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Friday, 20 November

Conference Moderator

Wolfgang Bretschko Wolfgang Bretschko
Angel Investor at Coco360 e.U, Austria @wolfrbrlinkedIn


Registration and welcome coffee



Hans-Joachim Fuhrmann Hans-Joachim Fuhrmann
Geschäftsführer, BDZV, Germany @hjfuhrmannlinkedIn

Tom Corbett Tom Corbett
European Division Coordinator, INMA @INMAeuropelinkedIn

Wolfgang Bretschko Wolfgang Bretschko
Angel Investor at Coco360 e.U, Austria @wolfrbrlinkedIn


A Report on the Global Digital News Consumption

This report gives an insight into the consumption of news, across all media, newspapers, broadcasters, new entrants, pure-plays, etc. Delegates will get a free copy of the report. Download the report here

Jim Chisholm Jim Chisholm
Global Media Guru, Scotland linkedIn

Brainsnack Theme: Personalisation and Recommendations

Extensive Personalisation on the Completely Newly Built

Many publishers have tried to add personalisation to their website and failed, Het Financiele Dagblad – “the financial times” of The Netherlands – has persisted, tweaked and tested and has now achieved a much more active digital readership. Mathieu will outline the approach used, will share statistics and show what's next to further improve our digital readership.

Mathieu Halkes Mathieu Halkes
Product Manager Digital, Financieel Dagblad, The Netherlands @mattoquailinkedIn
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Media Startup – Vicomi: Emotion-Enhanced Comments and Recommendations

Vicomi measures user’s sentiment towards the site’s content and converts these emotional insights into real actions: optimize ads, increase engagement and extend visit time.
Vicomi was launched in 2013.

Eli Ken-Dror Eli Ken-Dror
Co-Founder & CEO, Vicomi, Germany @vicomi1linkedIn
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Desktop is the New Print

Page views at Sanoma: 47% mobile and 21% tablet; that leaves just 32% desktop. Helsingin Sanomat’s data desk has created interactive, personalised content for all digital platforms; including mobile, of course. Interactive and video content is "the new scoop”; this content can’t be copied instantly like text-based stories can. This is the content that fuels HS growth.

Minna Imponen Minna Imponen
Product Manager, Sanoma Media, Finland linkedIn
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Media startup – YipiY: Unleash Your Online Potential

An interactive cloud platform for News Publishers that generates a direct increase in visitors and data, resulting in a multiplication of revenues.
At, YipiY increased visitors with 50% each month and revealed all data, even of anonymous, not logged in, users. YipiY uses gamification to involve users interactively with the news, making users more loyal.
YipiY launched in 2015

Rutger Rutger Tulleken
Founder & CEO YipiY, The Netherlands, linkedIn
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Brain and coffee break 😊


Brainsnack Theme: Increasing Readership in the Digital Age

Increasing Digital Readership: The Usage of Digital Comic Books

Using digital comic books in the ‘Het Belang van Limburg newsapp’ during the slower summer period. The implementation lead to a big increase in downloads, a rise in the number of digital readers and an amelioration of our digital image.

Sofie Guelincks Sofie Guelinckx
Digital Marketing Manager HBvL, Mediahuis, Belgium linkedIn
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Increasing Reader’s Loyalty and Paid Subscriptions

By focusing on a personalised experience, the Daily Star increased time on site spent by 30% and paid subscriptions by 2015 in 5 weeks. The number of page views and SEO driven traffic increased by 30% and 40% respectively.

Rob Zomerdijk Rob Zomerdijk
VP Business Development, Klangoo @robzomerdijklinkedIn

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A New Way To Navigate News

Given the fact that online newspapers are supposed to attract huge numbers of readers and ad consumers, one is surprised that a user visits a page only 3 times a week, reads only 3,5 pages per visit and only spends roughly 60 seconds per page on average?
One of the main reasons for that is probably the terrible webpage or app layout, design and information architecture says Michael.
Michael and Jim Chisholm have used a big data driven approach to create a new innovative way to navigate through news articles. Their answer pairs multiple layers of categorized content with the possibility of multidimensional navigation.

