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Thursday, 16 June


If you decide to arrive the evening before to be well prepared for the Ideas Day on Audience Development, please join fellow Ideas Day participants for an informal “get together” drink.

Friday, 17 June



10:15 - 11:30

Subtheme: Expanding and Engaging Audiences Through Events

Kleine Zeitung Expands Audience & Brand with Multi-media Storytelling

Kleine Zeitung wanted to create more depth and breadth to its audience, enticing it to embrace digital content by digging deep into local history on many platforms with its Akademie. Kleine Zeitung Akademie was founded in 2012. Its main goal is to present �Wissen f�r Leser,� which is to offer our audience knowledge that goes beyond the print and online daily news.

Claudia Gigler Claudia Gigler
Rector, Kleine Zeitung Akademie, Styria Media, Graz, Austria @klz_giglerclClaudia Gigler linkedIn

Brand Awareness Campaign Sees Entire Newsroom Move to Cartoon Museum for a Day; Grew Buzz and Unique Visitors to Website

Roularta Media wanted to grow awareness for the websites of their corresponding print magazines Knack and LeVif; which often have content not available in the print magazines. For one day (on April fools� day n.b.), the entire newsroom of worked from Brussels� Cartoon Museum; accompanied by 15 cartoonists who replaced all pictures with cartoons. This enhanced the likability of the brand; grew the number of unique visitors to the website and got trending on Twitter.

Saskia Cuperus Saskia Cuperus
E-Marketing Manager, Roularta Media Group, Belgium @roulartamediaSaskia Cuperus linkedIn

Branded Event turns Subscribers into Ambassadors

All year long, news staff at the Belgian newspaper De Standaard, work behind closed doors, doing desktop publishing. Their most frequent direct communication with readers is from a weekly customer service report, in which editors read about complaints and a ranking of main reasons for unsubscribing.
De Standaard's lively, exhibition-style event filled the house with more than 1,500 attendees and 18 multi-disciplinary presentations.

Manu Naert Emmanuel Naert
Brand Manager De Standaard, Mediahuis, Belgium Tinne Van Den Meersschaut linkedIn

Subtheme: Rewarding Loyalty

VG Campaign Rewards Loyal Print Readers and Increases Daily Audience & Market Share

The challenge: Stop further decline and make the print edition attractive to loyal readers. For its "Win with VG" campaign, VG partnered with car and travel advertisers, creating daily and monthly giveaways to reward regular print edition readers for doing just that. Using a text-based competition in which readers had to buy the print edition to participate. Results surpassed goals of both the news media company and its partner advertisers.

Hilde Oier Hilde Øier
Sales Director, Verdens Gang (VG), Schibsted, Norway Hilde Oier linkedIn

Subscribers� Benefit Scheme Drives New Subscribers for Cumbria Newspapers

Through market research, CN Group recognised an important theme consistent with all aspects of their audience: value for money and the ability to save on everyday life. "Read & Save" was born! Read & Save is a subscribers'-only benefit scheme that gives readers and staff a fantastic range of national and local offers and discounts on products and brands relevant to their daily lives.
The design and launch of the campaign used all aspects of the marketing mix and social networking. CN Media became the first news publisher in the UK to offer its subscribers such a varied level of discounts and savings; and has increased their subscriber base by 46% and retention up to 85% (from 70%). Details during the Brainsnack Presentation.

Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee
Group Development Director, CN Group, UK @jonathanleeNWEM Jonathan Lee linkedIn

11:30 - 12:00

Brain and Coffee Break

12:00 - 13:30

Subtheme: Engaging and Growing Audiences on Mobile

Expressen�s New Product Lab Innovates its Way to Younger Audiences

From a social media desk to a new product lab that gave birth to a website targeting young readers, Expressen has found that being social and flexible works to its advantage with this target market. In nine months time, the media company doubled its mobile traffic.

