European News Media Conference 2014


Wednesday, 8 October
Pre-Conference Media Research Seminar
Barbot Carlsson Hulten Kottila Nadeau Peeters Terrell

Dive into the latest consumer and advertiser research of high interest to European publishers, along with new research methodologies. Highlights include:
    Pan-European Trust and Value News Media Survey: Digging Deeper Into the Big Data
    Staffan Hulten, Vice-President, RAM

    Dailymetrie: The Methodology
    Ilse Peeters, De Persgroep, Belgium

    Helsingin Sanomat Rich Media Full-Page Ads
    Santtu Kottila, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

    How to Communicate Research Results and Industry Insights Throughout Company
    Olivier Bonsart, President & CEO 20 Minutes, Groupe SIPA Ouest-France, France
For details of the INMA Media Research Seminar click here
house of blackheads house of blackheads door 18:30-21:00
Opening Reception
Be welcomed in style by the City of Tallinn in the “House of Blackheads,” a guild house from the 14th century in the historic city centre. Afterward, explore the “Old Town” — UNESCO Heritage — afterwards. Full of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.
Thursday, 9 October

Conference moderators

Margel Trude Margel, CEO, Margel Media Management, Norway
Trude is head of global enterprise at Norsk Eiendomsinformasjon and CEO at Margel Media Management. Previously, she was head of commercial strategies and business operations at Edda Media.

Verwimp Herman Verwimp, Marketing Manager Gijbels Groep, Belgium
Herman started as market analyst for local newspaper Het Belang van Limburg, later marketing manager for the same paper. From 1996 to 2003 he was the marketing manager for Belgium's daily business paper De Tijd. Since then, he is Corporate Marketing Director for the Gijbels Group, a construction and real estate group and a consultant for media in Belgium and other countries. Member of INMA since 1989.

INMA Research Committee and Advertising Committee Meeting

INMA Marketing Committee Meeting
Welcome Coffee and Conference Registration
Welcome and Overview
Harold Grönke, President, INMA Europe Division
Trude Margel, Moderator Thursday
Herman Verwimp, Moderator Friday

Theme: Transformation and Culture Change
Bretschko 09:30
The Best Days Lie Ahead of Us
How to successfully manage a dying industry and why it is still rewarding to be in the news business. A year ago, Wolfgang Bretschko left the group board of the Austrian media house, Styria Media Group, publisher of the regional daily newspaper Kleine Zeitung. Since then he has become an angel investor after spending time in Silicon Valley, exploring digital media start-ups. He is passionate about a future where digital content production — by users as well as media groups and startups — and digital content consumption will continue to see exponential growth.
Wolfgang Bretschko, Media Investor and Former CEO of Styria Media Group, Austria
Njernulf Lith 10:00
FutureWorks: Accelerating Innovation and Building Personal Capacity for Learning and Change
Traditional approaches to building awareness and training for “digital first” are being replaced by “Framtidsverkstaden” (FutureWorks), a concept for engaging 20% of MittMedia's employees in building customer insight and developing the new offering. Framtidsverkstaden is a unique combination of business development, cultural reinvention, and professional development.
AnnaKarin Lith, Director of Editorial Operations, MittMedia, Sweden
Petra Bjernulf, Market Director, MittMedia, Sweden

hamann 10:30
Do's and Dont's for Newspaper Companies in Convergence
The Rossel Group's Le Soir, a quality daily in Belgium, has been on the cutting edge of convergence. Its strategic lessons can be found in four keywords: convert, rejuvenate, develop, and invent. Learn how their experiences can be applied to peers throughout Europe.
Didier Hamann, General Manager, Le Soir/Rossel Group, Belgium
Networking Break

Theme: Turning Big Data Into Smart Data
jacucci 11:30
Update: Schibsted's Advance Data Analytics Investment and How This is Being Applied
The competition for media companies is no longer local only. Now the main competitors for publishers are companies like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, and Amazon. In this presentation, learn how Schibsted has responded to this situation with a forceful digital transformation led by investments in Big Data, notably a payment ID system which has become its data supply foundation.
Edoardo Jacucci, VP Strategy & Data Analytics, Schibsted
filloux 12:00
Les Echos 360: Building a Business News Aggrefilter
France's Les Echo has been aggressive with new digital initiatives. In this presentation, learn more about Les Echo 360, an “aggrefilter” news Web site, along with other digital success stories.
Frédéric Filloux, General Manager for Digital Operations, Les Echos, and Author, Monday Note
Theme: Data and Visual Journalism
Farnsworth 14:00
Attracting Audience with Visual and Data Journalism
Visual and data journalism is changing the craft of reporting for media companies throughout Europe. In this presentation, learn how the BBC brought journalists from TV and online together, the role of visual journalism for audiences, and how the BBC is doing data journalism. This will include real-world examples of “TV Meets the Web.”
Amanda Farnsworth, Editor Visual Journalism, BBC News, United Kingdom
Hamelle 14:30
Data Journalism is about storytelling, not (just) about data.
Data-journalism is not primarily about data, it's still primarily concerned with the narrative journalists or other interested parties seek to create. Applied Works has been working at the forefront of data visualisation since 2010 with media companies such as The Times or the BBC as well as with high-profile NGOs or foundations in the public debate (Chatham House, Mo Ibrahim Foundation). Several case studies and examples will illustrate the emphasis that should be placed on data-supported narrative rather than data-focused stories.
Anthony Hamelle, Director at Applied Works, United Kingdom
Theme: Revenue Case Studies
Brainsnack Presentations: Revenue Case Studies
7 minutes per Brainsnack presentation + 3 minutes Q&A offers more visuals and interactive data analysis to its subscribers
    Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza has launched a digital data journalism platform., is about data visualisation and the website allows users to explore the data and engage with it by clicking on the visuals or using sliders. Launched on September 22, BIQdata gathers open data and corporate data.
    This case study is about data-journalism, paid-for content and innovation from within the newsroom.
    Grzegorz Piechota, Head of Editorial Development, Agora, Poland

