company in the Nordics, MittMedia have reconstructed how online advertising works. The new version of their apps will feature ads that are delivered on the server-side instead of the client-side. This means several exciting things, but has two significant advantages: First of all, it means that they can also have Instant Articles since all articles, including ads, can load extremely fast. Second, it means that the ads cannot be blocked since they are a part of the content.

Anders Anders Härén
Chief Technology Officer, MittMedia, Sweden @ahaerenLinkedIn

Finnish Breakthrough in Transforming Print Ad Revenue to Digital Ad Revenue
Helsingin Sanomat has made a historical breakthrough in packaging print+digital together in a totally new and unique way. Advertisers can now use these multichannel advertising solutions that are easy to buy and easy to understand, and for publishers this means that bridge over digital transformation has been found.

Santtu Santtu Kottila
Head of Digital Advertising, Sanoma Media Finland @skottilaLinkedIn


Day 1 Conclusions

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Moderator, Australia LinkedIn

20:00 - 22:00

Conference Dinner

Join a memorable, fun "Monegasque BBQ" (superb food, posh AND fun at the same time) beside the Mediterranean Sea at the Le Meridien hotel.
We'll also be laying the foundations for Friday's "unconference session" during the evening 😉.
Meridien Plaza Hotel seaside terrace

Friday, September 16

08:00 – 09:00

Meeting room: Mediterranée

WAKE-UP with some morning coffee and meet our Conference Supporters before the start of Day 2

09:00 - 09:45

Media Outlook 2016-17

Earl Wilkinson Earl Wilkinson
CEO of INMA, USA LinkedInLinkedIn

09:45 - 11:45

INMA Members Go Unconferencing: Crowdsourcing The Knowledge of The INMA Network

There’s so much more knowledge in a conference room than what is presented on stage. INMA will attempt to harvest that knowledge in this unconventional “unconference session”: also called an Open Space conference, in other words: it is a participant-driven meeting. Under the guidance of 2 world-class experts, conference participants discuss different issues of our industry. No keynote presentations, just INMA members sharing their ideas, thoughts and debating and working out our common future.
The outcome of each stream group will be presented in a summarising session. How to prepare for an unconference?

11:45 – 12:15

Findings of the Unconference Session

A summary of the "unconference session" by our world-class moderators and group leaders.

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Moderator, Australia LinkedIn

Mukund Mohen Mukund Mohan
Conference Moderator, USALinkedIn

12:15 – 13:30


13:30 - 14:00

The Story of a News Media Company’s Transformation, 2 Years In

How a 236 year old Swiss-based news media company is transforming itself and was able to achieve initial successes in the last 2 years: paying subscribers +1%, ARPU +5% and retention rate +440%. By focusing on high-quality journalism, data, technology, and professional B2C marketing and subscribers always at the heart of those efforts. The paper has worked to improve its customer marketing, create new lower-priced digital options, build out its technology capabilities, and develop tools that enable it to capture more nuanced user data.

Dr. Steven Neubauer Dr. Steven Neubauer
Managing Director NZZ, Switzerland @NeubauerStevenLinkedIn

14:00 - 14:20

Investment program "Bee Startup" puts innovation at heart of Publisher's Development

Innovation is at the hart of development at Groupe Dépêche du Midi which has adopted an approach of partnership and capitalisation towards innovative startups, guiding them to accelerate their growth. The "Bee Startup" programme offers the startups "Media for Equity", alotting them an advertising budget in exchange for a minority stake. A win/win proposition for the startups as well for this regional press group.

Dr. Steven Neubauer Magali Roy
Development and Innovation Manager, Groupe La Dépêche du Midi, France@MagaliRoy3LinkedIn

14:20 – 15:20

Google DNI What’s Next?

An overview of the innovations funded by the Google Digital News Initiative Fund – including presentations of a selection of projects nominated during the first round of funding, presented by their 'founders' – and what what the DNI has planned for 2017.

