European News Media Conference 2014


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The INMA European News Media Conference, in collaboration with Estonian Newspaper Association, will be held on October 8-10 in Tallinn, Estonia.

This INMA conference is a unique news media conference where media executives learn from tried-and-tested case studies to grow audience, advertising, revenue and brand across platforms.

This year's conference will focus on topics such as data, video, native advertising, and culture change.

Keynote presentations and case studies

Besides our keynote speakers; this conference will have several Brainsnack Sessions. A Brainsnacks Session consists of several now renowned INMA Brainsnack Presentations: 7-minute, case study-based, to-the-point, presentations.

These Brainsnack Sessions capture the INMA's tagline “Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change” at its best.

Have an interesting case you would like to share at the INMA European News Media Conference? Contact Tom Corbett.

What makes an INMA conference special?

Our programme. Speakers are selected because they know the news media industry and know how to grow their business. It is more practical rather than the hype. We provide ample networking time: you will be able to mingle with industry colleagues from around Europe and all areas of the business: marketing, advertising, general management, editorial, and technology.

The INMA European News Media Conference 2014 is an interactive experience. Delegates participate in our “INMAec” Twitter feed, SMS questions, interact with speakers during and after sessions.

What The Guardian and The New York Times have to say about Tallinn

“For young Estonians, the Internet is a manifestation of something more than a service — it's a symbol of democracy and freedom. Free Wi-Fi is everywhere, and has been for a decade. By 1997, a staggering 97% of Estonian schools already had internet. Now 42 Estonian services are now managed mainly through the Internet. Last year, 94% of tax returns were made online, usually within five minutes. You can vote on your laptop and sign legal documents on a smartphone. Cabinet meetings have been paperless since 2000.” Click here to get the full article

"Estonia may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but right now its 1.3 million citizens are among the continent's most cheerful people. The country celebrated 20 years of independence recently and dropped the kroon in favour of the euro, and its capital, Tallinn, was celebrated as a European Capital of Culture in 2011. Unlike many other places in Europe, unemployment is down, and there's a sense of optimism in the air, helped by companies like Skype that have their main offices here."
Click here to get the full article

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