Johanna Odlander Johanna Odlander
Head of Social Media, Expressen, Sweden @JohannaOdlanderJohanna Odlander linkedIn

Awards Finalist

Nyt Chat App - Media Is Talking To You

The goal was to develop a mobile-only experience for millennial and younger audiences. Chat and messaging apps are the most popular category of apps in these age groups. Sanoma Media wanted to build on this. One of the objectives was to build an innovative revenue model based on coupons and events around community by building on positive results from a year-long experiment in delivering news over Whatsapp. So Sanomat Media created an app that delivers news in a chat-like interface.
Finalist at the Global Media Awards 2016 in the cateogry 'Best Use of Mobile'.

Anne Solanta Anne Saloranta
Development Manager, Sanoma Media, Finland @AnneSaloranta linkedIn

Awards Finalist

The Essence of The Last 24 Hours

Intense pictures, News and pointed commentaries: The new F.A.Z.�App "Der Tag" is the essence of the past 24 hours. It is updated 24/7 by the high quality editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the leading german national newspapers.
The goal of the App was to adopt the print brand strengths of news selection, commentaries and guidance and bring that on a unique smartphone experience. To maximize the guidance in combination with an ease of use, the App comes with a non-classic channel navigation. The structure is simple and smart: 5 Top-News items, then three main editorial commentaries followed by other news items which create the current �news day� from an F.A.Z. angle.
Finalist at the Global Media Awards 2016 in the cateogry 'Best Use of Mobile'.

Johanna Hees Johanna Hees
Product Manager Mobile, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany@faznetJohanna Hees linkedIn

Mittmedia & The Millenials: Local and Regional News Reporting Specially Geared Towards The Digital Generation

Up until last year, MittMedia�s focus was geared towards migrating existing readers, customers and advertisers from print to digital. It was time to take the digitally native young adults and teenagers, our new and future customers, into account. Exploring how we, as a provider of mostly regional and local news, can attract them was the next step. In October 2015 Mittmedia launched a six month-project aimed to increase the number of young readers, customers and advertisers by developing content, working methods and/or a news product for the fully digital generation.

Paddy Logue Marika Kvarnström
Project Manager, MittMedia, Sweden @marikakvarnstro Marika Kvarnstr linkedIn

10 Things Newspaper Have To Do Now To Reach Millenials

Julia Gidlöw and Adina Backman-Rasmusson are both trainees at Mittmedia and both.... Millenials! Who better to tell us what newspapers need to do to reach this generation?!

Julia Julia Gidlöw
Trainee, Mittmedia, Sweden Julia Gidlow linkedIn

Adina Adina Backman-Rasmusson
Trainee, Mittmedia, Sweden Adina Backman linkedIn

13:30 - 14:30


14:30 - 15:30

Subtheme: Creative Case Studies on Engaging & Growing Audiences

The Pop-up Newspaper: How Media24 Reinvented a Daily Arts & Entertainment Festival Paper.

Media24 has been publishing a special edition paper during the biggest arts fesrtival in the country for 21 years. The paper needed a revamp or be redunded. Media24 managed to breath new life in this old age medium; using 1/2 the staff and a new editorial model for reviews. The new �festival newspaper� grew profit margin and saw exceptional high reader engagement too.

Thinus Thinus Dippenaar
Editor/Copy Editor, Media24, South Africa @thinusdippenaar Marika Kvarnstr linkedIn

The Story Behind Our News

Informing the readers how journalists and editors create the news that they publish; that is the objective of �The Story Behind Our News�. Free, breaking news seems to be obvious these days, as soon as something happens in The Netherlands or the world. Yet there is more than meets the eye to really reporting the news: our reporters research, question, interview and analyse. This campaign gave readers of De Telegraaf a better understanding how their newspaper informs them every day about what is happening in the world.

Maikel van Dijk Maikel van Dijk
Marketing and Communication, Telegraaf Media Groep, The Netherlands@vndk_marcom Maikel van Dijk linkedIn

Print To Video: How to Use The Creativity of Print in Online Video

In the case study Styria Media�s Ivan Buca will describe the best practices from 24sata newsroom in using the rich experience of their print editors and journalists in making of new and innovative online video content for our platforms.