  1. DNI Project: Digital News Rack is a project aiming to develop a platform to distribute digital publications in specific locations.
    The goal is to give citizens free access to digital magazines in certain locations, such as doctors’ waiting rooms, through a mobile platform.
    Through a paid subscription by the location’s owner (e.g., the doctor), people at that location would be able to read these publications at no cost, through a specific access code.
  2. DNI Project: Blasting News' objective is to create the first European crowd-based news service to the benefit of national and local publishers. These will be able to receive, or proactively request, feeds of original, curated news produced by a qualified crowd-sourced newsroom of freelance journalists and opinion leaders 2.0.
  3. DNI Project: Kaleida is a new media measurement and research company based in London. Kaleida's aim is to fuel a healthier media ecosystem in the world. Kaleida will do this by measuring impact - helping publishers understand what people value, how content is performing, which sources matter and how to achieve better results.

Sarah Hartley Sarah Hartley
Applicants Associate Manager, Google DNI Innovation Fund, Google @foodiesarahLinkedIn

hans de ridder Hans Deridder
Managing Editor, De Persgroep, Belgium@hderidderLinkedIn

andrea manfredi Andrea Manfredi
Founder & CEO, Blasting News, UK@manfrediandreaLinkedIn

Matt Mcalister Matt McAlister
Cofounder, Kaleida Networks and, columnist for Guardian Media & Tech, UK@mattmcalisterLinkedIn

15:20 – 15:30

Conference Take-Aways

Expect a brilliant wrap-up from conference moderators Robert Whitehead and Mukund Mohan. Even if you saw all the presentations, listened to all the speakers and saw all the slides, you’ll get a better understanding from it all after you hear they conclusions.

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Conference Modertor, Australia LinkedIn

Mukund Mohen Mukund Mohan
Conference Moderator, USALinkedIn


European News Media Conference 2016 concludes

17:30 – 19:45

INMA European Board Meeting (invitation-only)


Conference Venue

Le Meridien Plaza Hotel
22 Av. Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco


Special accommodation rate for INMA conference guests: €220/night (includes breakfast, WiFi, taxes)

Conference attendees

The INMA European News Media Conference will attract top media talent from across Europe and beyond

See Who Will Be There

As of right now



  • Georg Burtscher, Chief Executive Officer, Russmedia Digital & Russmedia impact, Austria
  • Gerold Riedmann, Managing Director Russmedia, Russmedia Verlag GmbH, Austria
  • Adam Rifi, Research Manager, MINDS International, Austria


  • Peter Bouckaert, Director Sales and Reader Service, DPG Media NV, Belgium
  • Kristien Bruyninckx, Belgium
  • Tom Corbett, Head of European Division, INMA, Belgium
  • Philippe Dautrebande, Head, DTBP, Belgium
  • Hans Deridder, Group Managing Editor, De Persgroep, Belgium
  • Wout Dockx, Innovation & Marketing Director, Newsworks, Belgium
  • Ilka Dupont, Consumer Data Expert, Mediahuis NV, Belgium
  • Liza Hauwaert, Project Manager, INMA, Belgium
  • Hanne Hendrikx, Manager, Customer Retention, Mediahuis NV, Belgium
  • Jimmy Lauryssen, BI Manager, DPG Media NV, Belgium
  • Koen Meeusen, Sales Director Lezersmarkt, Mediahuis NV, Belgium
  • Ilse Peeters, Market Research Manager, MEDIALAAN - de Persgroep Advertsing, Belgium
  • Monique Raaffels, General Manager, Metro- Mass Transit Media NV, Belgium
  • Sheheraza Semsar-De Boisseson, Chief Executive Officer, POLITICO Europe, Belgium
  • Sabine Van Der Putten, Web Site and Parterships Director, RTBF, Belgium
  • Els Van Humbeeck, Advertising Operations Manager, DPG Media NV, Belgium
  • Dries Vereecke, Marketing Director Mediahuis België, Het Nieuwsblad, Belgium
  • Herman Verwimp, Marketing & Human Resources Director, Bvba Herman Verwimp, Belgium




