News media executives, meet Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley, meet INMA.

When the International News Media Association (INMA) convenes its 84th Annual World Congress in the epicenter of the global Digital Revolution, two truths will be on display:

  • Partnerships: Under-estimated media companies will seek partners to fast-track linkages between the value of quality journalism and relevant content and digital audiences and advertisers.

  • Knowledge: The hunger for knowledge and best practices by media practitioners eager to grow audience, revenue, and brand in the digital space is insatiable.

Register now for the INMA World Congress taking place May 11-13, 2014, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, operating under the theme “Fast Track for Transformation.”

Why INMA World Congress is different

The INMA World Congress is different than any industry conference you will attend in 2014:

  • Cutting-edge programme
  • Focus on news media
  • Intense market focus
  • Revenue, revenue, revenue
  • Global mix of attendees
  • Prioritises innovation
  • Belief in culture change
  • Multi-industry mix of attendees
  • Focused on new models, not old
  • Fresh approach to programming
  • New peers to discover

Become a part of a vibrant media industry conversation that is getting bigger by the day.

Connect with world-class speakers and a global audience of executives from the top media brands in a cutting-edge programme focused on:

  • Business model innovation.

  • Digital transformation.

  • Corporate culture change.

  • Translating new digital rules of engagement to media companies.

Many industry bodies treat digital as a flavour or a threat or even a religion to be learned on the fly.

INMA treats digital as a golden opportunity to transform the audience base of media companies and link the breadth and emotion of those audiences to the fast-building advertising ecosystem emerging in Silicon Valley.

The INMA World Congress is designed for:

  • Media companies in the process of reinventing themselves.

  • Executives charged with leading the digital reinvention.

  • Strategists re-assembling value propositions for an atomized media landscape.

  • Practitioners who will implement change.

INMA knows the clock is ticking, and we can't learn enough fast enough.

So upgrade your digital fluency and join the “Fast Track for Transformation” — an INMA World Congress designed for media executives seeking a great leap forward in knowledge, contacts, and partners.