Michael Kollegger Michael Kollegger
Independent Business Analyst / Big Data Expert, Austria. Also "a wannabe golfer and madman extraordinaire". linkedIn
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Brainsnack Theme: Digital Advertising Revenue

Media Startup – Blogfoster: ‘Wordpress’ for Advertising for Bloggers and Other Long-Tail Publishers

Blogfoster is a new innovative webapp, which provides bloggers and web-publishers with useful tools to analyse, optimize and monetize their blogs and other content websites.
Blogfoster was launched in 2013.

Jan Homann Jan Homann
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Blogfoster, Germany @blogfosterenlinkedIn

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Media Startup – Enbritely: How to Fight Online Advertisement Fraud?

Enbritely shows advertisers where not to spend online advertisement budget. It finds all kinds of ad fraud (robots, vieawability, affiliate, arbitrage) so advertisers can stop spending on an infected site or zone and have a better conversion.
Enbritely was launched in 2014.

Akos Szabo Akos Szabo
Business Development, Enbritely, Hungary @enbritelylinkedIn
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Media Startup – MediaGamma: Fixed Price Contracts for Programmatic Advertising

An advertising technology company, MediaGamma aimes to provide publishers out-of-the-box fixed price programmatic audience products.
MediaGamma was launched in 2014.

Julian Grainger Julian Grainger
Sales Director, MediaGamma, United Kingdom @mediagammalinkedIn
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Kurier Award Winning Capaign: "Bildung Braucht Innovation"

Banners suck, especially on mobile… but what other options do marketers have when that’s all they are being sold by media companies and agencies? Banner advertising is built neither for branding nor for engaging experiences, and Programmatic Buying is putting incredible pressure on the media to automate and simultaneously lower their prices. Social Media is overwhelmed with messaging and is controlled by mysterious and changing algorithms, and Content Marketing requires a crafted and skilled approach. How can smart marketers combine these trends into a successful strategy? Discover new solutions and learn about KURIER’s “Bildung Braucht Innovation” campaign for OMV, the winner of the 2015 WAN-IFRA World Digital Media Award for “Best Digital Advertising Campaign”.

George Nimeh George Nimeh
Former CDO Kurier and now Digital Entrepeneur snd Fellow at Berlin School of Creative Leadership, USA/Berlin @mediagammalinkedIn

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Brainsnack Theme: Brainsnack Theme: Technology That Will Actually Help You

Introducing Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, For a Faster, Open Mobile Web

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information, and today people consume a tremendous amount of news on their phones. Publishers around the world use the mobile web to reach these readers, but the experience can often leave a lot to be desired. Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader—and the opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions. Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously.

Sofia Sofia Vadachkoria
Global Product Partnerships, Google, United KingdomlinkedIn

Ade Ade Oshineye
Staff Developer Advocate, Google, United KingdomlinkedIn
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Media Startup – Visual Search: How Machine-Learning and Image Recognition Can Streamline Publishing

Traditional and digital publishers are inundated with upwards of twenty-thousand images and videos every day from numerous picture agencies and photographers. Finding the images that convey the right sentiment and meaning of a news feature is virtually impossible with a keyword search. Breakthroughs in machine-learning and image recognition technologies can help time-constrained editors quickly find images based person recognition, logo detection and even recognizing particular gestures, stance and interpersonal interactions in the image. Find out how Visual Search streamlines the discovery, publishing and archiving of images and videos.

Greg Fawson Greg Fawson
Head of Business Development, PAMA Technologies, Germany linkedIn
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Startup – Tosibox: Fast, SECURE, Easy Remote Access for Your Computers and Devices

Is there reliable digital business solutions without secured remote connections? Tosibox connects almost anything to any network without a need to open any firewall access. Tosibox's patented Plug & Go technology makes creation of secure remote connections easier than anything else on the market and it works with all types of internet connections worldwide. It doesn't matter whether you are a reporter on the fly, remote content provider, working from a remote location or a executive traveling worldwide, Tosibox offers you secured remote connections.