  • Jan Damgaard Ring, Denmark
  • Ulrik Haagerup, Executive Director DR News, Constructive Institute, Denmark
  • Jesper Laursen, Chief Executive Officer, Native Advertising Institute, Denmark
  • Pia Stork, Denmark


  • Peep Kala, Estonia
  • Aidi Mesi, Head of Print Advertising, AS Ühinenud Ajalehed, Estonia
  • Kristjan Pillak, Head of Business Development, Postimees Grupp AS, Estonia
  • Piret Poldoja, Chief of Executive Team, AS Ekspress Meedia, Estonia
  • Rivo Poldoja, Estonia
  • Andres Reimand, Postimees Grupp AS, Estonia
  • Allan Sombri, Estonia


  • Tiina Asula, Director Sales Development - Key Accounts, Foreca Ltd., Finland
  • Santtu Kottila, Finland
  • Petteri Putkiranta, President, News & Feature, Sanoma Media Finland, Finland


  • Elise Allard, Business Development, PressReader, France
  • Herve Barbot, Direction Recherche Et Développement, Ouest-France, France
  • Marie-Jeanne Bletner, General Manager, SAS Le Journal de la Haute Marne, France
  • Diane Bourely, Interpretation Français-Anglais, France
  • Eric Bullet, Deputy Editor in Chief in Charge of Website, Ouest-France, France
  • Lesley Costa, Interpretation Français-Anglais, France
  • Thibaud De La Villarmois, Chief Executive Officer, Multipass by SQweb N&W, France
  • Maud Dumont, Business Development, PressReader, France
  • Matthieu Fuchs, President and Publisher, Ouest-France & Additi, France
  • Regine Goaziou, Research Manager, Ouest-France, France
  • Xavier Grangier, Head of Digital/CTO, Libération, France
  • Milena Koralczyk, Online Marketing & Communication Manager, .mPublicité, France
  • Robert Le Gall, Business Developer, Multipass By SQweb N&W, France
  • Laure Lefevre, CEO and Co-founder, MinuteBuzz, France
  • Lidwine Maltete, Marketing Director, La Nouvelle Republique Du Centre-Ouest, France
  • Magali Roy, Manager Development & Innovation, La Dépêche du Midi, France
  • Frederic Sitterle, Head of Development, Groupe Challenges, France
  • Regine Trennec, Research Manager, Ouest-France, France


  • Jessica Berger, Online Editor / Head of Social Media, HNA, Germany
  • Hauke Berndt, Managing Partner / CEO, ppi Media GmbH, Germany
  • Judith Conrady, Germany
  • Pit Gottschalk, Editor-In-Chief, Germany
  • Harold Gronke, Chief Executive Officer, Nordwest-Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Frank Mahlberg, Managing Director BILD Media Group, Axel Springer SE, Germany
  • Christian Popp, Director Revenue Management Strategy and Development, Lufthansa, Germany
  • Niki Radtke, Germany



  • Gabriella Balogh, Member of the Board of Directors, Net Media Zrt, Hungary
  • Tibor Kovacs, President, Hungarian Publishers Association, Hungary
  • Andras Pusztay, Managing Director, Zrt., Hungary
  • Peter Szauer, Chief Executive Officer, HVG Kiadó Zrt, Hungary
  • Andrea Tobias, Strategic Director of Distribution, Central Médiacsoport Zrt., Hungary
  • Gabor Ziegler, Managing Director, CEMP Sales House, Hungary