    A Local Newspaper Earning Good Money with Classifieds
    Harold Grönke, Managing Director, Verlag Dierichs

    JP/Politiken's New Digital Business Model For Its 50 Local News Web Sites: Making Euros Instead of Cents
    Steffen Damborg, Digital Director, JP/Politiken, Denmark

    Innovating Editorial Into the Paid For World: A Case from Sweden's Regional Press
    How VK transformed from a traditional news organization to a digital payed-for organization. Results show IT CAN work on a local level.
    Jessica Wennberg, Deputy editor-in-chief, VK, and Sarah Schantin Williams, Institute for Media Strategies

    Publisher Trading Desk - how publishers can improve their position in the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) landscape
    Fredrik Strauss, Chief Digital Officer, Online Advertising, Mktmedia AB (Stampen), Sweden
Theme: eCommerce
Bodmar 16:00
What do we do with the 98% non-converting visitors?
A presentation on e-commerce in Europe and the opportunities that lies ahead.
Jörgen Bödmar, CEO, Scand. Design Online and President of EMOTA; the European multi-channel and online trade association.
Ekman 16:30
Conversion - Get your visitors to play, stay and PAY!
Persuading your visitors to actually pay for your online content is probably the most difficult project you'll ever get into. You should ask ask an expert - Like John Ekman who runs Scandinavia's top Conversion Optimization Consultancy - Conversionista. John will turbo-charge your project with hands-on advice from his work with Spotify, Bonnier, IDG and more.
John Ekman, Chief Conversionista, Sweden
Conclusions from Day 1
Conference Dinner at Seaplane Harbour
Network with colleagues from throughout Europe at an exclusive dinner at Seaplane Harbour, a maritime museum with stunning views of the Port of Tallinn. Explore the history of the old maritime country Estonia in a modern visual language. The evening's highlight will be the presentation of the INMA Golden Tie Award for meritorious service to the association. Note that a separate registation fee for this evening is required. Buses depart from the hotel at 19:00.

Friday, 10 October
INMA Ambassadors Meeting
This private meeting for Ambassadors of INMA Corporate Members will include an update on association activities from CEO Earl J. Wilkinson and an update to provide feedback on INMA initiatives.
Theme: Digital Innovation
Nic Newman 09:00
Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2014: Key Learnings
This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 18,000 online news consumers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, the United States, Brazil, and Japan. Learn more about the growth of tablets and smartphones, generational- and country-based differences in media usage and the role of social media in finding and distributing news.
Nic Newman, Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, United Kingdom
Ludovic Blecher 09:30
Why Innovation Is The Only Option For Legacy Media
Is digital innovation in media possible from traditional publishers? In France, Google has partnered with French press association AIPG to find out by creating a digital innovation fund for French publishers. The intention is to disburse €60 million over three years in support of online press activities, including those of Internet-only “pure players.”
Ludovic Blecher, Director of Google-AIPG Fund for Digital Innovation of the French Press
Brainsnack Presentations: Digital Innovation Projects
7 minutes per Brainsnack presentation + 3 minutes Q&A
    Disrupt your Sales: breakup integrated Sales Units
    Georg Burtscher, CEO Marketing & Sales Russmedia Digital, Austria

    Progress Report on Mustard TV: Making Money with Video
    Miller Hogg, Managing Director, Archant, United Kingdom

    Impulse: How new paradigms change the way of selling content
    This presentation will give a stimuli about why brandwide platforms like iTunes and Spotify in the music industriy are emerging.
    Sascha Adam, Consultant, Germany

    “My HNA”, Big Data at a Local Newspaper: Multiple Solutions Integrated to One Database
    Sebastian Gerhold, Head of Marketing, Verlag Dierichs, Germany
Networking Break

Theme: The Future of Advertising
George Nimeh 11:30
Programmatic Buying: €200K in 20 Minutes
How to shed your fear, embrace programmatic buying, and unlock truly new income potential. Discover how programmatic advertising can earn big money for small to mid-size market publishers.
George Nimeh, Chief Digital Officer, Kurier, Austria
Pawel Wujec 12:00
How Publishers Can Make Money From Automated Advertising Sales
The U.S. market is ahead of Europe when it comes to programmatic advertising selling. But in European countries such as the United Kingdom and France, programmatic trading has already accounted for 20%-25% of ad spending and has been rising quickly (366% growth in 2013). In this presentation, learn how European publishers can money in the programmatic space.
Alexander Szafaryn, Executive, Agora group, Poland
Bart de Proost 12:30
Dailymetrie and the New Insights Into Media Planning
With Dailymetrie®, De Persgroep Advertising aims to provide new insights into the range of media planning for all Flemish news brands. This new study meets some concrete goals that publishers of news brands and advertising sales houses have today in order to respond to market demands.
Bart de Proost, Director Operations, De Persgroep Publishing, Belgium

Theme: Media Outlook
Earl J. Wilkinson 14:30
News Media Outlook 2015
Crowdsourcing feedback and discerning trends from the top media companies worldwide is the focus of this exclusive closing session presentation. Learn more about priorities of media industry CEOs.
Earl J. Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, INMA
Conference Concludes
INMA Europe Division Board of Directors Meeting
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