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Innovative Advertising Seminar - Miami, Florida Understanding the importance of strategic digital transformation has been the focus of the industry for the past few years. The advertising model must quickly adapt to the new realities of new competition, new financial pressures, legacy costs, and not-so-ready resources. News media companies are not all going through the same transformation patterns. Now is the best time to embrace INMA's “Share and Inspire” motto since we can all learn from each other.

Sharing and inspiring will be prevalent at the INMA Innovative Advertising Seminar on February 20-21 in Miami. The event will focus heavily on how to generate high advertising sales revenue growth for all market sizes and capture opportunities on all fronts.

Under the theme "Revenues, Revenues, Revenues" you will hear success stories on innovative advertising solutions from individuals both inside and outside the newsmedia industry. You will also hear ideas on the innovation process and the stories of colleagues who created successful campaigns around the world.

Key topics INMA will cover:

  • Discovery of new markets and revenue. 

  • Capturing the growth in mobile.

  • The most innovative advertising launch in 2013: La Presse + in Montreal

  • How to harness creativity and innovation.

  • The world's best of the best in multi-platform advertising campaigns.
The INMA Innovative Advertising Seminar promises to be a high-value and time-efficient event with ideas, tips and tricks applicable the day you return to your office. All of this in warm, sunny Miami in February!

Join us in Miami!

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