Jaroslaw Ivan Buca
Executive Editor, 24Sata, Croatia Ivan linkedIn

Increasing Traffic and Engagement from Niche Sections by Measuring �Viralness�: Know What Will Go Viral Before It� Well, Goes Viral! have created a custom metric for specific sections and authors to define early warning �virality� (PV, Attention Time Spent, Likes, Shares, comments) signals to identify publisher unique, internally produced content, which has triggered initial social media users interest. After which can push promotional campaigns into those channels to selectively selected group.

syad Syed Asad
Head of Sales, Deep.Bi, USA linkedIn

Sebastian Sebastian Zontek
CEO,, USA @sebastianzontek linkedIn

Re-thinking The Way We Engage with Our Audience on Social Media

Since the launch of the new website, has completely changed the way they engage with their audience on social media. No more automated social media messages and newsletters, but hand-made posts and mails. With insights in real time data (Chartbeat) news editors are informed which article is more likely to publish and which article is not. Traffic from social has increased sufficiently in the last 6 months.

Luuk Luuk Willekens
Audience Developer, NRC Media, The Netherlands @LuukW Ivan linkedIn

Anouk Anouk van Kampen
Audience Development Desk, NRC Media, The Netherlands @arvankampen Anouk linkedIn


Wrap-up by Moderator

15:30 - 16:15

Well deserved post-Ideas Day drinks


End of the Ideas Day on Audience Development

Weekend in Amsterdam is yours


Conference + hotel venue

Parl Inn Amsterdam Airport Logo

Park Inn Hotel Amsterdam International Airport
Beechavenue 142, 1119 PR Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands

Special accommodation rate for conference guests: €135 per night (single room) €145 per night (double room). Rate includes breakfast, wifi and must be booked before 24 April.

Book your room directly with the hotel by sending this PDF by email to the email address on the form to ensure you get the special room rate.


INMA's Ideas Day on Audience Development will attract executives from news media companies engaged with growing audience across platforms.

See Who will Be There

As of right now


  • Simon Bischof, Head of Sales, Russmedia Digital GmbH
  • Claudia Gigler, Rector at Kleine Zeitung Akademie, Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG



  • Ivan Buca, Executive Editor, 24sata
  • Vanja Prahic, Head of Digital Subscription, 24sata
  • Ivana Samarzija, Editor of Reader Communication Department, 24sata



  • Herve Barbot, Direction Recherche Et Développement, INTRASIPA - groupe SIPA Ouest-France


  • Johanna Hees, Product Manager Mobile, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH
  • Geir Kristvik, Sales & Projects, Red.web - Publishing & Cross Media System


  • Andrea Tobias, Strategic Director of Distribution, Central Médiacsoport Zrt.


  • Geoff Lyons, Marketing Manager, Irish Independent
  • Aoife Oconnor, Head of Digital Subscription Sales, The Irish Times



  • Jan Moberg, CEO & Editor-in-chief, Teknisk Ukeblad Media AS
  • Hilde Oier, Sales Director, Verdens Gang (VG)


South Africa



  • Adina Backman-Rasmusson, Trainee, Bonnier News Local
  • Julia Gidlow, Trainee, Bonnier News Local
  • Marika Kvarnstrom, News Editor, Bonnier News Local
  • Johanna Odlander, Editor in chief Upsala Nya Tidning, Norrköpings Tidningar Media AB

United Kingdom

  • Jonathan Lee, Group Development Director, CN Group Ltd
  • Damian Woolfe

United States

  • Syed Asad, Head of Sales, Deep.Bi
  • Sebastian Zontek, Chief Executive Officer, Deep BI


When is it?

Friday, 17 June

Where is it?

Park Inn Hotel Amsterdam Airport. To book a room, click here

What is the attire?

Business casual: lose the tie



How to get to venue

By airplane
The free Airport Shuttle from the terminal to the Park Inn Hotel runs about every 20 minutes from Schiphol to the hotel from 6:00 to 23:40. The shuttle bus departs at Schiphol Plaza and the shuttle stops at A9 to A13 which is located directly below the overpass to the “World Trade Center.” Keep your eyes open for a bright orange bus.

By car
If you hace a navigation system in your car, the address is: Beechavenue 142, 1119 PR Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands. If your system doesn't take “Schiphol-Rijk” as city, try “Haarlemmermeer.” The Park Inn Hotel has a large parking available.

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