  • Jan T Hart, Deputy Editor AD, AD Nieuwsmedia, Netherlands
  • Angelique Brinkman, Netherlands
  • Leonie Bron, Manager Product & Pricing, DPG Media BV, Netherlands
  • Marielle Hendriks, Marketing Researcher, DPG Media BV, Netherlands
  • Kim Kroes, Senior Project Manager, DPG Media BV, Netherlands
  • Sylke Riester, Director Consumer Digital Sales, DPG Media BV, Netherlands
  • Hans Snijder, Editor in Chief (hoofdredacteur), Leeuwarder Courant (NDC media), Netherlands
  • Rene Van Zanten, Managing Director, Stimuleringsfonds Voor de Journalistiek, Netherlands


  • Thomas Durand, Head of QA, Escenic AS, Norway
  • Rickard Lawson, CMO, Strossle International AB, Norway
  • Jan Ove Kjondal, Head of Mobile and Co-Founder, Agens (IVY), Norway



  • Ana Bicho, COO, Adclick SA, Portugal
  • Elsa Veloso, Chief Executive Officer, DPOConsulting, Portugal



  • Gunilla Asker, Sweden
  • Anders Haren, Sweden
  • Anna Holmquist, Managing Director Sweden, Strossle International AB, Sweden
  • Magnus Hultman, Chief Executive Officer, Strossle International AB, Sweden
  • Bjorn Hygstedt, Free Writer/Media Consultant, Hygstedt Kommunikation AB, Sweden
  • Niklas Jonason, Chief Executive Officer, Stadsporten Citygate AB, Sweden


United Kingdom

  • Benedicte Autret, EMEA Strategic Relationships, News & Publishers, Google, United Kingdom
  • Caitlin Clarke, Global Head of Strategy & Growth, Commercial Development, The Financial Times Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Christian Darroy, Business Development Manager France / Southern Europe, Lineup Systems Limited, United Kingdom
  • Ed Graham, Digital Media Executive, MNA Limited, United Kingdom
  • Sarah Hartley, Applicants Associate Manager, Google DNI Innovation Fund, United Kingdom
  • Minna Imponen, Senior Product Manager, The Guardian, United Kingdom
  • Jonathan Lee, Group Development Director, CN Group Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Andrew Macbeth, United Kingdom
  • Andrea Manfredi, Founder & CEO, Blasting News, United Kingdom
  • Matt Mcalister, Co-Founder,, United Kingdom
  • Yusuf Omar, Senior Social Reporter, CNN, United Kingdom
  • Sumaiya Omar, Mobile Journalist, United Kingdom
  • Grzegorz Piechota, Smart Data Initiavie Lead, Agora, United Kingdom

United States

  • Markus Feldenkirchen, President, Sales, North America, Lineup Systems, United States
  • Mukund Mohan, Director, Strategy, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft Ventures, United States
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States

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When is the conference?

September 14-16

Where is the conference held?

At the Méridien Plaza Hotel, Monaco

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Business casual


Presentations in English
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What will the weather be like?

Expect 25°C high and 17°C low

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There will be a administrative fee of €350 per person for any cancellation of registration after April 15. Registrants always have the possibility to have someone else take their place, free of charge; written notice of the replacement together with name of the new participant must be sent to INMA beforehand.

Flights to Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport

Nice flight map
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From Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport to Conference Hotel

By Bus
Follow signs "buses" at the airport terminal, right outside the airport terminal are the bus stops. Take “Bus Line 110” from the airport. Get off at bus stop "Sea Club", which is in front of Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel! One-way trip is €22 (get a 35% discount for the bus here with the following code "MCINMA") and takes approx. 30 minutes (depending on traffic). More info here.

By Uber
First-time Uber users can use the promo code INMAec16 and get €15 off an Uber ride from the airport to the conference hotel.

By Taxi
A regular taxi from the airport to the conference hotel costs approximately €80-€90 and will take you approximately 20 minutes.


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Welcome Reception
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June 17 to Sept 13
Conference Dinner
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June 17 to Sept 13

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** Group registration rates are for groups of 4 people or more. E-mail Tom Corbett for further information about group registrations.

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