Juha Siintola Juha Siintola
Consultant, Tosibox, Finland @TOSIBOX
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How to Make Agile Development Work with just 4 Developers

Gota Media is a large organisation with 400 employees in 11 newsrooms. Limited in budget like everyone else, there is always a strict priority making in what the development team chooses to develop. One of the key decision points to what is developed and what not is to be sure that the functionality they create can be used by as many newsrooms as possible. Both editors and reporters are involved in the development process together with the developers, from idea to implementation.

Peter Sigfridsson Peter Sigfridsson
Head of Production Development, Gota Media, Sweden @siggemanlinkedIn
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Brainsnack Theme: New Tools for Journalists

Media Startup – LocalFocus: A Data-Driven Web Tool that Collects Data from Different Sources and Makes it Insightful for Journalists

LocalFocus collects data both manually and automatically on everything from election results to crime statistics to what people are spending on dog taxes in different cities. Journalists can use that data for their news stories. They can make selections within the data and get an immediate visual feedback so they can easily spot interesting trends for their story. They can also upload their own data. LocalFocus generates maps and charts from that data and these can then be used to enrich articles. The visuals are fully responsive and in their own branding; embeddable on publishers’ websites.
LocalFocus was launched in 2013.

Jelle Kamsma Jelle Kamsma
Founder, LocalFocus, The Netherlands @localfocusnllinkedIn
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Media Startup – Candy: the Flexible and Visual Way To Organize The Best Things From The Web.

Candy format enables the easy management of longer contents in a way that fits current online content consumption habits. The team at Candy is building a platform that steers readers to the publishers’ websites, easing their dependence on social feeds.
Candy lets authors, curators, and readers, not algorithms, become the driving force behind the spread of content.

Attila Attila Gajdics
Co-founder Candy, Hungary @attilagajdicslinkedIn
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Microsoft Ventures: why we invest in startups

Marius Marius Sewing
CEO Microsoft Ventures @mtsewinglinkedIn
No presentation available.


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  • Attila Gajdics, Co-founder, STAR Kft.
  • Akos Szabo, Business Development, Europe, Enbritely Hungary Kft.
  • Soma Andres Szabo, Student


  • Sarah Greene
  • Liam Kavanagh
  • Aoife Oconnor, Head of Digital Subscription Sales, The Irish Times
  • Derek Wilson








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RAM (Research and Analysis of Media) is an international media research company. With about 1,000 clients in 18 countries RAM provides the industry with pioneering statistics of how ads, articles and other media communication are consumed and understood for both print and digital media. INMA Partner In Business since 2012.

PressReader is the global leader in multi-channel, cross-platform content distribution and monetization, and the chosen partner of more than 3,500 publishers. PressReader offers the world's most engaging reading experience to millions of readers, providing publishers with new revenue opportunities and increased global circulation. INMA Partner In Business since 2014.

Red Web

red.web — the editorial system of the future Innovative product technology and the highest degree of operating comfort: that is what the red.web All Channel Publishing System stands for. From every corner of this earth on which an internet access is available, the application user can obtain access to the flexible system world and its complete functionality. Thanks to red.web, journalists are independent in terms of location and always at the heart of what is happening: editorial content is processed in a media-independent way and is more up-to-the-minute than ever, published in a cross-media and media-specific way – publications are only a mouse-click away. INMA Ideas Day Partner.

Publico24 logo

Publico24 is a platform for publishing interactive digital newspapers. Publico24 is a new business model dedicated for digital publishers. The platform supports all operating systems. Your publications will be available on any mobile device. Not only iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, Kindle users, but ANY device will be able to read your publications. By using HTML5 technology, the content adjust to any device. Your customer will experience a new quality. From now on you can add content during the publishing process. INMA Ideas Day Partner.

Protecmedia logo

Protecmedia is an international company which since 1979 has focused exclusively on software development and the provision of services for news companies. Newspapers, magazines and news publications are experiencing seismic changes in their businesses, as a result of new technologies and social habits. Protecmedia offers a reassuring presence at their side during this process of change, enabling them to strengthen their brands and improve their leadership capacity in their respective social communities. INMA Ideas Day Partner.

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